The Path to Darkness Volume 3 Three Tales of the Macabre

Tales to read on a rainy day… when the sky is dark and a downpour crashes against the earth. You will shiver in fear to read about, Zombies, Voodoo curses, and the madness of a serial killer. Revised July 2013 - Edited by Adrienne Koch for your reading pleasure. More

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Words: 18,060
Language: English
ISBN: 9781476374253
About R.M. Putnam

Meet the Author:
A student of mythology, folklore and history, R.M. Putnam created Destiny's Warriors. Her series of 10 novels has given Mrs. Putnam the wonderful experience of book signings, speaking engagements, dramatic readings and meeting her readers.

A team effort, Michael W. Valadez illustrator for Destiny's Warriors is in collaboration aiding in information on technical warfare, weapons, character building and offering cultural and mythological insight.

"I took great pleasure in writing Destiny's Warriors. Celtic, Roman, Greek myth and the wonderment of Pagan gods sent me on a journey that took 18 years to write all ten novels in the series. The brutality of human sacrifice to appease the gods is a part of history that is horrific. Moreover, the idea of Gods having to deal with the same emotional issues as mortal man was fascinating for me to create. This wonderful journey into mystical realms guided me to continue and finish the saga. I tell of enchanted warriors, mystical creatures and monsters such as Crimson Death, The Cannibalistic Baalites, evil sorcerers and the blackest of magic. The struggle to survive, heartache, betrayal and rivalry are what my characters face in this fantasy. You will cry at the heartbreak, cringe in fear from the carnage of battle and feel in awe at the romance as you read my tale."

Embark upon the the MacVerrick Family Chronicles:
A tale based on Ancient Irish times. The story begins before they establish the MacVerrick name. In ancient times, last names were not commonly used but through the series, you will see how the clan came to call themselves, MacVerrick.
Ten novels in all, the epic adventure spans the generations that followed the Great Samhain, Moon God of the Dark Underworld. On a quest that takes many generations Destiny's task is to try and cause the cleansing of evil and return the world back to mystical creatures of good heart. However, mortal man and evil beings from other realms make the journey one of danger, adventure, fierce battles and human sacrifice bringing into the clan the legendary hero, the Great Finn MacCumhal as prophesied.

War is a constant threat as the descendants of the Great Samhain follow their hearts blindly staying to the task by Destiny's order, not knowing what to expect and thinking they simply are fighting for freedom and justice. Battles at times require magic and superior skills of war as the MacVerricks fight against all odds.

They endure devastating disasters: great fires, flooding and sinkholes conjured by the blackest of magic. New enemies are always on the horizon, such as; the Lord of Evil, Ragnarok who rules in the Land of Shadows, the dreaded Baalites of Altair which are flesh-eating vampires and sorcerers who practice evil magic, to name a few.

In their never-ending quest for knowledge and to know the world the MacVerricks travel to Persia, Tibet, China, India, Africa and throughout Europe.

Immortal, the clan grows in great numbers taking notice that resources are limited and thereby, in an attempt to overthrow tyranny, they conquer other realms and replenish their wealth and strength to survive. The elders hold power as the newest generations begin to take life for granted, losing all sense of decency and protocol. Mystical creatures breed with man creating half-lings that inherit man's evil instincts and tendency to violence.

Good does not always win . . . will evil have his glory or will Destiny and Fate repair the world of the evil that consumes it? The MacVerrick Family Chronicles will take you on an adventure to find out what lies ahead as you look around your world and relate to their struggles. This is a fantasy series, rich with romance, horror, science fiction, mythology, folklore and mystery for your reading pleasure. Come meet the great warriors known as the MacVerricks.

Each book though a continuing saga stands on its own, you can enjoy book two without having read book one. However, once you get to know the characters you will want to read all the books to know what becomes of them. The Destiny's Warriors series is intended for a mature audience due to graphic violence and adult subject matter.

The Path to Darkness: Three Tales of the Macabre a series.

Tales to read on a rainy day... when the sky is dark and a downpour crashes against the earth. You will shiver in fear to read about, serial killers, apparitions, Zombies, Voodoo Curses, Apocalypse, Occults and the mysteries of the astral plane.
R.M Putnam's study into sociology, mythology, folklore and history inspired her to write the Destiny's Warriors Series based on Ancient Irish lore, warriors and legends.

However, having grown up watching Twilight Zone, One Step Beyond, Night Gallery and other similar TV shows, her interests in the Macabre is ever present. The three tales in "Path to Darkness" touch upon life after death, a serial killer and a trip to the astral plane. Whereupon, murder, lost souls and a walk through a past life will keep you on the edge of your seat, looking over your shoulder and wondering if anyone is ever safe. You will question your reality and hope you are never alone on a dark road at night.

Four volumes in the series in addition to a special Thirteen Tales edition available in Paperback and large print for the visually impaired for your reading pleasure.


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In regards to Toonasuars:
Toonasaurs is written and illustrated by Michael W. Valadez. R.M Putnam is the publisher.
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The Path to Darkness Volume 3 Three Tales of the Macabre
Tales to read on a rainy day... when the sky is dark and a downpour crashes against the earth. You will shiver in fear to read about, Ghosts, Sin Eaters, a dying world, Zombies, Voodoo curses, and the madness of an occult serial killer.

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