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The year is 2094. Christopher is a well paid government employee who enjoys the company of his work colleague, Mandy, enjoys the loving of his fembot, Tanya, and tries to do the right thing and ask no questions. On a trip to Berlin for work he discovers shocking news about Mandy and realizes he is under scrutiny. He runs, but is there ever, really, any escape?

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About Eero Tarik

A few years ago I started to write and publish short stories using a variety of pen names. In 2011, I wrote and published over a million words.

I write using over a dozen pen names and have published over 700 titles that represent over 1,500 short stories, novellas and plays.
My works cover 8 of the 10 categories of the Dewey Decimal system.

If you had a list of the most prolific short story writers in all of human history I would easily fit in the top ten - and that is only from the last five years of my output as a writer.

Recently I turned my hand to writing science fiction.
I love imagining what might be in the future, but it may not always be rosy so you tend not to see the hero saving the world on the last page on my stories. For those looking for sci fi short movie ideas, why don't you try some of my ebooks? There are plenty of new and innovative concepts to discover.
Speaking of discoverying...
I recently discovered that I am genetically a Saami. I suspect part of that identity, and the thousands of years of isolation from humankind in my genes, also comes out in some of my stories.

I write quickly, to tell a simple and entertaining story. I imagine we are sitting around the camp-fire in an era long gone. The story should be sharp and to the point so that it is memorable. I don't believe in filling 300 pages with mindless waffle.
I don't plan my stories - I put my fingers on the keyboard and let them tell the story - the ending often unfolds from my fingertips without even thinking what it might be.

My favourite sci-fi short stories of the ones I have published so far?
I really enjoyed writing 2094, it had been forming in my mind for many years.
In 2012, the cover of 2094 was sent to the edge of space on a hot air balloon and then returned - that was a great thrill.
The Multiverse Traveler is another favourite and I am tempted to continue on with it into other stories.

May I recommend, Androgyne, a recent addition to my bookshelf and a story I thoroughly enjoyed telling, and Avatar Gods which just felt amazing to write. I love the emotion it generates. It really adds to the atmosphere if you listen to the songs mentioned in the story.

I also have experimented with putting music to my works, my series Fembot Wars has an album of music set to the theme of the ebook series. I have published the songs under the name of an avatar I created, a musical pen name.

I recently began to write short plays for the ten minute play market, I hope you enjoy them. They are usually funny and to the point!

Finally, I enjoy listening to music as I write, it provides the stimulation for moods. Here is my writing playlist on Youtube, for those interested...

For more information and to contact me, go to my website which is listed below.

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Review by: Kelly Pierce on Sep. 4, 2013 :
An imaginative story that makes you think as the twists unfold.
The characters are so real, you can imagine them in front of you.
Well written, Eero, with lots of subtle touches.
Quality reading.
(reviewed the day of purchase)
Review by: naughty beta on July 23, 2012 :
Set in a Sci-Fi/Fantasy universe, where a virtual/cyberspace reality is the norm, and human interaction is infrequent, 2094 was an enjoyable read.

This book is a classic Sci-fi tale of sex, loneliness and the human condition that will keep you turning pages

Highly recommended!!!

4 Stars
(reviewed the day of purchase)
Review by: Matt Kelland on July 20, 2012 :
2094 is a strange story. On the one hand, it has elements of Brave New World, 1984, Brazil, and William Gibson; a future society where the goverment controls information ruthlessly, and where cyberspace is prevalent. Nobody travels any more; they simply transfer their mind into a remote robot and experience another place as though they were there. The story's about a man who revolts against the propaganda. So far, so good.

On the other hand, it's a male sexual fantasy. To control the population, few women are born, and their sexuality is highly controlled. Men satisfy themselves with highly realistic fembots. This is where the story doesn't work for me. When our hero spends an evening with a real woman for the first time, all she wants to do is to drink beer, watch sports, and talk about sex with him. Oh, and cook him dinner. When she takes him on a trip to a virtual world where he could be anyone and do anything, what he does is to make himself a stunningly beautiful female avatar and think about having virtual lesbian sex with her at a nude beach party. When he goes away on business, the first woman he meets introduces him to a swingers' club. Really? I kept expecting to find out that all the so-called "real" women were actually fembots, programmed to cater to men's every desire.

Social commentary, sci-fi sex. 2094 can't really make up its mind what it wants to be.

I don't mind that so much. A lot of sci-fi from the 50s through to the 80s blended sex with sci-fi. However, to make it work, 2094 needs much better editing. Like many self-published works, it's got too many typos in, and on the Kindle3 there were irritating formatting errors due to Smashwords conversion issues (though not on other devices I checked). Most importantly, 2094 doesn't quite find its voice, and the characters seem shallow as a result. The plot is good, and the setting is interesting, but the story-telling isn't as slick as it needs to be.
(reviewed 2 days after purchase)
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