True Tales of the Truly Weird: Real Paranormal Accounts from a Real Psychic

Truth is weirder than fiction. Uncover secrets of the spiritual and paranormal world in exquisite and disturbing detail through the eyes and life of renowned Psychic / Medium Danielle Egnew (ABC, NBC, TNT, USA, LA Talk Radio). From Ghosts, Demons, ET's, Kachinas, Elementals, Talking Plants, to people who cannibalize another’s liver, this powerful ethereal expose redefines reality. Are we ready? More

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About Danielle Egnew


Director / Star of film "Montgomery House: The Perfect Haunting"

Psychic Cast Member "Missing Peace" TV Series

Co-Host, "Haunted Playground" (Tues. 3-5pm PST) LA Talk Radio , channel 2

Author, "Call To Light Press" Blog -

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Named "Psychic of the Year 2011" by "UFO’s & Supernatural Magazine" (Issue 3, Dec.-January 2012), as well as "Most Noted UFOlogists in 2012" ("UFOs & Supernatural Magazine", Issue 4, January-February 2012), Danielle Egnew is a member of FIND ME, a national volunteer organization for the location of missing persons, as well as being inducted into Shay Parker's "Best American Psychics". Internationally renowned for her litany of layered spiritual talents, Danielle applies her skillset which encompasses Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Empathy, Psychometry, Mediumship, Remote Viewing, Profiling, Spirit Guide Channeling, Angelic Communication, Extra-Terrestrial Interpretation and Tonal Healing when working as a Professional Clairvoyant and Medium both in the private sector and the media. Danielle has worked in the field for the past 10 years.

Her often disarming and approachable demeanor nearly masks someone whose vast knowledge of spiritual practices and paranormal phenomenon has landed her in the “expert” seat on more than one panel and production team. Along with her reputation of assisting law enforcement on cold cases with great success, she not only has been featured as on-camera Psychic talent on several television projects (ABC, NBC, USA, TNT) including an appearance on the Psychic’s version of "The Weakest Link" alongside five other Psychics and Astrologers recruited nationwide, but she been a content consultant on a number of paranormal television programs including Lifetime’s "America’s Psychic Challenge", and the CW’s hit series, "Supernatural".

On TV, Danielle participates as a Psychic and cast member on the reality series "Missing Peace", where she is part of a Psychic team who works with investigators to solve cold cases. The process is mediated by host and creator Stephen Hansen. A series crafted on integrity, compassion, and results, "Missing Peace" is specifically designed to work in tandem with the police and the families of victims, sending the message: No one gets away with murder — anymore.

On the radio, Danielle co-hosts the hit Paranormal Talk Show "Haunted Playground with Sheena Metal and Danielle Egnew" every Tuesday from 3-5pm PST on LA Talk Radio, alongside talk radio icon, Sheena Metal. Danielle also produces the companion investigation-style web series “Haunted Playground” which can be found on YouTube. In addition, Egnew is currently “The Resident Psychic” on the top-rated daily talk radio show "The Sheena Metal Experience" on LA Talk Radio, airing Mon-Fri 5-7pm PST. Her experience with many types of spiritual phenomena lends her to repeat guest appearances on many radio shows all across the nation as well as across the Atlantic, into Europe.

In film, Danielle produced, directed and starred in the history-drenched and evidence-packed feature-length paranormal documentary "Montgomery House: The Perfect Haunting" (Ave Vox Entertainment 2010), covering one of the most disturbing haunted locations in America. The film, being heralded by Hollywood Today and CNN as “the real-life Paranormal Activity”, highlights the use of Psychics and Sensitives as “tools” in the paranormal investigation process, netting jaw-dropping on-camera evidence such as an actual entity, while featuring the only Cowlitz Indian Death Ritual to ever be captured on film to date.

A founding member of the Western Pacific Paranormal Alliance, a paranormal investigation group spread over two states, Danielle has also been a contributing guest member of many other paranormal and UFOlogist teams across the USA. Danielle has been a featured Key Note Speaker, Teacher, and Advisor at many Conventions, Spiritual Healing Centers and events. She has spearheaded seminars covering topics such as "2012: Navigation Tools for Spiritually Changing Times", "The Illusionary Nature of Chaotic Evil", "Investigating the Unknown", "Understanding Our Offworld (ET) Family", and "The Light: Our Point of Origin".

2011 brought Danielle’s thoughts and experiences online via the "Call To Light Press", her online publication whose focus is bringing spiritual education to the masses with the click of a mouse. Danielle Egnew currently anchors her own private practice in the Los Angeles area, where she not only lends her abilities to Law Enforcement, but provides Spiritual Advisory services for Hollywood Studio Heads, Fortune 500 Executives, private clients, and international and celebrity clientele. She can also be found as a guest columnist for spiritual periodicals.

