The Medium

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She can see dead people. He's a ghost assigned by the Otherworld to return a demon. It should be a simple assignment, but they soon learn there's nothing simple when a living woman and a dead man fall in love.

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C.J. Archer is the USA Today bestselling author of over 50 historical fantasy and historical mystery novels as well as historical romances set in Elizabethan England.

C.J. has loved history and books for as long as she can remember and feels fortunate that she found a way to combine the two. She has at various times worked as a librarian, IT support person and technical writer but in her heart has always been a fiction writer. She lives in Melbourne, Australia, with her husband, 2 children and Coco the black and white cat.

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Reviews of The Medium by C.J. Archer

FaithAlbert reviewed on April 5, 2021

I love this book.. I reallllyyy want them to be together sooo baad.!
(reviewed 29 days after purchase)
Merissa Sheppard reviewed on July 4, 2016

The story revolves around Emily, a 17-year old medium, who lives with her sister in Victorian England. During a seance, her sister (who runs them) holds an amulet, chants some words she doesn't understand, and releases a shape-shifting demon.

The story is about finding out who, why, how etc with a dash of impossible seeming romance thrown in. The interplay between the two male characters was amusing. The whole story is interesting and the descriptions are in-depth.

I enjoyed this book but did find some of the 'holes' in the story a bit ridiculous - Emily's sister is the one who runs the whole seance show but she doesn't find it even slightly strange that an unknown peddler turns up instead of the usual one, sells her an amulet with a chant she doesn't understand and then wonders why something has happened when she used it?!

This is the first of three. I might read the other two but not yet!

Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!
(review of free book)
Alysa H reviewed on March 16, 2015

A charming YA paranormal romance/gaslamp story with very endearing characters and a playful sense of humor. It did drag a bit whenever the romance trumped the plot, though, and the ending left far too many things unresolved, even for a series opener.
(reviewed the day of purchase)
Jay Dee reviewed on Sep. 8, 2013

Highly enjoyed this whole series! This author is one of my newly discovered favorites - I have enjoyed everything I have read from them.
(review of free book)
slc333 reviewed on Aug. 30, 2013

While there is nothing new in the medium falls for ghost story this was particularly enjoyable because of the historical setting (1880s) and the heroine Emily. She is strong and not afraid to speak her mind yet never in a way which comes across as over bearing or obnoxious. She still listens to other people and considers the consequences of her actions before charging forward to do what she believes is right. Although the romance was another case of insta- love as they only knew each other for a very short time I was enjoying the story enough to just go with it (especially as Jacob & Emily spend more time together than other couples of that era before romance ensues).
(review of free book)
Christine Dorval reviewed on Sep. 19, 2012

Worth 5 stars!!!
(review of free book)
sherry fundin reviewed on Sep. 19, 2012

The séance had turned almost comical.

Celia and I were having a séance for Mrs. Wiggam. Her husband appeared, as angry and unforgiving as his wife. She wanted to know where the fortune was hidden. I knew he was lying when he said there was no fortune and so did she.

Mr. Wiggam was in the Waiting Area and I knew he couldn’t move on, until he lost all his anger. Even in death he was still afraid of his wife. While I tried to get him to return to the Waiting Area, something sinister came through.

Others saw it. Mrs. Wiggam convinced them they were seeing things. I hoped they believed her. Otherwise, it could be bad for our reputation.

Celia had bought an amulet from an old crone of a peddler. She had been used to release the spirit. We arrived at our front door, only to be met by Jacob Beaufort, a ghost. He told us he was assigned to us by the Administrators. They controlled the Waiting Area and Otherworld, making things run smoothly in the ghostly realm. He said we had brought forth a shape-shifting demon. The amulet had been cursed, thus allowing the demon through. I told Jacob it was me to cover for Celia, but he said the demon was linked to whoever wore the amulet. He would have to banish it.

Jacob seemed more real, more solid than the usual ghosts I saw. I felt drawn to him. He said there were few like him.

