My Life As A White, Female Drug Dealer

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#A story of hope. 'Sky' our character welcomes us in her journey through the gates of insanity. Insanity because Sky is in fact a dealer and addict. She got out alive. However what she endured to feed her habit strikes worse than insanity, repeatedly. A life of hope and faith can exist. We all have a story, we do not however rarely learn who we may touch by sharing a piece of ourselves. More
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About Kimberly

I was told don’t wait to heal. Write to heal. I have been writing ever since. What a gift my now deceased father in law gave me. I believe he too knew the extend I would search to practice this. So here I am. An author, writer, poet, novelist and journalist, I play to be. Published now seven times with this book “Tush.” Never would I imagine I could accomplish this and benefit so much from my pen. Clearly, like many I have had such agonizing ways to which I met myself and questionable ways to which my patience let me find myself.

To the new writer I say this. Don’t do it if it’s forced, only if you truly love it. Write everyday. Write emotions and places in never before found, and with colours only you have seen. Write from the heart and think nothing of editing. Write knowing there is no perfection and write for others as much as yourself. Write while learning something new about yourself in every sentence. Write because you have to. If any of these feel safe and familiar, you are and love to write. Me too.

I’ll repeat this; when I write, I search for the romantic part of me and mix it with the down to earth girl walking that pavement every day. I have only just begun.

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my life as a white, female drug ealer

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Reviews of My Life As A White, Female Drug Dealer by Kimberly

Mark Weller reviewed on March 31, 2014

Stunningly frank, raw, and eyeopening. I don't think this could be told any other way and still have the power to shake your world like it does.

(reviewed 2 years after purchase)
lisa diver reviewed on May 18, 2012

Where to begin? This book is both compelling and shocking. The author pulls no punches and takes the reader on a journey; an honest, brutal journey which examines the nature of drug addiction and mental illness. Rarely have I come across a book which is thought-provoking, tragic, violent, uplifting and educational...all at the same time.

Frankly, not only was I unable to put this book down, I was also unable to stop thinking about its content for several days after reading it. If you only buy one book this year, make sure it's "My life as a white, female drug dealer." Not only is it the most important book this year so far, it will change your perspective about the life of an addict, forever.
(reviewed 11 days after purchase)
William Huff reviewed on May 13, 2012
(no rating)
I wanted to add that Kimberly is the most incredible soul I have met in my entire 55 years.

Her writing style is a wonder of its own, exquisite and brutal at all at the same time, like life. She transports her readers to a world few can imagine, yet cares for you while doing so, and I don't say this lightly having studied literature and writing as an English major now for ten years.

Her selflessness, empathy and passion to help others permeates this mind-numbing novel, as well as her two books of poetry.

She has literally changed my life, and you will find that she will change yours...
(reviewed 7 days after purchase)
C. Cheavens Harrison reviewed on May 9, 2012

Raw and compelling, from the first paragraph I couldn't put it down. The story spirals to places I never expected and into a world I can't imagine. Written with a simple honesty it's a tale that's both frightening and heroic.
(reviewed 2 days after purchase)
William Huff reviewed on May 7, 2012

At last, the future of writing is here...

Kimberqly steps into the oversaturated global arena of desperate writers and throws down the gauntlet...

Not since the likes of Faulkner, Steinbeck, Hemingway, or any other hero of literature, most all men, a single voice hasn't uniquely provided as much emotion and depth as Kimberly.....

This is not about the glamour or even the horror of drug addiction and its users or dealers....It is a mind numbingly pure and real story of one precious soul's bid for survival, a tearful, turn your insides out, massively emotional rollercoaster of a story, a story not of drug abuse as the worst horror, a horror, yes, but one of little choice in the face of never ending abuse, abuse reaching back to an unfathomable early age. This is not only a expose of the wretched world of street level and corporate level survival through drugs, sex, violence and control, but a cry for help for the countless victims of abuse behind closed doors, a silent, overwhelming travesty with little justice, only fear and desperate attempts to escape what often is, through no fault of their own trapped within a lone victims head, heart and soul...

But most of all, this is not just a testament of abuse, typically by men, horrifically sick men, and Kimberly's tragic character, Sky's, intolerable lifetime of a endless, mindless string of abuses and trauma, and one horrific instance lasting three hours, my god, any one of these traumas enough to destroy any one of us.....

But this is a story of hope, of survival, of how writing has brought this precious soul from the grips of self- destruction, hopelessness, and even death itself. This is an inspiring tale for the countless victims out there who Kimberly has reached out to with this book and said, "there is hope, dear god, there is an option...," somebody does care....and a firecracker of a writer, a true genius, Kimberly, is one of the first brave souls to risk ridicule, condemnation, and even the inevitable misinterpreting of her message, to reach out to help those tragic souls she clearly understands and cares deeply about....
(reviewed 2 days after purchase)
Rolly A. Chabot reviewed on May 7, 2012

There is a few writers in our reading lifetime who impact us. This is a gripping story put together by such a writer as we find in none other than our own Kimberly.
Parents this is one book you need to have in your arsenal so you have wisdom on directing your children. The habits, mood swings and changes in lifestyle may be a first key to stopping what has eaten away at our society and our future generation.
This a must read. Kimberly has opened the door to understanding through her character Sky of the pitfalls which can consume any child or adult whom is deceived into thinking drugs is a fun place to go.
This is the most frank, open, honest and chilling story I have ever had the honour to read on the subject of addictions. A path I myself have followed and come out free from.
It is with the utmost respect and admiration for the research and dedication I would be happy to endorse this work with a full 5 star rating. This is a masterpiece... do not miss out on the Author. She will be one who you will see as upcoming in the ranks of Canadian writers.
(reviewed the day of purchase)
Hayes Steinberg reviewed on May 7, 2012

Shocking. Honest. Holds no punches. A harsh and dramatic telling of the underbelly of society. What makes it truly unique is that it comes from a female perspective. Reading this once won't be enough!
(reviewed the day of purchase)
Mike Friedman reviewed on May 7, 2012

My Life as a White Female Drug Dealer is a narrative that pulls the scab off the glitz and glamour of the fantasy drug world. It is at once human and heart wrenching. The tone is sobering and the story continues to pull the reader further and further from what we imagine is civilization. This is a story not of innocence lost, but of innocence stolen and through pure force of will power, not innocence regained, but shattered dignity gathered. Journey to the underbelly of the beast and return wiser for it.
(reviewed the day of purchase)
William Huff reviewed on May 7, 2012
(no rating)
It's well past time we cast aside all the rhetoric about drug usage and the world around it and have a open discussion throughout all of society, with both the young and old, about the true underlying causes, nightmares, and even the crushed hopes and dreams, not too mention crushed lives around drug usage.

All to often people hear the term, "drug addict" or "drug dealer," and assert some sub-human or evil connotation, not a real life human being that could be and quite often is a family member or someone they know...

That discussion, that truth lies here in Kimberly's masterful writing...
There is no fluff, no prose here other than an exquisite path of one precious soul. We are nurtured, cared for, educated, all in a way of writing that, amazingly, emulates the greatest writers of all time..we are literally transported to a world we hope to never be part of, yet we recognize ourselves in this incredibly caring soul, her only failing, for that, my friends is why such continuous, mindless, monstrous tragedy has befallen her...through this book you long to be Sky, yet feel and experience, and feel the terror of being her...all through Kimberly's invention of a writing style that is the future of literature...

Not only should this book be in schools, libraries, and coffee tables, but it should be in the hands of psychologists, doctors, therapists, and yes, even's fine for a new war, a war on ignorance and apathy...
(reviewed the day of purchase)

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