--Personal History--

With both Cherokee and Lakota in her heritage, Danielle comes from a long, spiritually gifted family lineage on both sides, including a grandfather who saw "death masks" on others -- an aura change right before a passing -- and a cousin who sees spirit life and future events.

Even as a very small child, Danielle Egnew displayed highly gifted Spiritual attributes. At three years old, Danielle startled her mother by telling her that during a family visit, her favorite part was snuggling up to an Aunt who had died before Danielle was born. Thinking it was a child's imagination, her mother discounted the incident - until Danielle described in detail the Aunt, even describing a favorite apron she wore - something that was not in any family photos, and was no longer in the home.

At the age of 15, Danielle took a trip to New York with her drama club, and visited the top of the former World Trade Centers. While at the top taking pictures, she suddenly felt a sensation of dropping, and grabbed tightly onto a railing. The tour guide noticed her panic, and explained that many people, while up that high and looking out the window, experienced a sensation of toppling over. The tour guide was baffled to hear that Danielle's sensation was not that the building was falling over, but dropping out from beneath her feet...collapsing, like a plummeting elevator. Though she explained in detail the roller coaster feeling of "riding the building down", no one could fathom what she was attempting to communicate. That was over 15 years prior to the 9/11 incident.

Over the years, Danielle has experienced many Clairvoyant dreams predicting such events as the recent Iraqi war, and many other events such as train wrecks and plane crashes. Her work in the Spiritual fields has blossomed over the years into a fulfilling Private Spiritual Advisory and Healing Practice.

Danielle is also an award-winning and accomplished musican and producer. More on her music can be found on her website at

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Born and raised in Billings, Montana and now living in Los Angeles, multi-award winning Musical Artist, Producer, Actress, Director, and Psychic Danielle Egnew's name is synonymous with success.

Danielle first broke into the national spotlight while fronting / producing the legendary all-female band Pope Jane. Now a voting member of the Recording Academy of Arts and Sciences (GRAMMYs), The Native American Music Association (NAMMYs), and the Lesbian and Gay Recording Academy (LARA), Danielle was named as one of the “Ten Most Powerful Lesbians in Music” by Curve Magazine, one of the "Top Female Producers" by Music Connection Magazine, and even "Psychic of the Year" by paranormal magazine "UFO's and Supernatural" (Dec. 2011- Jan 2012 Special Edition), sharing a cover with renowned Physicist Stephen Hawking and Syfy's Amanda Tapping ("Sanctuary" / "Stargate").

Chosen as “Most Likely To Turn You Into An Obsessed Fan” twice over by the editor of Curve Magazine," Danielle's duo project Backseat Bordello was double nominated at the 2011 OUTMusic Awards NY for BEST HUMANITARIAN SONG and BEST FOLK / COUNTRY SONG. Her solo album Red Lodge was nominated as BEST FOLK RECORDING at the 2008 NAMMY's (Native American Music Awards). Danielle was named a three-time nominee in the All Access Music Awards 2007 (Best Overall Songwriter, Best Female Rock Vocalist) while winning Best Female Keyboardist, a repeat performance from the All Access Music Awards 2006 (nominated as Best Female Pop /Alternative Vocalist, and Best OverallSongwriter) while winning Best Pop/Alternative Female Guitarist.

In April of 2011, Danielle was asked to be a cast member on the TV series Missing Peace, (Hansen Productions) currently viewable online, in which, she joins a team of Psychics to lend her abilities with the goal of solving cold cases, alongside seasoned law men.

In October of 2011, Danielle co-founded Tin Star Records with Roy Pack, a record label focused in the wild outback of Sheridan, WY, with offices in Los Angeles, in which, Danielle acts CEO and Producer to up and coming and veteran talent scouted in the Rocky Mountain West. Legendary microphone company Shure, Inc. partnered with Tin Star Records to create the first-ever all-Shure recording studio, as per Danielle's specs, featuring Shure's studio KSM series. The studio is scheduled for completion in 2012. Danielle is not new to launching record labels, owning Ave Vox Music Group (1991-present / Los Angeles) and helping found the booming Maurice The Fish Records in 2008, located in Tacoma, WA, a boutique artist-friendly label on which she is not only an artist, but a silent CEO, next to owners Raymond Hayden and Susan Renville. Danielle's award-nominated acoustic solo album Red Lodge has been released on the label, and Danielle continues to front and produce several other projects carried by the label including her award-nominated duo Backseat Bordello and her legendary girl band Pope Jane.

On July 30th of 2010, Danielle produced and released an 11 song CD entitled, "End Times Diner", under the project name Backseat Bordello, the acoustic duo with Pope Jane's drummer, Kristen Coyner, who set the drums aside to pick up an acoustic guitar and have a turn at the mic to share the lead vocals. Danielle also produced Pope Jane bassist Holly Shawver's solo rock project, Wayne's Waitress (The Holly Shawver Project / Hot Momma Records) released November of 2010, where Danielle can be found throughout the album on backing vocals, vocal arranging, and rhythm guitar tracks.

