Erin The Fire Goddess: The Beginning

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Erin is a 15 year old girl, born with a birthmark covering the left side of her face.
She moves to her parent’s home town of Galladale, where all is not what it seems.
From day one, Erin is bullied by Jessica, for looking at Sean.
Why is she trying to keep Erin away? Will the bullying ever stop? Can Erin control the fire that builds inside her?

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About Lavinia Urban

Lavinia is an award winning, multi-genre author, who lives in Scotland with her husband and two children.
Since the early nineties, Lavinia has been in and out of the publishing world, but it wasn't until 2012 when she decided to take the plunge and become a full-time writer.
Unfortunately, in 2017, Lavinia was diagnosed with Metastatic Breast cancer. She continues to fight to put this awful disease into remission, whilst raising awareness.

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Penelope Hannan reviewed on March 28, 2014

I loved this book, it was easy to read and the storyline was so engaging, I instantly liked the main character and felt I was going on a journey with her.

Plus the other characters and their lives are so interesting I instantly want to know more and more about them. I feel as though they are my friends.

I recommend this to anyone who likes reading fiction. One thing I will say is make sure you purchase the others at the same time. I have just finished the first and am going to start the second straight away!
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Cianna Reider reviewed on March 19, 2014

*A Copy of this Book Was Given To Me By The Author In Exchange For An Honest Review*

What a clever story! I think Lavinia, who I let wait on this review too long, has done an outstanding job giving us a fresh YA book, with a good message, and interesting characters. The first draft does have some editing errors, but the author reedited the book and it’s much smoother read, and really lets the reader stay completely engrossed in the story without being pulled out by editing issues. Erin is a lovely character, she’s strong, and resilient, and she really trying to keep her head up despite everything. I love seeing that in YA because we really need as many strong women as we can get to combat the Bella’s of the world. The action in this book was good, and it didn’t seem forced, it seems to flow well, and working in a YA paranormal book. I was interested, and on the edge of my seat for a lot of the book, and have to applaud that, because usually YA books to not keep me on edge, as so many tend to be overly predictable, and just have the same underlying story, but this book kept me interested with strong story, great action, and a little bit of romance. Sean is such a teenage heartthrob and I thought the bond between Kaseyrea and Erin was beautifully done. I’d highly suggest this book to readers of YA and even NA, who have a love of paranormal and action with some romance. It’s the beginning of a series, and I can definitely say it made me interested to read the rest of her books!

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Aimee Therault reviewed on July 2, 2013

I learned in my high school drama class that every move that you make onstage has a reason. You don't just walk across the stage you go to someone or you are moving away from someone or you are grabbing an apple, ect. In other words, you have a motivation. Having said this, I found that I could not find the motivation in this book. Was this the story of Erin falling in love? Was this this the story of Erin coming into her powers? Of her being bullied? I don't know. I liked the idea of the story: a young girl, cursed with a birthmark that takes up an entire side of her face, finds herself being bullied at school and kept away from the one person who wants to talk to her. However, after reading the book I found myself with tons of questions and no answers. If it was the story of her falling in love I felt that it happened why too fast. They had barely spoken two words to each other and now they are suddenly in love. I felt that she was latching onto Sean because he was the only one who spoke to her, despite her birthmark. That is not a recipe for love. If it was the story of Erin coming into her powers then that also fell flat because she barely used her powers and asked hardly any questions about them. If I just found out I could make fire be sure that I would be all over controlling it and finding out why. If it is her being bullied then that didn't work out either because she never stood up to the bully. Sure she burned her but she didn't really want to so why did she? Also, turns out that the bully was being manipulated and was actually a very sweet girl. Really. SO you are telling me that at that entire school no one wanted to make fun of her? This doesn't sound like any high school I went to.

The one thing that I was really upset about was that her birthmark pretty much disappeared. Aside from the fact that they said it would when she was able to control her powers and I saw no evidence of that in the book at all, this only perpetrates the belief that teenage problems can be solved only with magic. I feel that story would have been much better if she had found a way to live with her birthmark and found confidence within herself.

There were many spelling and grammatical errors, but that is not why I only gave two stars. What it comes down to was that while I loved the idea of the story, the story itself fell very flat. At the end I have a million questions and no answers. I think that maybe in the next books the questions will be answered and all the things that I felt had no motivation will in fact have a basis. While this is possible I am not willing to find out. Even though this was just a short story prequel I feel that it should have some sort of ending, this one did not.
(reviewed 22 days after purchase)
Diana Callahan reviewed on June 23, 2013

I was intrigued from the start of this book, you can get enveloped into the story. It is a fun read once you get past the bad editing; to me it was written as if a child wrote it. once the editing is corrected it will be a 5 star book but for now I will give it only 3 stars....
(reviewed 22 days after purchase)
Andrew Kuligowski reviewed on June 16, 2013

I thought that Lavinia Urban's “Erin, the Fire Goddess: The Beginning” was a good novel. First in a YA paranormal series, “Erin ... The Beginning” introduces a loner high school student, Erin, and her family as they begin a new phase of their lives – moving to a new town, and enrolling in a new school.

