The End

This final part is a conclusion to my writings, I will write a bit about the future and how the Antichrist is going to terminate the world, metaphorically speaking. I’ll talk a lot about how I changed too, and how I see the future of my work. More
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Hi, welcome to my revolutionary serie A Flower To Life. There are 10 books in which i'll develop the set of tools necessary, or justification, for the creation of a new reality. My justifications and arguments will be tainted by my own experience evidently, which is not pretty, but i'll remain calm and diplomatic, with piercing sarcasm, at the level of the irony that pave the highways of hell...It is your choice to go over it or not; i'm not humanity, not a dictator, and i refuse to force a vision that nobody wants. Still, i must live in harmony with my soul, so i'll write my battle, which i see as extraordinary, but i reserve myself the right not to go crazy. You can reject the importance of my work for whatever reason, but people will have to face their own truths if they are to ever evolve toward more harmony with life. So you can hate me, it comes with the job, hate is half my fuel, i'm not scared of that even if i'll try to prevent it, dying without taking my responsibility with life is what scares me.

To succeed (personally) i'll have to deeply explore a variety of important aspects of life and living while interrelating the whole kit in minimal conflict. Among these aspects you'll find an epic battle against systemized unfairness and ego competition, evil, a fight for true love, and the story of how I became me. It's brand new philosophy, spirituality and mentality which will culminate by the invention of the life reality, along with the peaceful way to birth it before it's too late. A new reality which includes a new and better vision of a monetary and decision system, a fair way to create and protect developing human diversity and languages seen as cultural races, and not the least, a way that makes sense to terminate wars, forwarding the saved resources and human effort to space development. Its birth will take the form of planting the seed of a flower in the honor of life, a pardon, to show that we care, that we can do better. It is the start of gardening the planet, and so i'll try to design the most life respectful and futuristic city that will fit all my ideals while serving and protecting people, and it will take the form of a flower. All my work is genuine creativity, you have never seen something like it, it is unique.

The 2020 version is under way with Love Entanglement as my most downloaded, it's nearing 90% to my taste now, consumable, but i'll update with a few more corrections as I work the other chapters. Life Reality too is now consumable, lots of changes and the economy is simpler to understand now, there will be very little updates. The same for Flower City, it is done but i'll update the drawings eventually. The same for The Seat Of My Mind that is around 90% satisfactory. Life Infinite is around 80%, very special this one, revelatory like all the others, but I made a quick upload because it`s scarily worth it, for the brave...

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