Forgiveness - An unexpected gift

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This story focuses in a powerful moment in time, on an aching heart and an amazing experience that leads to a great insight. A strange phone call helps this lost soul into forgiveness. More
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About Patricia Awapara

My story begun around forty years ago, in a far, far away land... ok, not so far, just five thousand miles, in a city surrounded by water, desert and mountains, Lima. This is the city I was born and the capital of Peru. It is well-known for their vast and delicious menu, considered the Gastronomical Capital of the Americas. Dishes like Ceviche and Lomo Saltado are the most popular. This South American beauty also has some amazing archeological sites. The Nazca Lines and Machu-Picchu are worldwide recognized and the latter recently declared one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.

If you ever travel to Peru, you must see these places before you leave.

Anyway, getting back to my story, after sixteen years of Peruvian Ceviche, my parents moved us (my three sisters and me) to a new county, US. At first, we were resistant. Change is always difficult, but we adjusted quickly. Learning the language was easier than anticipated. It took me a few months to understand my peers and a year to communicate clearly. In spite of learning the language while young, my accent and grammatical deficiencies hunts me until this day. Therefore, I apologize in advance for any quirky sentences.

As you see, English is not my first language, but I love it. Just don't ask me to pronounce the word cop, cup, or cap. I promise, it will all sound the same.

In my college years, I had an awful experience while taking English 101 (fist level). My Professor was ruthless. I even cried of frustration a couple of times (in my thirties). Consequently, I left the other required English classes for last, but I needed them to graduate. At this point in my life, I had more confidence and was ready to face another mean teacher, if necessary. However, I landed in a class taught by the most amazing Professor, Caridad McCormick. She is amazing. Not only did she had great skills, but encouraged me to write. I found a love I never thought I had. Writing became a new passion.

As an artist, I am grateful to be able to express myself through writing.

Favorite Quote
'You can move through life seeing nothing as a miracle, or seeing everything as a miracle.' --Albert Einstein


Forgiveness - An unexpected gift
This story focuses in a powerful moment in time, on an aching heart and an amazing experience that leads to a great insight. A strange phone call helps this lost soul into forgiveness.

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Review by: Nicole McManus on Oct. 10, 2012 :
"...When I started to read this story and noticed that it was only seven pages long, I was a little nervous. Some short stories leave out key details that are necessary to move readers, however this is not one of them. In seven short pages, Awapara’s story was powerful and touching. Though the exact details behind this young woman’s fear are never mentioned, it allows the reader to focus more on the emotions and the message...."

Notes: The author provided a copy of this book for me to review. This portion of my review was originally posted on my website:
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Review by: Brunilda Perez on Sep. 18, 2012 :
I loved this story not only because it was told so eloquently, but also for its content. A subject that made me think and reflect on my past experiences and reactions to them. This simple yet powerful story gives great insight on how we could choose forgiveness to create a future filled with happiness and hope. It touch my heart.
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Review by: Cathy McDonald on Sep. 10, 2012 :
Forgiveness - An Unexpected Gift explains forgiveness thoughtfully and with feeling. Many struggle with the concept. This is ideal for those who do and a reminder to those who forgot.
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Review by: Soleil Daniels on Sep. 09, 2012 :
Though this is not my top genre, Forgiveness - An Unexpected Gift grabbed my attention from the get-go. It is a great quick read.
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Review by: Ingrid Fox on Sep. 09, 2012 :
This short story felt real. It is written in a simple matter, but filled with emotions. Although, I wish it would have been longer, it was enough to convey a beautiful message.

I agree with the other reviews. The story has a powerful message that anyone can relate. And I now understand why the author picked that title. I hope for everyone to read it. I highly recommend it.

By the way, read Ms. Awapara's Bio. I think you will enjoy it.
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Review by: Zeinab Alayan on Sep. 05, 2012 :
This was a touching short story with a powerful message. Even after you close the document, it will keep you thinking and make you wonder about what you should be doing in your life. I highly recommend it!
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Review by: Katty Abu-qutesh on Sep. 05, 2012 :
This short story left me thinking. It is captivating, inspiring and insightful. It took me five minutes to read, but it will stay in my heart forever. I give it five hearts!
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Review by: Sandra Ortega on Sep. 02, 2012 :
This is an emotion filled short story with a profound message to be embraced. I believe and agree that it is also the way to obtain happiness.
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Review by: Robert Rivera on Sep. 02, 2012 :
This is a genuine "Chuck full of nuts" short story. The author displays a fictional story with a feeling of a true life event. A fast read that will remain in your thoughts for a while. I highly recommend it.
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Review by: David Antrobus on Aug. 27, 2012 :
"Forgiveness" is a dreamlike mystery that ends in an epiphany, and is told in a clear, easy style that barely hides the emotion seething just below the surface. This story feels both personal and quietly insistent on being told. What is remarkable, however, is that English is not Patricia Awapara's first language, which makes some of the awkward grammar and tense issues very forgivable in this instance.

I would encourage Ms Awapara to continue her adventure in English, as she shows considerable talent even at this juncture. Because there is plenty of room for an upward trajectory I'll give this 3 and a half stars (rounded up as they don't allow half stars), but the star rating is unimportant in the bigger picture. This writer's growth in a language that isn't her native tongue will likely prove to be rewarding.
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