Wolves and War

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The Planet Wolf Series: Volume 1 - An imaginary world somewhere in the galaxy with two warring continents inhabited by large, intelligent, telepathic, wolf-like creatures. Find out what happens when two refugee spaceships arrive. Will human and wolf learn how to co-exist? Can they? Planet Wolf is about to change forever. 2013 Edition. More
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About Candy Rae

Candy lives in Ayrshire, Scotland with her dog and two ten year old cats who still think they are kittens. She has been a fan of fantasy fiction (and sci-fi as long as it isn't too technical) since her first year at university when a friend introduced her to talking dragons.
She started to write on Christmas Day 2003 when she sat down and planned out her first book which (after many revisions) became the first book in the Planet Wolf Series, Wolves and War.
Candy works in accountancy, scribbles words in amongst the figures and carries a notebook everywhere she goes (in which she writes down ideas and stories). She has been known to drive off the motorway, park the car in the first available safe spot and write for an hour or more.
Candy writes her books in British English. Originally a language of mainland Europe, through the centuries it evolved in England and Southern Scotland before spreading around the world. Added to the basic standards, many national versions are recognised, including American English and British English, which have some grammatical differences and a number of spelling differences.

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Review by: humanitysdarkerside on March 8, 2014 :
At the outset I want to make you aware of the British English / Scottish English phrasing and spelling in "Wolves and War". NOT American English!!! Because of the sometimes young phrasing, I feel "Wolves and War" is meant for young adults and up. While harsh at times the violence is not descriptive. There is some romance, but it is about as innocent as romance can get. What you do need to remember (sort of a warning) is that "Wolves and War" is about war and war is anything but nice.

On to the fun stuff.

I really enjoyed "Wolves and War". At times I hurt because of the terrible changes to the lives of some of the women and children. War's nature is gruesome. I have NEVER experienced it myself and am speaking solely as one who reads and listens and watches. What amazes me time and again is what people are willing to put up with if the alternative is death. Often I have wondered why people choose to live rather than kill themselves when their lives become so miserable. Some of the lives on the Southern Continent end up being what I would call gruesome. Yet, somehow life is chosen. Why?

"Wolves and War" does not answer my why. In fact, it leaves me there with my questions. Ms. Rae has done a brilliant thing in doing that because I do not really want another person to answer all my whys. I don't even need there to be an answer to my whys.

"Wolves and War" is a space opera type of Science Fiction - character and world-building is more important than technology.

When the Argyll has to land on the Northern Continent the crew and settlers have to abandon ship before it sinks leaving them without most of their doodads (I know, an extremely technological term). Until war comes to the Northern Continent life is somewhat easier there than on the Southern Continent and the lack of metals is compensated by making tools with a metal-like hardwood. Necessity is the mother of invention even if that invention is a re-invention of old earth weapons. Their smith makes swords, shields, helmets, armour, crossbows and something he calls a contrap:

"... was able to fire pre-loaded arrows a fair distance and thirty at a time. The arrows were loaded into a wooded frame he called a magazine that was placed on the main frame of the contraption itself. The firing mechanism was spring-loaded and the magazine was drawn back and then loosed. Distance and trajectory could be altered by the manipulation of wheels and cogs."

All of this preparation would have been impossible without the Aboriginals of the planet of wolves. The Lind are great hulking beasts about the size of a horse but with the look of a wolf about them. They are furry, snouty and have paws. Somehow both the Lind and the Larg of the Southern Continent have developed telepathic abilities along with the ability to form words. The word thing made me think that their snouts must be formed differently from a wolf's.

What interested the Linds at first about the humans is how humans use their hands and the seeming connection some of the Lind have with some of the humans. Being able to communicate via mind and words is essential in making the humans believe that the Lind are sentient creatures.

Tara is the first human to meet a Lind. Kolyei is a Lind that feels a connection with Tara. Tara is not alone in this ability. On the Northern Continent Tara and Kolyei and Jim and Larya are the two vadeln pairs we get to know most. Tara is only 12 at the time she and Kolyei meet while Jim is in his 40's. Their Lind bond-person is pretty well matched age wise and this is a good thing as these bonds seem to be for life and so deep that one part does not wish to live if the other party dies. A lot of animal-human bond stories seem to have this as the down-side of bonding. On the up-side is an understanding of the other race's traits and language along with a deep sense of being loved unconditionally.

I enjoyed the way Ms. Rae tried to not sugar-coat anything for me as a reader. Granted, the fighting was not as gory as fighting really is, but it did not have to be for me to understand the costs of the war between the Southern and Northern Continents. She also did not try to hide the problems that would arise with 20,000 male prisoners escaping into an environment where females are on the run and only 300. When the leader of the prisoners is unscrupulous, well - things go as they pretty much have to go.

Being a colony vessel, the Argyll crew and passengers did not have the same dilemmas nor the same type of people to work with. Without a doubt, that is where I would have wanted to be. Both the North and the South end up with aliens and a landscape that fits with the humans landing there. Any other option would have seen the humans from the Argyll killed and possibly the Lind of the Northern Continent in pretty bad shape as well. As a reader I am glad Ms. Rae chose as she did.

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Review by: Beauty on Feb. 5, 2013 :
Almost forgot I have every book already and I've read them all over 5 times. I love the series. If you want to read books of war read these. Its a bit fantasy style written with alien wolves with dragons but they are great reads. I will continue to read these books and please make some more of them. I'm dying to read another one of these books or the next in the series.
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Review by: Beauty on Feb. 4, 2013 :
This was the first book that I read in high school. I am now a senior in high school and will soon graduate. This book is my "Favorite" book of all time. I've read it so many times that I've lost count how many times that I have read it. Wolves and War and the rest of the series are amazing. Please write some more books like this they are fun to read and I really enjoy reading your works.
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Review by: Gail Krause on Nov. 20, 2012 : (no rating)
I could not put it down, an awesome read. Have already downloaded the rest of the series. Can't open them till I get some housework done.
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Review by: Carol on Sep. 25, 2012 :
Because this started with children prominent, I thought this was going to be a YA novel. It is actually an adult fantasy that drew me in.
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Review by: Doris Holmes on June 4, 2012 :
Great read of a super length novel. I am waiting for the sequel.
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Review by: poppytwo on May 3, 2011 :
I thoroughly enjoyed this book, so much so that I'm about to buy the nexr one.
I strongly recommend it to anyone who likes fantasy fiction, especially telepathic animals. Who would have thought wolves could be so interesting?
So glad there is a whole series of them.
(reviewed 6 months after purchase)
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