Edge of Escape

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Emotionally impaired yet clever, Eddie obsesses over the most popular girl. He drugs her, abducts her and locks her away. She escapes, but that is part of his plan as he pretends to be her knight in shining armor. Will she accept his special devotion or reject his fragile love? Stalking gets a sympathetic twist in this story of fixation and fear.

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About Debra Chapoton

Debra Chapoton is the author of several YA novels including the international best-selling thriller EDGE OF ESCAPE, the break-your-heart adventure THE GUARDIAN'S DIARY, and two paranormal dramas, SHELTERED and A SOUL'S KISS. Her mash-up novels, EXODIA and OUT OF EXODIA, cross genres for a futuristic dystopian journey. Sci-fi adventure books include THE GIRL IN THE TIME MACHINE, a time travel novel with a twist, and THE TIME BENDER series, four books that follow an alien-earthling romance.

Chapoton has also written or co-written several non-fiction works including HOW TO BLEND FAMILIES, HOW TO HELP YOUR CHILD SUCCEED IN SCHOOL, CROSSING THE SCRIPTURES, and HOW TO BUILD A LOG HOME IN UNDER A YEAR.

Chapoton’s children’s books include THE SECRET IN THE HIDDEN CAVE, MYSTERY'S GRAVE, BULLIES AND BEARS, A TICK IN TIME, and BIGFOOT DAY, NINJA NIGHT as well as the six book series that begins with NICK BAZEBAHL AND THE FORBIDDEN TUNNELS.

She grew up fascinated by codes and intricate puzzles, later graduating to treasure hunts and road rallies. She loves to weave clues into her novels and, after a career teaching high school Spanish and English, she peppers her novels with the personalities of former students.

She enjoys talking and tweeting with fans. You can find her on her blog: http://debrachapoton.com or on twitter @Debra_Chapoton.

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Brilliant but emotionally impaired Eddie has fixated on popular Rebecca. He abducts her and then tries to be her rescuer as she escapes his traps. Whose delicate spirit will break first? Will she accept his fragile devotion or reject his special love?

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Louisa Paarsmarkt reviewed on on July 19, 2011

Edge of Escape was different from other books. It was a mix of things that alone might not have made it stand out, but together, it does. The first is that it went from present, past, and future. The second was that the supposed bad guy wasn't all that bad, a bit deluded, and from a bad homestead. You felt sorry for Eddie, he had a hard time in life, and he really didn't know what he was doing was wrong. Plus it was just really funny, the way that she would escape, he would figure that out, try and find her again, and she got caught again, and he would wander off again, and it was just funny, she thought he was tormenting her, he was just wanted to explain things fully to her, but just never had the chance. It was hilarrious from the readers perspective!

I loved Eddie and Rebecca, they were just really great, and they were part of what made this book so great! I really enjoyed reading this book, I hope you guys'll check it out!
(reviewed 14 days after purchase)
Patricia @itstimetoreadmamaw reviewed on on July 10, 2011

Edge of Escape kept my attention from the beginning. One of the main characters in this book is a special ed student. He was heartlessly tagged by classmates as Special Eddie. Life can be so cruel for these little ones with special needs. On top of that he had a very unhappy childhood. He dealt with a real lack of love from his mother and the death of his father.

As a child he falls in love with Becky a sweet little girl that gave him a smile that he never forgot.

I have a mentally handicap daughter so this really touched my heart. It is so hard to understand where their actions are coming from and why they do the things they do.
I normally don't like books that jumps back and forth from past to present but the way this was written it made everything clearer. You understood more of why some of certain things were happening. But his behavior could not be excused. Who is responsible for his behavior him, his mother, classmates, teachers, counselors or the death of his father. Maybe all of them.

I highly recommend this book for the young and the old.
(reviewed 38 days after purchase)
Ashley @ Book Labyrinth reviewed on on May 9, 2011

If you want to read a great story that’s fast paced and full of action, definitely check this one out. The whole book is quite atmospheric, with some very tense moments. You wonder what will happen, whether Rebecca will escape, and why Eddie kidnapped her in the first place.

At times the narrative was a bit confusing, as it featured flashbacks and changes in perspective. This might bother some readers, but I found it generally easy enough to figure out, though I did have a few “Wait, what?? … Ohhh!” moments. These didn’t detract from the overall story, however.

The book also features some very interesting psychological aspects, including questions and observations of how trauma, neglect, and abuse can change people. These things made me wonder if there are excuses for horrible, illegal behaviour, or if every person is responsible for their actions, no matter what.

My only frustration with this book, and it is a large one, was Rebecca’s opinion of Eddie at the end. I don’t want to give anything big away, but if I were her I would have had a completely different attitude. Perhaps it’s because as a reader we get to see so many people’s perspectives, but Rebecca seems naive and clueless in those moments, which really upset me, because she was such a strong, fighting character throughout the book.

I would definitely recommend this cat and mouse story to all readers. It features lots of twists and turns and unexpected happenings. Up until the end you will wonder what exactly happened, which makes for a great book, in my opinion. If you’re looking for a quick, action-packed read, then look no further.
(reviewed 6 months after purchase)
Annette reviewed on on Jan. 9, 2011
(no rating)
Edge of Escape, by Debra Chapoton is the definition of a page-turner! As you start the book, a girl wakes up in the dark, handcuffed to a bed. She can’t feel the floor. She can feel the low ceiling. She doesn’t know where she is or what is happening to her. From then on, you can’t stop turning the pages.
This girl, Rebecca, is very resourceful, and gives her captor, Eddie, a run for his money. Eddie was one of those “special” kids in school who bore the brunt of much bullying. He’s had a tragic childhood and a mother who didn’t know how to help him, so the reader has some sympathy for him. He’s always been “in love” with Rebecca and thinks he can win her over and make her love him. Disturbing, to say the least.
This book is all about plot. If you like that sort of story, the kind where you can’t put the book down because you just have to know what happened, then this is a book for you. The characters are somewhat flat. The plot has flaws—things that make you think, “he never would have done that,” or, “she never would have gone there.” But, if you suspend some disbelief, as is often necessary in these types of books, you will be on the edge of your seat. Chapoton does a good job of using flashbacks to different periods of time to slowly reveal the background of the story and the motivations of the characters.
There’s one thing I have to mention--about drawing the reader into the scene. I think this book could have done a better job. One thing that really bugged me through the whole book (and I know it’s a little thing) is that at the beginning of the book Rebecca and her friend are shopping. Her friend says “look at these. Aren’t they pretty? I have to have them!” (not an exact quote, but close enough.) She takes “them” to the checkout, and then decides I really don’t need “these” and doesn’t buy “them.” What the heck were they? Earrings? Necklaces? Bookmarks? How much effort would it have taken to tell the reader? It made me feel disconnected from the story. Put a few of these kinds of scenes together, and you can lose me altogether.
Do you agree? Can you give other examples of little things like this that have bothered you?
Anyway, the book was good. It’s worth a look, if you like a suspenseful, edge of your seat, plot driven story.
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