We were off to visit George Culvert, a demonologist. Jacob told me they had both went to Eton, but he neglected to tell me they had never met. I reached for the door knocker and noticed it was shaped like a paw. When I told him I was interested in shape-shifting demons, he said he had a book that would have explained what I needed to know, but it had been stolen a week ago. He told me the shape-shifter could steal a ghost’s soul, make it cease to exist anywhere, be nothing.

Mrs Culver entered the library. She was mean tempered, until I told her I knew Jacob. She said he died under mysterious circumstance. I found out Jacob was nobility. He had told me he died at 18, just a few months ago.

All George could tell me about Jacob was he simply vanished. Nothing of him was ever found. When I tried to question George’s maid, Maree Finch, about the book, she turned violent, coming at me with a knife. Jacob pushed me out of the way. I knew she stole the book for someone, but she had run away before I could ask her anything more.

Jacob popped into my bedroom. He said it wasn’t proper at all. So why was he here? He told me there had been a death. It was the second one. He thought the deaths were connected, because the house the footman had worked at was burgled after the murder.

To keep him here, I asked if my mother was in the Waiting Room. He said no, but Aunt Catherine Sloane was. I had so many questions about how I came to be, so I called out to her and she appeared. She was an evil, mean-spirited woman. She was right when she said I didn’t want to hear anything she had to say.

As far as I knew I was the only legitimate medium in the world. So it fell on my shoulders to help Jacob get rid of the shape-shifter before it could kill anyone else.

3 STARS – Would Recommend To Others

I loved the clouds and reflection in the water on the cover. It created a sense of tension. The woman takes you into a time in the past. The title is what really captured me, because I thought it would lead to the paranormal, and it did.

There were no surprises in the book. It was well written and the story was told in an almost fun and light manner. There were times where I had to laugh, like when she wondered if, even though he was a ghost, his man parts worked the same. lol

The characters were easy to relate to. I wished for Emily and Jacob to get together. But, how can a human hook up with a ghost? Is there a reason for him to be different from other ghosts that Emily could see?

I received this book in return for an honest and unbiased review.
(reviewed 11 days after purchase)
Toni Hemion reviewed on Sep. 13, 2012

This was my first book by C.J. Archer! And it was very much worth the read!!! I fell in love with the characters and found myself staying up all hours of the night reading! The Medium, had ghost, demons and LOVE.. I found myself sucked in this book from the first word to the last! and wanting more! The characters were spot on for the time frame the book was set in! I would recommend this book to anyone who like this genre! I am looking forward to the next Emily Chambers book!!
(reviewed 5 days after purchase)
Kelli Flores reviewed on Aug. 31, 2012

A paranormal romance in a Victorian Setting. If you like Jayne Ann Krentz (Jayne Castle), you will like this book - while the author does not imitate Krentz's rather formulaic style, the period setting and focus on relationships works very well.

Two single sisters are trying to make it in England, in a time where mediums are the craze and charlatans abound.' Single women must be careful to protect their reputations while crossing the private/public line and working for pay. Possibilities for romance do exist, but can they be fulfilled?

I do not want to give any spoilers here, but I really enjoyed this book: the narrative flowed nicely, and in contrast to many self-published works it read well. If you like the genre, or know anyone who does, this book is highly recommended.
(reviewed 36 days after purchase)
Sheri Perry reviewed on July 27, 2012

A book worth every one of the 5 stars! I do not normally read period novels but I have now fallen in love. The author amerces you directly in the story with no pomp and circumstance allowing the story, characters, and descriptions to speak for themselves and carry you away with them. Not only does it have the normal love with seemingly insurmountable obstacles, but mystery and faced paced action.

The characters are believable and appropriate for the period and the author has captured the culture and attitudes of London in the 1880's. The story was fast paced but with enough meat to the writing that it flows smoothly. It also answers one of my long time questions about ghosts. How can ghosts move objects but not people?

This has made my list of books read in one night (just because I couldn't bear to put it down).
(reviewed the day of purchase)
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