Might Have Been

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Trapped by bad decisions and a troubled girlfriend, an underachieving young physicist discovers the key to his past and future – a device that transports him to eight decisions and eight women that may change his life -- by revealing the truth of what might have been. Might Have Been is a genre-exploding adventure into quantum mechanics, the multiverse, sex, and the hope of love.
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Words: 107,500
Language: English
ISBN: 9781476463803
About Jeremy Sterling

Jeremy Sterling is obsessed with classic movies, obscure knowledge, and the idea that sexual themes and conflicts are rich fodder for classic storytelling.

Might Have Been was his first novel, winning rave reviews from readers on Amazon and Smashwords, and spending time as the top-rated story on Literotica. He has also written short stories in genres ranging from romance to erotic horror.

He is currently immersed working on several additional stories and two novels, and has no idea which will be completed first.

Jeremy writes for fun, and is happy in his professional career. He has decided to offer his work for free until such time as he has a readership consisting of millions of literate-smut-junkies desperate to fork over enough cash for his next book that he can buy a Caribbean island, such as Cuba. Aim high.

He loves writing about himself in the third person almost as much as he loves feedback, and appreciates reviews, comments, or email. He can be reached via email at mugwumper123@gmail.com

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Review by: Jeremy Lee on July 17, 2016 :
Didn't find any typos. No cliches to worry over. Text flowed nicely. Lots of fairly complex words which might put some people off, but I loved it. The storyline and concept is awesome, and the whole book flowed very nicely. A full five stars from me. It's sophisticated and descriptive.
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Review by: Don Corleone on June 18, 2015 : (no rating)
At first I resisted getting to know the characters because the relationship between Lance and Tasha was so painful to read about. I wanted to slap some sense into both of them and only later figured out that's they were both flawed in a way to make their pain inevitable. Only by going through it could either of them come out sane.
Great mix of drama, sci-fi, erotic wrapped up in a strong story.
The regression back to high school and redoing all the mistakes he had made with girls was a brilliant trick. And in the end they all wound up being failures in the relationship department as before but only after great sex.
Keep writing Mr. sterling and I will keep following your lead.
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Review by: Francis Haley on July 22, 2014 :
Excellent story, high quality erotica...one of my favourites in the genre
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Review by: l c on May 27, 2014 :
A clever approach to getting a binding story around different sexual fantasies. Well worth a read, high quality in its editing and handling of language.
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Review by: Diego Sierra on Dec. 29, 2013 :
This is one of those books that you keep thinking about long after you have read the last page. Highly recommended!
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Review by: E M on Oct. 07, 2013 :
I loved this book. I especially liked the blend of modern physics into romance! I couldn't put this book down. I liked how every single woman that the main character has sex with (and there are a lot of them) appeared on the surface to be a cliche... the sexually-innocent yet curious pastor's daughter, the trophy wife, the cold punk bitch, the suicidal artist, the hot popular girl... yet every character was developed into 3 dimensions which reminded the reader and the protagonist not to judge a person by their 'label'. I eagerly await Sterling's next novel.
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Review by: James Eld on Aug. 12, 2013 :
A very enjoyable and different approach to erotic writing. Follow the dates to make sense of it. Loved it.
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Review by: l c on Aug. 08, 2013 :
Enjoyable and well written. Creative and with a strong narrative voice. The sex is not the fully explored, but enjoyable.
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Review by: Penelope Elle on April 05, 2013 :
Einstein was right about a unified theory. In Might Have Been, Sterling adroitly crafts a multiverse, carefully threaded together with the delicate strings of theoretical physics. Put a brilliant, Caulfieldesque physicist and an exuberant Manic Pixie Dream Girl in the same room, toss in a tangled history and it's like antimatter igniting.

But behind the wordplay and the stunning level of erudition, the larger-than-life characters dig deep into terra firma with each turn of the page. Might Have Been allows the readers to take a final, longing look over the shoulder, weighing out the words unsaid, stealing all the kisses left untouched and reclaiming all the bridges broken and torn asunder. It celebrates the tenacity of hope and mourns the love that never was.

The sex is passionate, hot, and the epitome of geek fantasies. Certain scenes are sure to burn into minds of readers, and probably inspire a venture or two.

