Intrigued By First Sight

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Honey Elizabeth is a freshman in college. Jackie is the bad girl type and has no room in her life for love, but when she meets Honey things stir in her heart that she has never known before.
Entranced Honey and Jackie begin a love affair like no other. More

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Words: 53,790
Language: English
ISBN: 9781476311852
About Erin Miller

Erin Miller is an artist and a writer. She always has her head in a book, be it a novel or a sketchbook.
You can find her immersing herself in the artist community on Long Island and randomly performing spoken word at coffee shops and poetry slams.

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Review by: Patchumz on March 31, 2016 :
This might be the worst book I have ever read. So much cringe. So much subpar writing. I've had better experiences (story wise) from free erotica written by complete amateurs with no experience than I had from this book.

Just so painful.
(reviewed 4 days after purchase)

Review by: Kimberly Keefe on Jan. 21, 2014 :
In "Intrigued by First Sight" by Erin Miller, she introduces a major concern that people in the LGBT community face, which is that they worry about the "coming out" process. They also worry about what another person's reaction will be. This is shown in the relationship between Jackie Miller and her parents. It is also a love story between Jackie Miller and Honey Elizabeth. Honey and Jackie also have to deal with Jean's jealousy issue and how they go about dealing with it. The story also has crime, drama, action, etc. This book without a doubt holds the reader's attention from beginning to end and I can't wait to read the next book in this series. I would strongly recommend this book to everyone, not just people in the LGBT community.
(reviewed 6 days after purchase)

Review by: Jackieleary on Jan. 11, 2014 :
Only in college and very young. These two women have experienced it all in such a short time. The ongoing twist throughout the book certainly keeps the attention. The quote "love conquers all" is really shown the entire time and that's why I love this book.
(reviewed the day of purchase)

Review by: Samantha Ruskin on Sep. 29, 2012 :
This book was an easy read and filled some long hours during a bout of insomnia recently. I can honestly say that the characters and their story captured my attention so completely that I didn't even notice the rising of the sun. Great biker story, too. I hope we get to hear more from these fascinating women in the near future.
(reviewed 4 months after purchase)

Review by: Ray Sostre on July 31, 2012 :
Man, when I read this review in June I was really amazed at her work. This story kept me going from page 1 to the final page. I like the happy-endings to the story, and the beginning was sharp.

Erin's "Intrigued By First Sight" left me intrigued and I'm looking forward to read more of her stories. This story is worth your read; love-at-first-sight, jealousy, drama, sadness, happiness, action-packed, and oh yeah some yummy sex scenes.

I can actaully see a cinema in this story, and I look forward to more of her stories.
(reviewed 46 days after purchase)

Review by: Oktober Knight on July 27, 2012 : (no rating)
This is definately a must read book. I fell in love with it after reading the first two chapters. These two young women brought me to tears, both sad and joyful. The challenges they face with society, their loves ones and with each other. Truly inspiring and admirable.
(reviewed 9 days after purchase)

Review by: Samuel Z Jones on July 16, 2012 :
I think the worst review I ever had began “I don't like Fantasy...” and got worse from there. Conversely, some of the best reviews I've had began “I don't usually like Fantasy, but...”

So: I don't usually read lesbian romance but...

The story begins by neatly setting up a love triangle between Honey, Jean and Jackie. That this is a lesbian love story is smoothly established without any overt statement; there's no signpost declaring “Lesbians Ahead”, it's so foundational to the story that even a reader completely unforewarned should pick it up within the first paragraph.

This is a good thing, as is the immediate establishment of this love triangle as a conceptual world of its own within the external setting of a US college: the colour and detail belongs to the lead actors, through their attention to one another, leaving the wider world a pastel haze of movement and distractions that only lightly intrude on the main story. This is excellently appropriate, expressing through the story's structure how new couples relate to the world.

I do like humour in any story; it adds realism. My first chuckle was that Honey naturally has leather jeans ready for a motorbike ride. Of course; all lesbians have leather jeans in case they need to ride motorbikes! I don't know if this is just my very off-beat sense of humour, or if it's a deliberate and subtle poke on Erin Miller's part.

The characters are well realised, with a psychological depth that knits well into the overall structure of the novel. The story also covers a range of socio-political topics in the conversations of the characters. This could very easily become preachy, but it's remarkably well-framed within the dialogue and effectively adds another level to the story. Doubtless people who disagree with the perspectives voiced might find it less palatable, but I'm inclined to think that people holding vehemently contrary views are unlikely to be reading this book anyway.

