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Cats live in the Dayworld - we see them all around us but we don't see all they are.

We don't see the Shadowcats prowling the walls at night to protect the most innocent from the worst evil.

*note*: don't get too comfortable reading it!
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About Silja Hare

I have three very talented daughters and live in the middle of Wolf Country (Minden, Ontario, just south of Algonquin Park). My literary interests are wide-ranging except for "chick lit"... I don't do "chick lit". Or "coming of age" stories. Actually, if there are no dragons, time rifts, someone shouting "Warp Five, Mister Sulu!", or explosions every five minutes, it's a bit hard to keep my focus.

Given that, it's a good thing I'm a content writer with a usual deadline of 24hrs, eh? ;)

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Review by: Jamie J. Buchanan on Oct. 17, 2012 :
The subject matter is divisive (as the below reviews attest), but I found this to be generally well written and interesting. The "middle bit" regarding the sub shop was clunky though and, with regards to the overall tone and message, unnecessary. The start and the end were very good and the story has a child-like aspect that makes it engaging and powerful. Well done.
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Review by: Glenn D. Roberson on Sep. 15, 2012 :
I found this to be an excellent short story. Indeed, it is dark, and deals with a controversial subject, but one who would not read a story due to concepts it addresses would deprive themselves of many excellent reads, of which this is one.

If only such resolutions could be achieved in real life, there would be a lot less problems in the world we live in. I found it an excellent read.
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Review by: Sierra Benedik on Aug. 4, 2012 :
This story definitely was creepy and not for the faint of heart. I didn't find any problem with the content, yes it was a bit dark, but that's how I prefer my stories to be. I think it was beautifuly written and had an adult childrens story feel to it. I enjoyed it very much. Plus, I love cats and all cats are awesome like this!
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Review by: Michelle Iacona on July 24, 2012 :
Had I known where this story would go, I, like others, would never have begun reading it. On the one hand, that would have been unfortunate, because the first few pages--prior to the threatened pedophilia--were delightful. They had a very whimsical quality, which I quite enjoyed--particularly the first two paragraphs--a whimsy not unlike that of T.S. Eliot's Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats, or some genres of Japanese fiction. The story continued to share much with many works of Japanese fiction (I was particularly reminded of I Am A Cat by Soseki) even following the "uncle encounter", but that is about the only positive comment I can honestly come up with regarding the story from that point forward. There were moments--such as at the sub shop--where one honestly felt the writer was filling space with words; telling random things simply to increase word count. I agree with other reviewers who have noted that there should be some warning regarding the content herein. A child picking this up, charmed by the first few pages, might well be scarred by reading the remainder....
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Review by: Paula Hare on July 18, 2012 :
I also found this story well written and interesting and I had no trouble following the storyline.
The author doesn't dumb anything down for the reader.
I did get a little choked up when the Shadowcats came to the boys rescue. If only they were real.
I look forward to reading more about the Shadowcats.
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Review by: Tanja Hare on July 6, 2012 :
I am not a cat person but I have to say as a short story I found this to be well written and interesting. That being said the child and Uncle in the story had great endings and I could only wish that resolutions like that happened in the real world. I read this at work on my break and found it kept my attention to the end. Give this story a go and ENJOY!!!!!
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Review by: pilvikki on July 5, 2012 :
Maybe it's because I'm older, but i "got" the story. There also were no "thinly veiled" threats, they were quite clearly spelled out.

I also had no problem following any of it.

The story is abstract and meanders about in its shadow-land, fighting evil.

Go kitty, go.

Loved it!

[the star system needs improving, they're actually not visible on my monitor]
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Review by: Michelle Birbeck on July 5, 2012 :
I’ll start by saying I’m glad this was a free download from Smashwords. I double checked the description and nowhere in it did it mention what this book was about, not truly. It is labelled as horror, but what it turned out to be was thinly veiled threats of child abuse in the most disgusting form.

However, if you can get past that, or are comfortable reading such things, then there were a couple of other issues with this short story for me. First being the opening. The concept behind it is fantastic, and I’d really like to see more work like this, minus the abuse, but I felt like it needed to be explained a bit more. The concept itself came out as very vague and not very well described.

The story also jumped from one time to another, growing with the child in the story, but with very little other than the change in bed, to denote when these changes occurred. I also had an issue with naming in the story. It was done in parts in a very confusing way that left me having to reread parts in order to understand who the author was talking about.

This is a 1 star for me. The concept was good, but the content needs to have been stated in the description. Had it been, I would never have read it.
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