Joy of Wisdom

“This message is so appropriate for me right now... I can’t believe it’s come to me like this... Thank you!” – Sandra H (USA)

“I have been praying for an answer to a question I couldn't understand. You just gave it to me... Thank you!” – Claire (Ireland)

“Your quote on ‘people don’t hurt us, we let them hurt us’ is so true.” – Mitali (India)

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About Joy Nandy

My books are to express my findings of a series of hundreds of realisations that i have had through the various facets of my life in pursuit of my understanding of Life and Us.

Here, I would like to share my discoveries and learnings with you. There is no specific right or wrong in my discoveries as its an on-going journey... Through my travels to many countries, and yes, that all important - "I found myself in India", (Although cliched, but I DID find myself in India.)

I have studied, observed, learned, meditated, discussed with Sanyas (enlightened people); remained in silence and experienced life in an 'uninvolved' but committed way.

I learned how to 'watch' my thoughts more than indulge in them as they appear. How to omit the negative and allow the positive thoughts to exist.

This allowed me to observe life from a multi-dimensional view and to come up with theories and concepts that may agree or disagree with many. However, most of my realizations are 'fact-based' and are purely mine. In that, i connect everything to everything. For an example, how the orbital changes affect our moods, why parents simply can't understand their teenage kids, and why do we do and think the way we do without referring to logic and sense. How did we become, in a way 'robots' conforming to the hypocritical demands of society and laws. And how society holds us back from self-progress. How, in fact, we hold ourselves back from progress.

We are so good at preaching one thing and doing another ourselves. So much of what makes us, "US", are the very things that make us unhappy, and sometimes even when we have it ALL, we're still unhappy. Why?

My realizations make a connection to our emotions, to how we were brought up, to how we think and how we see each other and our general perception of the World. 'How' do we love? Is our love 'exclusive'. What's the definition of love and how were we intended to love? It makes a connection to how earth was made, from the big bang, all the way to the origins of life and to many scientific, historical, commercial, environmental, spiritual pursuits in discovering life.

It is a complex combination of 'everything' to understand something. It's a personal journey that you are invited to. It's rather interesting. On this road of discovery, we have to look at life like a child with fresh eyes. Looking to learn all over again. I'd like to refer to this as a "Life Mosaic" project. Im just putting the puzzle together... well, at least I'm trying. Here, I would like to discuss our daily life issues. What makes us, us. What conditions us? And what separates us from animals? If at all.

Lets talk about love. Love is known to be the greatest energy that exist in the world. It flows as fluidly and easily as the overall energy that surrounds the globe. Yet, we make that love a selfish thing. I'm not talking about just people, I'm talking about our love for our, say... nature, animals or even our personal things. Our home, the trees around us right down to the little ants (that we kill without a thought). Our neighbours. Our competitors. And what about the love we keep for ourselves? How do we Love? Is that the best way? Have we even thought about these questions?

And why is it that we are always busy spending time or looking after 'someone'. Have we forgotten, we are 'someone' too. We need to spend some time with this Someone too. We really cannot love another, if we do not love ourselves fully. And other issues, like 'Gratitude'. How You can turn you life around completely and be much happier, simply by being Grateful.

What if I told you, that YOU can change the WORLD? Would that be absurd? Join me in this crazily-sane journey in discovering "Why we are here" and our purpose in this Universe.

Did you know that our whole live boils down to just ONE thing? "YOU, AND, ME". That's it! One person's 'relationship' with a another. This is ALL what our lives are about. Just how we interact with each other.

All these and so much more a discussed within the pages of Joy of Wisdom, and I hope that you enjoy the read as many others have.

With love...


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