High Flyers: A Short Play

A short play.
What do you do when you’re too old to fly? The circus is all they know. Maybe best to end it. Who wants to flip burgers, or play sweet, perky, little waitress, getting pinched on your tush for lousy tips. More
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About Ernest Kinnie

(Broadcast on PBC, September 18, 2014. All rights reserved)

James: Our very special guest today is Dr. Ernest Kinnie. Dr. Kinnie is a retired psychologist with many years experience as a professor, therapist, and author. His recent books bring together the best ways he’s found over a lifetime to help you expand what you can think, feel and become. And he is also the publisher of The Alice Trilogy, the story of a highly intelligent, over-sexed, foul-mouthed brat.

Thank you for coming. You know, Dr. Kinnie, there are a number of people who believe that you wrote The Alice Trilogy, not Janis Hoffman. Did you or didn’t you?

Dr. Kinnie: (laughs) You don’t waste time do you. Janis holds a high level position in govern-ment and wishes to remain anonymous. We are good friends and I agreed to publish her book, The Alice Trilogy, using the name Janis Hoffman.

James: Yes, yes, I know. That’s the cover story. Her career will be hurt if people find out she wrote that book about a wild, over-sexed brat. Is Janis Hoffman real or not?

Dr. Kinnie: Both.

James: Both? Both? What do you mean both! You’re playing a game with me.

Dr. Kinnie: Aren‘t you playing a game with me?

James: Of course I’m playing a game with you. I want you to admit you’re a dirty old man, writ-ing porn and hiding behind a woman’s skirt. And that picture on your author page isn’t you. It’s John Muir.

Dr. Kinnie: Ok, I might be a dirty old man who writes pornography. But you’re for sure a porn pusher.

James: What do you mean by that?

Dr. Kinnie: You’re a jump and pump, gotcha man, who loves to play with people’s heads to up your ratings and show everybody what a great interviewer you are.

James: (Laughs) True enough. You gotta admit though, the main ideas in Alice and your self-help psychology books are very similar.

Dr. Kinnie: Ok, Mr. Gotcha man. Let me jump and pump you. What main ideas?

James: Well, here’s a couple. Primary Reality is a Self that remains the same in the midst of all of the shifting realities. And, we are far more than just one person, short-lived and stuck in a par-ticular space-time.

Dr. Kinnie: Damn! I thought I’d catch you for sure. Yes, you have read the books and those are two of the main ideas in The Alice Trilogy. They are also found in 60 Psychological Adventures, Psychological Maps, and Cynical Soup. All easily available wherever eBooks are sold. Best to get in a little self-promotion while I can.

Oh! Janis knows I’m doing this interview and asked me to let people know that she is a high lev-el official in the Department of Education in Washington. She wants to have a little fun watching her coworkers try to figure out who Janis Hoffman might be.

James: (laughs) Yeah. That would be a lot of fun if you like playing with people’s heads. Who is that beautiful woman on the cover of The Alice Trilogy? Great cover.

Dr. Kinnie: That is a late 19th century painting of Suzanne Valadon. She’s one of Alice’s Alts and in the center of all that sniffing, snorting, drinking, fornicating, and wild creativity in old Montmartre, a village on a bluff high above Paris.

James: I am genuinely sorry but we are out of time, and I have so much more to ask. Thank you for coming, and I hope you will come again soon when we have more time. You have been as intelligent and entertaining as I expected.

Dr. Kinnie: Thank you for having me. Always fun to fence with a worthy opponent.

James: And thank you all for watching this lively interview with Dr. Ernest Kinnie. He is a re-tired psychologist and author. His books are available at major eBook outlets like Amazon, Ap-ple, and Barnes and Noble.
He slipped in the titles of his most recent books, but let me repeat them to help ensure he returns for another interview. They are 60 Psychological Adventures and Psychological Maps, two self-help psychology books to explore and create your life, and Cynical Soup, a book of over 800 wildly cynical thoughts and observations. They remind me of Shaw’s Revolutionary Handbook. And for sure, don’t forget The Alice Trilogy, the story of a wild and crazy young girl, he may or may not have written.

He left out my favorite: 10 Short Plays---Peak Experiences, Critical Moments, Epiphanies.
Ten very powerful moments in peoples’ lives. Beautifully done. What a great evening of drama those plays would make.

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