So Close, Yet So Far

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This is the story of a lion and his fight in life as his destiny.
He spent his life alone until he met his best friend along the way. That was the moment his life changed... still between demon's fights. More

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About N. "Karmakat" Franzetti

am grey and black lion that is addicted to tatoos, drawing, writting and music.

i read very different kinds of stuff and decided to start writting my own story and some short stories.i can't get on without music and it helps me writting.
i even started writting some scenarios and helping other artist with their skill and the skill i have.

otherwise most of the time i am mostly drawing or watching movies while dancing on the beats.

i just hope you enjoy my works

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Review by: Voice Spider on Jan. 26, 2014 :
Sadly, the good of this book is quickly drowned out by the bad, and there's a lot of it.

My first warning with this book should have been the fact that the author's name/fursonna is also the name of the main character. It becomes quickly clear as you read that the entire novel (300 pages or so) is a tale of self insertion with a dump truck load of Mary Sue poured liberally over everything.

Karmakat is the perfect character, going so far as being able to heal an arm sized hole through his stomach in a matter of seconds by eating chocolate bars. At no part in the entire story do you actually feel as if he is in trouble or in a situation that will put him at risk. There are moments where the lion makes a statement that what he is about to do will be the hardest thing he has ever had to do, and then he will go about doing it flawlessly with little to no personal harm.

Karmakat's (the character) only character flaw is that he is unsure of himself when it comes to his appearance. (but don't worry, everyone fawns over him throughout the entire book, and the only person to judge him on his looks isn't serious, so it's not really a flaw.)

The side characters however, were handled fairly well, and their personal risks were far more real as they had a lot more to lose. They had real issues that they struggled to deal with...that is until Karmakat comes along and fixes everything. But until that point, they are believable and enjoyable people, and if Karmakat would have been handled with the same believability this would have been a far better book.

In other reviews, the grammar and spelling issues are mentioned. As the author's primary language is not English, this can be expected. However, Karmakat had assistance from a number of people who he lists in the introduction to this novel. These include his wife who is from California, (and thus should have been able to correct his English) as well as another author, who should have been able to correct (or at least point out) the large amount of grammar and spelling errors that litter each and every page of this novel.

There are also some basic English mistakes involving paragraph breaks that leave the reader with pages of nothing but a wall of text. Often these include multiple conversations between different characters that should have been broken up into new paragraphs.

Many of these issues could easily have been caught in the editing (or even beta-reading) phase before publication, improving the quality of this book significantly.

Karmakat's underlying plot, or what I gathered was his plot as there was a lot of jumping around in this book, is Karmakat's (the character) budding relationship. This includes the feelings associated with it as he discovers someone who he would like to spend his life with. There was a lot of potential with this storyline, and if the entire book had centered on this, it would have been a really interesting story.

Instead, everything gets rushed in an unrealistic manner that left me shaking my head and wanting to put the book down.

The wolf seems to be considering a homosexual relationship for the first time and through the entire book Karmakat is smothering him while wondering why the wolf seems so reluctant. Definitely not the way to gently usher someone into their budding homosexual feelings. Then there's the case of things between the lion and wolf progressing extremely fast, to the point where they rush into things that take other couples months to years to decide to do. Thankfully, there wasn't any sex, so the characters didn't rush into that at least.

There are a number of smaller details that I could go into, but I won't, as I am trying to keep to the major problems with this story. There are those that did enjoy the novel if you look at the Smashwords reviews, and that's not to say you might not as well if you can look past the issues mentioned above.

But as it stands now, I do not recommend this novel.

With its size, the technical errors alone make it rough to slog through. The self insertion and Mary Sue elements with no real threat/suspense/danger to the main character make it almost unbearable. There is better written and edited material out there. And at $10, this novel is not worth it, and I feel ripped off that I paid as much as I did for it. If things were streamlined and all the errors fixed, then this book would be worth it, perhaps more so.

But until then, I do not recommend this novel for anyone.
(reviewed 9 months after purchase)
Review by: Naki VientoPlateado on Oct. 25, 2012 :
A very good book with a great combination of action,romance and some bit of humor, with a very good developement of the chars personality and history. The narrative style is in first person that can be a bit different to a lot of novel of this kind but, when you are get used to it you find a very good story in the pages.

A good buy or gift for all the furs reader out here
(reviewed 83 days after purchase)
Review by: Gabriel Tach on Sep. 11, 2012 :
I'll be completely honest, It's the first time I buy an ebook, especially one of this kind.
I like how the actions scene are depicted by the author, they let me remind of scenes you can see in mangas, but without using a long and annoying list of descriptive words, that's a really good point. The pace stays fast without getting confusing.

It's the first book this author published. Don't expect it to be perfectly written (there are some write errors and misprints) but it is well written and eventually doesn't matter at all (until you're not a fanatic grammarian). Some themes encountered in the book (friendship, love, sense of sacrifice...) are classical themes, but I can assure you you will not be bored at all as the story is original.
You'll rapidly understand who Karmakat really is, how he suffered from his childhood and despite all the bad things he came through, the lion wants to become a nice and friendly guy, and he will be ready to sacrifice his life for his friends, close relatives and innocent people. Karmakat's obstacles in his life are not only the demons, they are the other people, and when he can he will overcome the bad situations by using his brains. You'll not find brainless fights in this book.
(reviewed 41 days after purchase)
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