Idealised Scrawl

A collection of thoroughly modern poetry including a social commentary of the political landscape in the United Kingdom.

Seasoned with light-hearted, humourous musings, making heavy use of rhyme.

*(Some language may offend.)

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About Wesley S. Jess

When did you begin or discover your art?

It was a long time ago
Outside there was snow
In my mind
Thoughts weren’t kind
And so it came to be
I wrote words that fell out of me
I had questions
But no answers
Summersaults internally
Aquatic dancers
Drowning in scrambled senses
Speaking in past tenses
No armour or defences

How has your art progressed over time?

Back then in the day
I had a go
With words I’d play
Say what ya say
See what ya see
A fervent fan of me
When I’m at an all-time low
My thoughts are words
I let them flow
It’s prose I chose
To deal with my yo yo’s
Highs and lows
Setbacks and blows
Re-emerge as a solitary rose
In my garden
It chooses to grow

If you believe art is beneficial to wellbeing, say how it helps you.

Art is cathartic
I let it flow
Whatever is in inside
I let it show
All my feelings
I bestow
Shapes in the air
That I throw
Don’t want to toe
The party line
Art is a gift
And I feel fine
On my words
We can dine
A feast
For the beast
A banquet
Warmly wrapped
In a security blanket
All the wine
I drank it

How important is your art to you and why?

Without art
My engine won’t start
Merely back fires
No tread on my tyres
No lights on the dash
It’s inevitable, I’ll crash
Decisions made, rash
Crushed up car, trash
Mad dash
What a hash

How do you feel when you are able to express yourself through art, and how do you feel when you cannot (find time, get a block, etc.) ?

Is my confession
To the world I rant
Out of breath
I pant
When the prose goes away
I find it hard to live each day
Tease it from my soul
Burdens heavy
Take their collective toll
No poll tax
Massive attack
Rubber duck
Doctor, doctor
I feel ill
I can’t keep my head together or keep still
There ain’t no such thing as a magical pill
Swallow whole
Or not at all
Discuss, reminisce or stall?
Is it autumn?
Or is it fall?
I shout at you all
It’s got the best of me
It’s got the gall
To stand right there
Saying it doesn’t care
Trapping me inside with its snare
Get out clause I prepare
Preparations for unsuitable situations
Jumped up people, airbed inflations
3d cinema animations
Period drama adaptations
Clutter, caught by the camera shutter
Golf putter
I can’t believe it’s not butter
But it is
And this is me
Or bits and bobs
A mouth piece, a gob
Express myself
I done the job

Do you feel other people appreciate you and your art, or would you like more understanding from those around you?

My art is my soul
A flag on a pole
A tool in the shed
My thoughts in my head
The butter on my bread
The words that I said
The books that I read
The feelings
About my worldly dealings
Silently simple
A groove or a dimple
The record on repeat
Conformity I meet
But I won’t give it feet
Or offer it a seat
Abstract or concrete?
Did you keep the receipt?
All filed under P
Property of a person
That isn’t me

Did any artist inspire you, in particular, or did you just uncover your own style/self-expression? Where did your inspiration come from?

Perhaps at school
Sat on a stool
It was the words of a scholar
Lemme hear ya holler
Pop ya collar
Ten dollar
My tendency to be quite dry
Planted seeds that didn’t die
Arid desert
You can forget it
My inspiration
I’ll let you pet it
Raw veget-able
5 a day
Ain’t that what they say?
With the words
I enjoy to play
Inspiration is everyday life
All the drama and the strife
Shades of magnolia
Rows of begonia
Floral tributes
Chocs and cards
Smashed windows
Glass shards

Would you like to be paid, or are you already paid for your work or does it not matter?

Currently I proclaim
My finances remain the same
To be financially sound
My feet above the ground
No mole hill
Not just a mound
That’d be sound
The currency of the pound
Razzle my dazzle
Spin me round
I try my best to astound

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