Amateur Radio Electronics V10 Home Study

Amateur Radio Electronics V10 Home Study is now published as a portable, learning, reference and revision guide. Radio enthusiasts, students, trainers and hobbyists can have their own low-cost portable version as an eBook, plus an interactive App for a tablet or smartphone, along with the existing hugely popular PC version software. More

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ISBN: 9781476265490
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About Clive W. Humphris

Clive W. Humphris – Technical author, publisher, teacher and owner of eptsoft limited a Directory of Education, Lifestyle & Leisure Suppliers.

Educational subjects include Accounting for Business Studies, Computer Science, Mathematics, Electrical, Electronic and Mechanical Engineering.

Starting work in the early sixties with as an apprenticeship as an instrument maker with Marconi in Chelmsford working in both electronics and mechanical engineering. At a very early age developed a passion for electronics and engineering that was to go on to provide an interesting and enjoyable career in both the retail television electronics being involved at a senior technical management level in the launch of Colour Television in the UK, Video Recording and use of Computers in schools and later in the commercial sector worked with the main television broadcast companies in and around London for national televised events.

Senior management roles with responsibly for very large numbers of technical staff in the electronics servicing and installation in London provided broad experience of the use of technology in banking, business and manufacturing.

A Further Education Teachers Certificate and two post graduate diplomas in Management, Industrial Relations and Personnel gave the author both an academic and practical understanding, furthering a passionate interest in how people learn and develop using technical and science.

The early nineties were the start of the computer based education and began to feature distance learning where STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) being practical, but with a need for an academic understanding lent themselves to the emerging computer market where the PC graphics and were to be the start of the author spending the next twenty years developing computer based educational packages. These packages now provide the core material for all his eBooks and other publications.

Eptsoft eBooks and Apps are portable Learning, Reference and Revision Tools where students have access to the identical content on their phones and tablets as available on their PC at home. Tablets are now a central learning resource in schools and colleges as they replace traditional textbooks as a learning medium. Smartphone technology means that subject material is always close to hand and provided the author with a reason to format the all the published software into eBook format to make it more suitable to the small screen device a decision that is proving to be extremely worthwhile as a great number of our sales are now through eBook downloads.

Schools, Colleges and Universities worldwide use eptsoft STEM networked software packages for both whole class teaching and individual study (now also available as eBooks). Whiteboard features used by eptsoft software Windows Cut & Paste enable the production of not only the eBooks but also extensive learning materials that can be fully customised to the needs of the teacher and student.

Technical professional work with severely disabled users means we have a practical understanding of how with simple modifications to existing technology means the disabled are not restricted and all eptsoft software has been developed to enable the physically impaired to be able to study on a PC using nothing more than click technology. Every feature and user input can be accessed of changed using a mouse or similar pointing device.

The development of the eBook market provided the opportunity for the author to make that same software, previously costing hundreds of pounds available to students and hobbyists worldwide at a tiny fraction of the original prices. This is a unique combination of a very low-cost eBook where the reader is able to download accompanying software onto a PC and bring the eBook content to life through the extensive interactive PC features.

Educational software packages to accompany the eBooks that between them cover over a thousand STEM subject topics. eBooks available on Kindle, iPad, Google Books, Nook, Kobo, Bares and Noble … have grouped and customised similar topics for different reader interests. Employability Skills for example with our 'Brush up your' Engineering or Computing etc. are designed provide those topics in such a way that existing knowledge can be refreshed without having to start at the beginning as a new student would normally do.

Mathematics suddenly becomes more interesting and understandable when applied to particular interest of the student, especially with all the inbuilt software tools such as Equation, Algebra, Statistics, Logic Editors Graphing tools and for the business studies students a Breakeven Chart that can be explored using any traditional textbook.

Two of the author's personal interests are Amateur Radio where he holds an advanced licence and his eBooks and app version of the software are extremely popular worldwide for those wishing to take the examinations. Also programming PIC® microprocessors developed in association and listed on the Microchip website as a learning resource.

eBook versions of Technology & Science in Education paper magazines are published by eptsoft and downloaded in their thousands as a free publication and working with the editor are developing new ways of promoting these technologies in schools and colleges to encourage students to work in engineering fields.

Free smartphone & tablet apps now cover all our engineering and business study titles available worldwide from Amazon, Google and iTunes and complete a range of education materials for students, teachers and parents with an interest in educational technology.

Also in Series: Educational eBooks with accompanying software.

Also in Series: Education eBooks, Apps and Software

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