Sword Bearer

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Two forms of power - natural and chemical - divide the world. Dragons, who keep the chemical power in check, have long retreated from human sight; few still believe in them. Inside a castle surrounded by Tuscan hills more and more threatened by chemical forces, sixteen-year-old Anders lives a sheltered life. But much as his parents try, Anders can't avoid the forces that threaten... More
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Reviews of Sword Bearer by Teddy Jacobs

vjaps reviewed on March 23, 2015

I enjoyed reading Swordbearer can't wait to get the next in the series so much happened to Anders in such a short time too bad his parents never prepared him for his destiny or maybe they didn't really know
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crpgnut reviewed on March 5, 2014

First things first, this isn't a novel. At the most generous, it's a novella. A short story would be a fairly apt description. I read this book in about 2-3 hours.

The book is as generic as you can get for fantasy. If the author himself isn't a teenager or young adult, he writes like one. That doesn't mean it is bad. This story is well told, even if familiar. The criticism from Alysa about the girl being "beautiful" is a little off base. The female is more mature than the boy "chosen one" and she helps guide him to better decisions.

Hopefully, the author and the protagonist will both mature and get over the pimple fixation that he had in the first book.
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Alysa H reviewed on May 11, 2013

I suppose I'm not the obvious target audience for this book (that would be middle-schoolers) but in a way I am, because I am a parent who would love to pass along my most beloved fantasy novels someday. I can see why this book might please the younger crowd, but for the wrong reasons: it's a somewhat generic Chosen One swords-and-magic tale in which the hero is basically a stand-in for any plain teenage boy, who doesn't really have to learn or do much to be the hero, because he is the Chosen One, see? It all happens so fast! And he meets a girl who is beautiful, and beautiful. And also, she's beautiful. Is this what we value in our female characters, still?
Even apart from all that, the book was just underwhelming. I never really connected with anything.
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Bob reviewed on Oct. 8, 2012

I just finished this book and thoroughly enjoyed it. The author lists it for young adults or teens, I have not been either for many years, so don't let that stop you from reading this book. I will be reading the next book in the series soon.

Bob W
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