There aren't many books in this likeness, and from the unexpected, theoretically discordant elements, Sterling has successfully crafted a unique and compelling novella that seamlessly ties erudition with emotion. It's sexy, it's smart, and holy mother of Hadron, it's bloody fantastic.
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Review by: Sir Scottly on March 18, 2013 :
Superbly written, this book is very difficult to quantify. It is an amazing combination of quantum physics, psychology, romance and of course sex. All handled beautifully. Mr. Sterling should be very proud.
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Review by: Ivor Nevsky on March 10, 2013 :
I read this after really liking Sterling's scrabble story, and it's a similar mix of romantic sex and witty dialogue, but the story is really... different. In a good way. This is a smart, well-written and structured romantic story about an unhappy guy who gets his life in order by revisiting the "might have beens" of his past by way of a sort of time traveling device. There are eight chapters, each focusing on a different woman (all three dimensional, in surprising ways), a different type of romantic pitfall, and a different sexual kink/fetish. What makes it surprising is just how smart, funny, and romantic it all is. By the last chapter, when he executes an elaborate plan to win the woman of his dreams, I was on the edge of my seat praying he would pull it off.
(reviewed 2 days after purchase)

Review by: Neko Parks on Jan. 23, 2013 :
Captivating Time Travel Erotic Romance

Partially romantic wish-fulfillment, partially quantum-mechanics driven science fiction-- words are inadequate to express the humor and humanity that infuses Jeremy Sterling’s new novel Might Have Been.

From the opening sardonic vignette of thwarted birthday sex, we learn that the hero Lance is trapped in an emotionally arid and sexually demoralizing relationship.

Lance’s self-reflection reveals a man facing the dilemma that devotion is not enough to save the woman he loves:
"In truth, my stomach churned at the thought of losing her. She needed me, and God-help-me I loved her. I had promised I wouldn't leave. I was better than all the other men in her life, and would honor that promise. She was testing me, forcing the proof that my love was unconditional and could be relied upon. Eventually, she would gain confidence and feel the security she needed and we could be a normal couple. That is what I had been telling myself for five years, but I was less convinced every additional morning I pulled away from the cold lover in my warm bed."

While Lance is a man steeped in regrets for missed opportunities (both professionally and romantically), his character’s basic decency and charming self-effacing humor shines through the futility of his current existence.

As a scientist at a fictional physics research lab Fermilab in Chicago, Lance helps develop a time travel device that allows him to revisit the woman from his past—not the women he dated but his” might have beens.”

Often on his lonely commutes to and from work, Lance recalls that his “ favorite fantasies were women [he} never dated, but almost did – where time unfolds otherwise. . . [he] rewrites [his] life’s history with a better plot, hot sex, and a happy ever after. . or take a chance that only made sense in hindsight. . . [his] Might-Have-Beens – who have the perfection of potential.”

While time travel plots are difficult to construct due to paradoxes caused by knowledge of future events influencing and altering past events, Sterling avoids these plot pitfalls by applying the Many Worlds Theory or a type of string theory to Lance’s time traveling exploits.

Since Lance’s reality is woven within many strands or worlds of existence, his experimentation is not altering the main path or strand of his life. He cannot tell his father not to sell his Apple stock in 2001 or warn people of the 9/11 attacks. All he can do is influence his own personal history regarding decision made in his recent past.

After exploring romantically and sexually various women from his past, Lance has to face the most destructive force in his life—Tasha. By using time jumping, he is able to explore different points in his relationship with this beautiful but emotionally unstable woman. Ultimately, Lance realizes that it is not one of his “might have beens” that is the key to his future romantic happiness, but a woman from his past that was once a friend.

In one of the most endearingly funny and sexy scenes ever written in romantic fiction, Lance begins to woe the love of his life:

“How are you going to seduce me, Lance?”

“That's up to you. You get to set me three tasks. If I complete them, I win.”

“You win?”

“Your heart, or at least a chance at it.”

Sarah considered. “Any task?”


“So I could tell you to climb the Empire State Building and swat down airplanes?” Her smile was sufficiently wicked that I knew she was considering it.

“You can indeed set a task that you know I will fail, which will tell me that I cannot hope to win your heart. At least not today.”

Sarah pursed her lips in mock disapproval.

“This seems to be a lazy seduction, Lance. All the creativity is on me.”

“Which is why it's brilliant. I set a creative challenge in front of you that will be irresistible, and make you complicit in your own seduction, which you will find kind of hot.”

“You haven't seen me for ten years, and you think you know me well enough to make very specific predictions about what I find irresistible and what makes me hot?”


“You don't think making such presumptuous predictions will make me say otherwise even if you are right?”

“Honesty is too important to you.”

Sarah screwed up her lips as she considered that, but I could see the laughter in her eyes even before she spoke.

“Alright, Lance. Game on.”

Jeremy Sterling’s erotic romance MIGHT HAVE BEEN features smart characterizations, poignant humor, and a possible answer to the age old paradox of whether one can love and be wise.
(reviewed the day of purchase)

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