From Passion To Prosperity

Are you a visual artist, writer or designer who wants to earn a living from your craft but something stands in your way? Learn how to break through common blocks, develop a healthy attitude towards money and know your creative purpose. Informal and to the point, 'From Passion to Prosperity' shows you how to become a 'creative contributor' so you can sell your work your way, for what it’s worth. More

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About Taya Wood

"We learn from each other by sharing stories."

Laughter is my medicine
Music is my muse
Dance is my freedom
Nature is my sanctuary

Unexplored possibilities and impossibilities have always fascinated me, so writing speculative fiction was inevitable. From a career in graphic design and consulting in the creative industries, to a lifelong interest in metaphysics, I am now where I want to be. Writing mystical, magical, and visionary fiction is where my heart soars, where I am most alive, where I belong.

Find me on Twitter and Facebook @tayawood and Tumblr @earthtoair.

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