Witch, Book Four of the Devil's Roses Series

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Sam thinks he has Hanna all to himself now but The Roses have other plans. They also have an extreme situation with Giselle and her new title, The Vampire Queen of the World.
Just as things get a little too out of hand, Ophelia is brought to the old house to be trained with Lydia and Annabelle.
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Published by Tara Brown
Published: Aug. 12, 2012
Words: 73,740
Language: English
ISBN: 9780987941060
About Tara Brown

I am the mother of two beautiful girls who are growing up so fast, the wife of a cute guy in a uniform (my own personal hero), and a writer.
My family will tell you it doesn't exactly fall into that order. Especially around dinner time when I "Cook" with a takeout menu and my face plastered to my computer.
I also have two cats who I adore more than I should, like more than people I know, and a dog. He is a beagle who is naughty but just so darned cute. He gives you that little beagle face and then steals your slice of pizza.
I have a busy mind and even busier fingers. I can write fast and keep track of a large cast, but I can't remember why I'm at the grocery store. I try to write lists but they always end up being notes for books or indie bands. I LOVE INDIE MUSIC!
I talk to myself in the car and sing too loud for my skill level. The invention of Bluetooth has made talking in the car less awkward but if you hear me singing, run.
I love writing. I love my characters like they are my friends and I am telling their version of the truth.
My worst flaw is the horrid English accent which I read everything with. If I read aloud it comes too. I'm not English, so I can't even do the accent which makes it awkward for anyone who is nearby.
My favourite authors are Robert Jordan and Jane Austen and Robert Mccammon and Jim Crace. I think Stephen King and Dean Koontz have the most unique imaginations. I have the hardest time not LOVING Catcher In The Rye by J.D. Salinger. I know all the serial killers have a copy but I adored that novel. It made me feel a thousand different things and one of them was more alive. (And not in the least bit serial killer-ish)
When I grow up I want to be James Patterson or Nora Roberts. I aspire to be like them, always trying to hone my skills and work harder.
My genres are all over the map. I have Paranormal Romance, Contemporary Romance, Science Fiction, Erotica (under Sophie Starr my porn name so my mom doesn't know), Thrillers, and even some Romantic Comedies.

If you would like to reach me for whatever reason, please visit me at my facebook page - facebook.com/TaraBrownAuthor. You can also email me at tarabrownauthor@hotmail.com

Thanks for checking me out and I hope you got lost in something I wrote or it made you so HAPPY/SAD/BLISSFUL/TURNED ON/ANGRY/EXCITED/FRIGHTENED/HORRIFIED/MAD that you couldn't believe it.

The list of what is coming out this year is not completed. I will keep my Facebook page as up to date as I can.

Have a great day and happy reading!


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Review by: Sara Wyers on Aug. 06, 2013 : star star star star star
This book made me soooooo happy!!!!!!! If you have read the first 3 books Em sure some of you are really sad....Well I'll be the first to tell you, it gets better!! This book has some major twist and turns in it. This has to be my favorite book out of this series so far. I'm very happy to be starting the last book Death. A little sad to. I feel like The Rose's are part of my family! It will be sad to let them go. This is a must read series!!!
(reviewed long after purchase)

Review by: Diane L on April 18, 2013 : star star star star star
Great...just great!
(reviewed within a month of purchase)

Review by: Dee Marcey on Feb. 16, 2013 : star star star star star
Love this whole series!
(reviewed within a month of purchase)

Review by: Emma McGarvey on Jan. 06, 2013 : star star star star star
Love this book and this whole series. I read it a while ago and just forgot to write a review :-/. It is a fabulous read, that leaves you wanting more. The characters are very well developed and my mind enjoys creating them and playing out what I am reading. Which in my eyes, is a true sign of a brilliant book
(reviewed long after purchase)

Review by: Amanda Nolastname on Nov. 27, 2012 : star star star star star
** spoiler alert ** EPPS, this book held so many twists and turns I hardly know where to begin. OH wait I know, Sam and Hanna, oh my wow, rip my heart out and for good measure stomp on it. Tara Brown really knows how to gut you. I had myself a right and proper tissy over their breakup (though that hardly describes it) I felt the knife dig into my heart as it dug into Sam's.

Ophelia, our wonderful new character is a witch. I love how the book opens. I seriously did not expect for everything that changed was because of her wishing it. Talk about powerful, can I have that power? New to the whole scene just like many others before her O has a tough time and makes so many wrong choices.

The whole concept had me giddy. I was so intrigued by the whole twin thing. I was honestly expecting him to be this total bad guy and take the power from the sisters and make her watch or something. So when Tristan was finally (I say finally because Brown likes to use tricks) introduced I had a jaw dropping moment before I lost it and giggled uncontrollably. I loved him. That left the dad to be the nasty villian. He worked the role well.

Oliver, what can I say about him. . . he makes me question him at every turn, yet when he has O in his arms all I can do is 'awww' at them. He is the bad guy and works for her dad - so many lies fall from his lips but in the end he may have a reason. Was it a good enough one?

Complications form when Sam's attractions fall on O after she performed a ceremony that left him empty hearted. His sireny nature only lets her fight it so much.

The biggest plot twist I have read in a long time falls to this book. If I could award Tara Brown an award, I think I would. I can't even say much about it without giving it away but I will say this: "Sometimes all you need is a little push."
(reviewed long after purchase)

Review by: Crystal Walborn on Nov. 16, 2012 : star star star star star
Tara has made a life long fan with this one! Bringing Ophelia into the mix was genius. Making the sheriff a bad guy was awesome. Ophelia casting spells or using her magic without special words or an actual spell is great. For me, it made it more realistic that witches exist. When O finds out that Jake has been under a love spell that she didn't know she cast; that was great. It was all just wishing.
I really loved the part where O meets Giselle for the first time. I was laughing so hard. When Giselle's fangs pop out and she says "They're like a dude'th thingy. They jutht pop up randomly", I lost it. I could imagine a newborn vampire with a lispe. It's awesome! Making Giselle Queen of the Vampires...epic! I was a little sad though to see Marcus go but hey...the story must go on =)
Breaking up Sam and Hanna was a little brutal for me. They fit perfectly...her ying to his yang. But I understand why. It was a necessary break-up to push the readers along. I'm glad you did it =)
Having Ophelia feel for both Sam and Oliver was nice. Sam's sireny goodness and Oliver's dark magic juju would do that to me too. It's just a shame what happens to Sam and Oliver has to be a dick. For a while, I thought that Blake was her twin. He fit the role...it seemed plausible. Then I was introduced to Tristan. He sounds so cute and girly =)
BUT the part I LOVED most...was when Ari changed the world. I won't say anything else because I've said too much already. I had the biggest Koolaid smile then it went away. BUT... I think I like the new world much better.
Tara...you are an amazing writer! Please don't ever change! Now if I can't wait for book 5, Death to come out!
(reviewed within a month of purchase)

Review by: Rebekah Hamilton on Oct. 26, 2012 : star star star star star
These books are the most amazing series ever if they were made into movies they would top twilight.
I absoloutly love them. No series could be better.
(reviewed long after purchase)

Review by: Damaris Contreras on Sep. 24, 2012 : star star star star star
Love these series can't get enough it's a great read
(reviewed within a month of purchase)

Review by: Emma McGarvey on Aug. 24, 2012 : star star star star star
Wonderful book! The proof reading was much better, still the odd mistake but if he's sexy we'll let him off! Can't wait for the final instalment, have loved the series and will enjoy re-reading them again and again. Looking forward to your other work
(reviewed within a week of purchase)

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