The Seat Of My Mind

This is part 2 of a 10 books suite. This one is about a new way to see the mind. I will describe how I believe it connected to life systems, its interrelations with previous life developments, the importance of truth in its evolution, the consciousness-unconsciousness interactions, and the negative effect of conflicting definition. More
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Words: 78,010
Language: English
ISBN: 9781476032054
About Jean-Nichol Dufour

The 2017-18 update is mainly meant to better place the new ideology within the universal order of things. From now on there is the life-god (s) ideology and the ego-god (s) ideology; they represent exactly the battle of good vs evil, or creation vs entropy, and the subsequent type of civilization that will arise, be it a form of life or ego reality, but both can coexist if necessary. This is a logical and ultimate development, people have always been right to believe in something, but the`ve been had and as a result they are now regressing into atheism. At last life will be happy I finally found her throne, and she`ll make the happiest of court when people develop their soul with her in mind. Religions as the tool of deciet will forever stay an ego reality tool. Evidently, it’s just a big freaking detail among many, over 200 pages of "lost details" (puzzle pieces), corrections and shameful opinions will be added all over the place, along with a new theory on energy to kick Enstein a little.

Book 1 (Revolted) has been updated as of 23-11-17. Almost every paragraph has been reworked, viability reached (0.9 My work can live, people shouldn’t quit. This is hot, my body is too small to contain the feeling, I’m super stressed with a big smile on my face…)

Book 2 (The Seat Of My Mind) viability reached as of 07-12-17. That one had a very bad start and end, but it’s repaired now. A dozen pages have been mixed in, some minor corrections, the “island” view has been readjusted. Saying I’m flabbergasted by this chapter is an understatement...

Book 3 (Love Entanglement) is under way.

A fresh new author, straight from the intellectually acclaimed X generation, here to answer all your questions. From the beginning of life to the end of the universe, nothing escapes his vision, but only the best can follow his steps so prepare your view of life to the test. You can abandon, you can reject, you can fight, you can forget but you already passed the finish line of innocence so it is too late to play impudence. Now is the time to separate lies from truth, evil from good, strength from weakness.

My presence here as an author has nothing to do with personal gain, I’m here to reveal this reality and give you the option to choose a new path. Whatever it is today or tomorrow, your world will never be the same after me (humility doesn’t pay in this reality).

As for my life, I sometimes think I’m a monk, but you will probably find me a better name after reading some of my writings. I’m a Quebecker living in Quebec City, French, so my English surely won’t be academically perfect. Not much running around the planet either and no expertise, I think I was born revolted as I passed most of my life thinking about changing the world. Apart from a moment in the army and at school, as soon as I became adult I started making actual projects for a different reality. Writing is the only way I found to express my mind, and today I’m proud of my work. I hope you’ll appreciate it since I believe I may be expressing the only possibility for humanity to ascend to the next step of its evolution, yes, that much. More than that, I believe my conclusions are the only way for humanity to still have potential in 100 years, whatever scientists say.

One facet of my books is to make the demonstration that the present reality will fail for many logical, philosophical and spiritual reasons. That’s why, in the first chapter of the first book, I’ll try to get rid of those readers I can guess will automatically go for personal attacks as soon as I’ll describe what I don’t like of the present reality. However, I don’t want my multiple warnings to deter those who will want a fresh view of life, that’s why I’ll say to go for the title that interest you the most; if you want to read about how a person can be revolted against the world, then read “Revolted” if you want a different view of the mind then read “The seat of my mind” if you want a different view of god and the universe, read “Lift-Off” if you want a description of another reality, read “Life reality” and so on.

Still, the best way to get the true value of my work is to start at the first book and read them in order, but this path is only for the most patient as the culmination point will be quite far away. The advantage is that you'll understand the why of everything concerning the new reality.

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