It has been a few years since my high school days – heck, it's been a few years since my daughter graduated high school! – but even now, I remember the emotions much, much more than the historic details. I'm sure that this aspect of school has not evolved greatly since MY grandparents were in school, and don't expect it to change in the next generation or two, either! Ms. Urban captures this feeling in her characters – our loner hero, her popular sister who has her own secret insecurities, and the other “types” that inhabit high schools. Further, Ms. Urban managed to hook me; I didn't know what was going to happen next. Predictability turns me off in a novel; “Erin ... The Beginning” sure had little to none of that!

Lest anyone believe I'm anointing this my favorite novel of the year, I must temper my earlier comments. I thought Ms. Urban's pacing, especially towards the end of the novel, to be of mixed quality. There were times I couldn't wait to see what happened next; there were other times I just wished SOMETHING would happen next – and soon! In addition, Ms. Urban's editor, if she employed one, did not do their job well. There were formatting errors, as well as problems with spelling, punctuation, and grammar – not as many as I have seen in some other independent efforts, but enough to be occasionally distracting to this reader.

I am looking forward to Ms. Urban's next effort.
I'd give it 3 1/2 stars, but it's fair and accurate to round up to 4.

DISCLOSURE: I was given a free copy of this book in return for an honest (and prompt) review.
(reviewed 15 days after purchase)
Jamie Norton reviewed on June 15, 2013

The concept of this book is awesome, it needs a little work in the grammar and formatting department but other than that it was great.
*Disclosure- I was given this book in exchange for an honest review*
(reviewed 11 days after purchase)
Kandi Steger reviewed on June 15, 2013

I enjoyed reading about Erin, a 15yo girl who was born with a special gift. She learns of her power while enduring some of the worst encounters of her life, along with some of the best when she meets Sean, her soulmate. This book was a great and easy read- a wonderful young adult paranormal book!
(reviewed 13 days after purchase)
Jessica Martinez reviewed on June 14, 2013

Definitely a very imaginative writer, it is not your typical paranormal teen book. It is slow going in the beginning but once you get through the beginning and past the grammatical errors, it is definitely a good read. As far as the story line, Erin and Sean seem to move their relationship very quickly. Her sister Kasey-Ray seems much older than Erin. Love Erin as a character, in the beginning she a bit too shy and critical of herself and the other teens are very hard on her. Overall, a great start to the series. Can't wait to read the rest of the books.
(reviewed 10 days after purchase)
cgmartin79 reviewed on June 14, 2013
(no rating)
Imagine going through life as a teenager with what feels like a disfigurement. Every gawks when you come by and cruel kids make fun of you.

Meet Erin and this is her story. Erin has a huge birthmark that takes up most of her cheek. She has been ridiculed her whole life about it and as her family moves away she is excited to leave the cruel kids in her school behind. Only, it's not as Erin had hoped. She has a new rival and she's not even sure why. Enter Jessica, the big, bad, bully that torments and physically assaults Erin every chance she gets. Warning Erin away from Sean. Sean just so happens to be gorgeous and out of Erin's league, or is he? They just so happen to keep meeting at the video store. Is there a reason?

This story has several turns and unexpected happenings in it. I loved that is wasn't just another paranormal love story. This story was unique and fresh. The heroine has some emotional damage because of her looks, but through the story we see it starting to heal. I await to see as the story unfolds in the other books how she will gain confidence and find her own peace.

I received a copy of this e-book for an honest review from the author.
(reviewed 6 days after purchase)
Justine Bowman reviewed on June 14, 2013

I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review.
I really felt like Lavinia Urban has a new idea going with this book and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I love how I could actually hear the characters UK "accents" as I read. A few words did make me have to stop an think what the term meant, but I found this to be an interesting part of the book. I did find the book to be a bit short, but it did cover a lot of ground in such few pages. The author has given herself a lot of growing room for the next books. I found Erin the Fire Goddess: The Beginning to be a fun, cute and fast read.
At the beginning of the novel I felt bad for Erin because she was so self conscious of her birthmark and because all that kids were jerks too her. But now that she has met Sean and has an understating as to why she has the birthmark I think her perception of herself will change drastically. Surprisingly, I actually really liked Erin's sister Kasey Ray. At first I thought she would be some spoiled brat who was mean to Erin but I was pleasantly surprised. I'm not too sure about Sean yet, I feel like we just met him and its too soon to make assumptions about him.
All in all this was an enjoyable read and I am looking forward to containing on with the series. I have some questions that I need answered. Paranormal and YA lovers should read this book. You won't be disappointed.
(reviewed the day of purchase)
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