The core strength of this novel is the emotional reality of the characters, which comes through particularly in the dialogue. The major achievement is that this is not a novel about lesbian politics: it's a story about engaging characters filled with romance, sex, action, emotion and even violence.
(reviewed 11 days after purchase)

Review by: Bryan Mielko on July 09, 2012 :
Intrigued By First sight is a book that is completely and totally wierd. This is not a normal book! In fact, after reading this book, I'm not sure what to think about the author's mental capacity.
This book has so much drama, a lot of action, and quite a bit of romance. I haven't really read much throughout my life, but with the few books I've read multiple times, this book I've read so many times I've had dreams that I was in the book. This book is so well written and VERY well thought out that I was blown away. I've never loved a book so much like Intrigued By First Sight. In fact, I NEVER read romance novels, but I would recommend this book to everyone.
Indeed i do know Erin personally, but I've always told her how I feel and do not hold back. She was actually afraid of telling me about the book because she knows I do not particularly like romance novels. So I decided to buy the book and read it. And I found out how the character Honey Elizabeth is who she is. I also realized that Jackie Miller is the fantasy her. I know Erin can do great things and she will, with support of others naturally, but other wise she will go far. Out of all the authors I like, Erin Miller is tied for first with two others, that is hard to do no less. Erin knows that I will tell her straight up whether or not I like something or not ((in fact, I have told her plenty of times)) and I am glad that she respects that. I may not do a traditional review, I may be a bit far out there, but these are the facts and I stick by them. Erin Miller, I have faith in you and can't wait to buy your next book, do not disappoint me!!!
(reviewed the day of purchase)

Review by: Terry Baker on July 09, 2012 :
Freshman, Honey Elizabeth, is studying Child Study, she is determined to do well and to become a teacher. Honey lives with her best friend Jean in apartment neither woman can really afford.

Jackie Miller is a freshman and she has her sights set on being a Police Officer. She meets Honey in a composition class. For Jackie, the world spins. Jackie knows right away that Honey is ‘the one’. The one who will change her life forever. The one she wants to spend the rest of her life with. Jackie has never felt this way about any one before. But will she persuade Honey to go out on a date with her? The answer is yes. Honey and Jackie embark on the first stage of their ‘together forever’ journey.

But to be able to stay together, Jackie has to let go of her past. A past that has been filled with sadness and violence. Will she be able to? Although madly in love with Jackie, will Honey be able to accept Jackie’s turbulent and violent past?

This book is set a few years in to the future. I’m not sure that’s it’s quite far enough though for the story to be believable. But as the book is purely fiction and if you are not looking for a ‘true to reality’ book, I believe you will really enjoy the storyline.

There is a lot packed in to this book. Adventure, red hot steaming romance, jealousy, stalking, kidnapping, twists, turns and ups and downs all the way through, keeping the reader frantically turning the pages to find out what happens next.

Honey and Jackie are both loveable characters and easy to get to know. They are backed up by a strong cast of supporting characters, some nice and some you just love to hate. All are essential in progressing the story forward to it’s untimely ending. I say untimely, because I didn’t expect the book to end so soon and I wanted more. The ending has left an opening for a sequel, which according to the blurb at the back of the book, is in hand.

Just one point I would like to make, there are a few typos and grammatical errors. They were not enough to detract from the story, but I know this will bother some readers.

I’m looking forward to reading more from Erin Miller in the future.
(reviewed 24 days after purchase)

Review by: Dana Holmes on July 07, 2012 :
Over all, a very good read. Some part were a little hard to believe, but I enjoyed the story line. Well written.
(reviewed 5 days after purchase)

Review by: SilverFalcon on June 14, 2012 :
I'm really impressed with this book. I enjoyed all the twists and turns in the book. Miller definitely keeps you on edge and it was a real page turner! I'm looking forward to the next book in the series.
(reviewed the day of purchase)

Review by: Anntoinette Campbell on May 30, 2012 :
Would like to say that I highly enjoyed this book and fell in love with Honey and Jackie. This book kept my interest from page one and I was really impressed with the twists and turns that came from. I can't wait to read the next book in this series.
(reviewed 3 days after purchase)

Review by: Shannon Barber on May 29, 2012 : (no rating)
Very poignant writing, I could not put it down from start to finish! It is everything you could ever want in a lesbian romance novel and so much more! There is none of the boring dead time that you often find in such stories; instead Ms. Miller dives right in, taking you with her on a ride you'll never want to end. A must read for the romance novel addict, or for anyone who just likes to curl up with a good piece of believable fiction that happens to come wrapped in the package of a great love story.
(reviewed the day of purchase)

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