With a reputation for prolific turn-around in music production, 2010 brought Danielle an invitation to write with Merle Haggard co-writer John Scott G., whose song "Bad Actor" debuted at number 18 on the Country Charts. Currently, Danielle is recording, arranging and producing several country songs for Golosio Publishing, the company in which John Scott G. is a principle.

As a composer and actor, both Danielle’s pop and orchestral works appear in several TV and film projects, including the feature-length paranormal documentary "Montgomery House: The Perfect Haunting" (Ave Vox Entertainment 2010), in which she directed, produced, and starred, as well as feature film "Changing Spots" (Clear Pictures 2008) in which she also stars as disenfranchised former rock star “Peg Franklin”. As a film composer, Danielle scored "Montgomery House: The Perfect Haunting", "Changing Spots", as well as the 2010 Cannes Film Festival comedy "Tough Love".

As an actor, Danielle was honored to share the stage in the VDAY Valley 2011 three-day all-celebrity run of "The Vagina Monologues" alongside 60 other fantastic celebrity women from film and TV -- an event she also Associate Produced. She has been honored to be part of the VDAY 2007 West LA celebrity cast of "The Vagina Monologues" with Jennifer Beals (The L Word, Flashdance), Alexandra Hedison (Designing Blind, the L Word), and a host of others. Danielle is an alumni of the New York 2006 VDAY cast of "The Vagina Monologues" alongside Ally Sheedy (High Art, The Breakfast Club) and Kathryn Erbe (Law and Order: Criminal Intent). Having received two full-ride scholarships for theater from two different Universities (The University of Arizona / Tucson, Montana State University / Billings) , Danielle has anchored the lead on the boards in many classical and contemporary stage productions ranging from Shakespeare's "As You Like It" to Stephen Sondheim's "Sweeney Todd".

As a writer, Danielle has penned screenplays, stage plays and sketch comedy, having her original screenplays optioned by Los Angeles production entities and her original dramatic plays produced on stages in Montana, Arizona, and Seattle. On a comedic note, Danielle performed as a stand-up comic on the southwest circuit while writing and performing as a sketch comedy troupe member with famed college comedy group "Comedy Corner", whose other notable alumni include Emmy-nominated writer Alex Baze (30 Rock, Saturday Night Live), actress Nicole Johnson (Mad TV), and actor Paul Goebel (Will and Grace, Beat the Geeks, ).

Danielle has been the subject of several magazine cover stories highlighting her diverse career as a Musician, Actor, Psychic, Writer, Director, and Producer, as well as being featured in books about the music industry on Billboard Publishing.

Danielle Egnew is endorsed by Minarik Guitars, In Tune Guitar Picks, Studio Devil Software and Scoop Straps , and partners with Shure microphones.

Discography / Film Score:

2010 - Backseat Bordello (with Kristen Coyner)
2010 - Wayne's Waitress: The Holly Shawver Project (Producer)
2010 - "Tough Love" Film Score
2009 - "Montgomery House: The Perfect Haunting" Film Score
2008 - Red Lodge (solo)
2008 - Slightly Used: The Best Of Album (Pope Jane)
2008 - Changing Spots Film Score
2007 - Junkie Cousin (EP)
2006 - Otherworld (ambient)
2006 - Wild Lamb (Solo)
2005 - Rise (ambient)
2004 - Vast (ambient)
2004 - Pulse (ambient)
2003 - Dog and Pony Show (Pope Jane)
2001- Industry Whore (Pope Jane)
2000 - Hide Me From The Moon (Pope Jane)
1998 - Relief (Pope Jane)
1996- Pope Jane (Self Titled)
1995 - Country vs Western (with Wayne Lembcke)
1992 - Danielle Marae Live

Press Highlights:

"Danielle Egnew is a national treasure and a fresh breeze from a higher dimension."
- UFO's and Supernatural Cover Story

“Danielle Egnew has been finding herself in demand as a producer, thanks to a reputation she earned…”
- Music Connection Magazine Cover Story

“…it was my extreme pleasure to share a candid conversation with the power-sexy, in-demand, multi-talented creative visionary that freely writes her own heavy-hitting Hollywood ticket: Danielle Egnew…to shed some light on what it’s like to live in her genius skin.”
- Pride and Equality Magazine Cover Story

"Danielle Egnew is a beacon, shining without remorse, becoming in the process exactly what it is that real entertainment legends are made of -- Magic."
- New Music Weekly Magazine

Danielle Egnew chosen as “Most Likely to Turn You Into An Obsessed Fan.”
- Curve Magazine

“Danielle Egnew’s Midas touch is something that everyone wants a piece of, and not without reason.”

“Danielle Egnew has earned her rank as a multi-talented creative prodigy in the mainstream entertainment industry, with Hollywood’s deepest respect.”
- Boston Girl Guide


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