Convicted: Impact Series - Book One

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Declan Elliot is an ordinary man trying to survive in 2025. His life is turned upside down one night on the way home from work. In this 21st century retelling of the classic parable of the Good Samaritan, Declan battles to overcome rejection, betrayal and a high powered politician who will stop at nothing to see him dead. More

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About Tim Hughes

I've read the About Me page of plenty of other fiction authors and I've noted the common thread. They were born with pen in hand and literary prowess oozing from their pores. They knew from the beginning that writing fiction was what they were meant to do and began honing their craft seemingly the moment they were born. Their daydreams were full of book plots and their characters lived at the forefront of their imaginations, begging to be put on paper.

I don't quite fit that mold. The son of an accountant and an information systems professor, creative writing isn't exactly a family pedigree. Following my parents' example, I got my bachelor’s degree in business administration and immediately went to work as a computer programmer at a now defunct retail company. Since then, I’ve enjoyed a successful career as an information technology consultant and had the pleasure of working with hundreds of wonderful people along the way. God’s blessings have been undeniable in both my professional and personal lives.

But something was missing, and I knew it. My wife and I began praying for God to use us for His purposes rather than being content with our own path. We learned quickly that you should be careful what you pray for, because you might just get it. I will never forget that morning in the shower, eyes still drooping shut as I washed my hair, when God planted His will in my spirit. He wanted me to write books. Fiction books. Books with creative plots and interesting characters.

Really? Me? Surely He had chosen the wrong person. As the rest of the week progressed, the Holy Spirit made it clear He was serious about the assignment. I asked for direction, and God provided. I had so much to learn. However, learning about writing was the easy part of my undertaking. Learning to trust God was the more difficult matter. I didn’t have the skillset to produce a readable book. I was scared and completely out of my element. That is exactly how God wanted it. It was His intent all along for me to have to rely on Him. As with everything else in life, relying on Him is the only way we can truly be on target with our undertaking. It required me to swallow some of my self-sufficient pride and actually listen to God for a change.

So here I am, writing my About Me page, utterly amazed at God’s grace and patience as he guides me forward. What I have learned so far is amazing. I look forward to the rest of the journey under His tutelage. I pray these stories not only entertain, but also deliver God’s intended message. Enjoy!


Review by: April Dawn on Aug. 02, 2012 : star star star star
Excellent plot…some writing issues.

The good part was that this is an excellent novel that captured my attention and never once let it go. Each scene was riveting, imaginative, and well crafted. The descriptions were good and kept to a minimum. There was no lull in the action, or parts that felt forced or unbelievable. All in all a wonderful story that kept me eagerly glued to my kindle.
The only problem that I found were the many instances of “soft writing” that for me lessened the tension and made me feel more removed from the action, like a dispassionate bystander at times. Repeatedly saying things like “I could see” (instead of “I saw”…or better, just say what it was he was seeing)…or “I could hear” (I heard…or just say the sound)…you get my drift…the amount of these “helping verbs” lessened the tightness of the prose and would be easily remedied with a good editing job. HOWEVER, even with that said, I really did enjoy this book and would read more from this author. He has a natural gift for crafting a well-thought out story and developing characters.
(reviewed within a week of purchase)

Review by: Kaylee Stevens on Aug. 02, 2012 : star star star star star
Walking home from work one night, Declan Eliot is attacked and later framed for a murder. What follows is him having to weather quite a vicious storm, literally and metaphorically, and each step of the way he has to figure out what God's plan is for him, and if indeed he hasn't been forsaken.
I really loved this book. I thought it was excellently written (a few minor formatting problems but nothing too major) and kept my attention from the start, to the very exciting and dramatic finish. It is a quick read, one I read in the course of an evening. But an enjoyable one with a positive message. I was able to perfectly picture the scenes the author described, and had a real good feel for all the characters. I was genuinely surprised at a few things that happened, and thought the tension and narrative was great. I will definitely be looking for more works from this author in the future. Definitely recommend reading.
(reviewed within a week of purchase)

Review by: Sophia Flynt on July 31, 2012 : star star star star star
Convicted tells the story of a man, Declan Eliot, a 30 year old short order cook who finds himself in the middle of a life-threatening crisis. He is forced to run for his life and find a way to defend his freedom with the odds stacked against him.
I enjoyed this book immensely and read it in one sitting! The narrative was easy to read and engaging, and I was riveted to Declan's plight from the get-go. The book is set in the near-future, but the world-building is mild at best. It feels like it could have just as easily been set in the present day with a few exceptions. I liked the fast pace feel of this book and thought the characters were all well-written and totally believable. I was disappointed with Marlene's actions, but as they say, God always has a plan. I give this book 5 stars easy and recommend it to another who like a good, clean action/thriller novel.
(reviewed within a week of purchase)

Review by: Mark Williams on July 29, 2012 : star star star star star
Sometimes God works in mysterious ways...
And this book is a perfect example of that. Declan Elliot was miserable in his life and at his job, and then things get worse…much, much worse. And when he thinks he has some help, he doesnt. And those who he dislikes turn out to be the ones he needs the most. I cannot help but think after reading this story-and trying not to give away too much here!- Is despite all the trials and tribulations Declan had to face, was it somehow not making his life better, even though he did not realize it at the time? And so often this happens to us in our daily lives, with God taking us in directions we do not understand, only to find that in the end it really does take our lives in a better path as long as we have faith in Him. I liked how Declan never gave up his faith even when he was tested, but naturally he wondered why it was all happening which is what made him so relatable. I enjoyed reading this book and told my sister she has to read it now.
(reviewed within a week of purchase)

Review by: Karen Matthews on July 28, 2012 : star star star star
I thought this book was great, and I’m not even a real huge fan of “Christian fiction”. Not that I dislike it, I’ve just never been particularly drawn to it. But the plot sounded interesting and the writing sample was compelling and I was intrigued. Well, I was hooked from the start! Even the references to faith felt very natural and not overly forced. So I think this book would definitely appeal to fans outside the genre. Mr. Hughes definitely knows how to write, and can tell a fine story that kept me quickly (maybe too quickly) flipping the pages because I just HAD to know what happened next. I will say it is a refreshing change of pace to read of a hero that doesn’t have to use or belittle women in order to seem “macho”, but instead behaves like a “real man” should--Gentlemanly and respectful and courageous and good (but not perfect). I did feel like this was a pretty quick read and I just wish it would have been a bit longer (maybe I just read too fast) but the ending was satisfying and I would definitely recommend this book to my friends.
(reviewed within a week of purchase)

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