The Black God's War: A Novella Introducing a New Epic Fantasy

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Her father-king wants war.
Her messianic brother wants peace.
The black god wants his due.
She suffers all the consequences.

King Vieri is losing his war against the lands of Pawelon. Feeling abandoned by his god, he forces his son Caio, the kingdom’s holy savior, to lead his army. Victory ought to come soon ...

A novella introducing a novel by the same title. The full novel is now available. More
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  • Category: Fiction » Fantasy » Epic
  • Words: 27,770
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9781458041395
About Moses Siregar III

When I was ten, I fell in love with an anime series. It was a space opera spanning three human generations, a saga revealed over 85 consecutive episodes and four months of after-school TV. Watching Robotech was a spiritual experience for me. I still remember how high I felt after watching the 85th episode for the first time. How many pleasures in life are better than a well-executed drama?

Because of that experience, I decided I wanted to be a storyteller when I grew up and hoped I could someday inspire others as that show did for me. As things turned out, I have spent most of my life exploring religious and metaphysical questions, while writing a lot on the side. In recent years, I have decided to get back around to my heart's desire when I was a boy: Telling the big story.

My novel "The Black God's War" is a dramatic epic fantasy, and an homage to Homer with a multicultural flavor. It's an original story in which I also tip my cap to the Greek dramatists of old. My novella-length preview of the novel is currently available, with the full novel planned for release as an e-book and print book in May, 2011. You can follow my blog, "Moses and Dionysus Walk Into a Bar ..." at

I invite you to read a sample from my epic story and more than anything, I hope you'll enjoy it and feel inspired by it to pursue your own passion.

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Moses Siregar III Reading the First Chapter of THE BLACK GOD'S WAR
Moses Siregar III reads the first chapter from his epic fantasy novel titled THE BLACK GOD'S WAR. For more fantasy genre coverage, visit

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Reviews of The Black God's War: A Novella Introducing a New Epic Fantasy by Moses Siregar III

Pam Rounseville reviewed on June 2, 2013

This book is very well written. The author's talent puts the reader right there into the action and creates a vivid tapestry for the plot. I found the main character Lucia to be engaging and I want to read what follows from this prelude.
(review of free book)
GraceKrispy reviewed on Feb. 16, 2011

A day of wondrous glory, a day of devastating despair. A long-awaited, holy child is born and minutes later his mother dies. Lucia, his 10-year-old sister, is the only one who can see Lord Danato, the god who takes their mother's life. Nothing in Lucia's own life will never be the same again. Haunted by regular visitations from Lord Danato, and living in the shadow of her holy brother, Lucia must find her place in the world. 19 years later, Lucia's father, King Vieri is leading the Rezzia people in war against the Pawelon people. Caio and Lucia have very important roles to play in the future of the Rezzia people, and they wonder if the cause is worth the death toll that will certainly follow.

A novella by Moses Siregar III, the story opens with a scene that pulls you in at once. I was immediately sympathetic to Lucia and very curious about Lord Danato. We are given just enough context to pique our interest and help us understand the people of this time, but we are still left wanting more. This novella consists of 15 of the early chapters of a planned 85 chapter novel (to be released in May 2011), and it's an intriguing taste of what is to come. The characterization in this story is fitting to the length, but I was curious to know more about the main characters. Some characters we get to know a bit better while we are only given a taste of others. The full book promises a more in-depth exploration of some of the characters, particularly the Pawelon people (to whom we are only given a brief introduction). Gaining more perspective on where the Pawelons stand will really help to round out the story and draw us further in.

Well-paced and fluid, the writing style is engaging and descriptive. I really got a feel for the time period and the surroundings. There is more to the story than it seems; I noted religious undertones that brought to mind stories of a biblical nature. I hope the actual novel capitalizes on this as one of its themes without being preachy or blatant. I'm excited to know more about the journey of the Pawelons, as well as hopefully get more backstory on Lucia and what it was like for her and Caio to grow up a part of this legend.

I felt the ending wasn't really satisfying by itself; it left me feeling let down. As a stand-alone novel, I wanted more. As a "teaser" to a full-length novel, it works to prepare you for the rest of the story. Knowing that there will be a book that will take this same story and push it further, while giving me more backstory on the Pawelon people, I'm excited to read more!

@MotherLode blog
(review of free book)
Paul Skelding reviewed on Sep. 15, 2010

A captivating novella introducing the forthcoming book filled with great characters and multiple points of view. Some of the dread filled scenes are very well written and evoke some beautiful yet dreadful imagery. I'm eagerly waiting the finished novel.
(reviewed 26 days after purchase)
Unicorn Productions Books reviewed on Sep. 11, 2010

A good taste of a bigger tale for all epic fantasy lovers out there.
(reviewed 22 days after purchase)
Jen Morales reviewed on Aug. 26, 2010

A compelling tale invoking the despair one feels between what is right for a community versus what is right for an individual, "The Black God's War" is told from a voice well-versed in the depths of empathy. The characters deal with a plague of issues involving the questionable honor of polytheistic missionary work, the downside to altruistic healing work (for others, and themselves), and the difficulty of maintaining pacifism. A great read.
(reviewed the day of purchase)
Molly Maloy reviewed on Aug. 16, 2010

Intriguing, captivating, and at times chilling, this is a story that really draws you in. Beautifully vivid characters and scenes and multiple points of view keeps things very exciting. Can't wait for the full book.
(reviewed 6 days after purchase)
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