Armageddon Cometh, Species Intervention #6609 Book Three

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Netty and Abby conspire to abduct wildlife and return to Echo’s Hive in Sussex County to await the coming catastrophe. Revealed identities collide with political intrigue and murder, leaving emotional ruin. Book 3 in the series Species Intervention #6609. More

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Words: 64,950
Language: English
ISBN: 9780988223622
About JK Accinni

J. K. Accinni was born and raised in Sussex County before moving to Randolph, New Jersey, where she lives with her five dogs and eight rabbits, all rescued.Ms. Accinni’s passion for wildlife conservation has led her all over the world, including three trips to Africa, where ten years ago she and her husband fell in love with a baby elephant named Wendi that had been rescued by the incomparable David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. Wendi is the inspiration for the character Tobi, the elephant featured in her fourth book titled Hive.
The character of Caesar is inspired by a real life iconic tiger from Big Cat Habitat and Gulf Coast Sanctuary in Sarasota. Mrs. Accinni also invites you to visit her webpage at Readers are encouraged to comment about the book or your own creature experiences.

Also in Series: Species Intervention #6609

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Review by: Maria Komninos on April 22, 2013 :
I did love reading this book but not as much as the previous ones. I felt like some bits were just dragging.

By the end of the book it felt like it was a Noah's Ark rescue of animals because the end of the world was coming.

New characters were bought into the story while our favourites were still there, and old ones came back.

The description of the backgrounds of characters was great but it did not give Armoni the right to let him behave the way he did.

The twists and turns all the way to the end were fantastic

Pieces are starting to fit together. So looking forward to Hive
(reviewed the day of purchase)

Review by: Candice Simpson on April 21, 2013 :
Yet another AMAZING story! Well, a continued series. JK again brings in some new twists, plots, story situations, characters, and wow....can we say HONESTY! She gives it to you straight, and if you can't handle the truth, it may not be your cup of tea. There is so much real, sadness, love, creating, spirit, and some amazing animal stories to follow. There are some amazing parts in the story where you will NOT be able to put the book down, well, through much of the book, but there were a few specific areas where I was just caught and couldn't stop, I'd end up being up all night reading til I passed out. LOL. I really can't wait to see what book 4 has to bring on, I am very excited for a few certain characters and what life ahead holds! And....eerily ready to check out the movie in my head! Thank you JK for writing with such descriptive, detailed, documented formats that it plays over in my mind as I read!
(reviewed the day of purchase)

Review by: Lavinia Urban on April 21, 2013 :
From the outside things seem to be perfect for Abby, Scotty and Jose. But underneath it all each have issues they need to contend with.
Jose is in desperate need to track down his adoptive mother and sisters and with his lawyer Peter he knows exactly where to find them.
Scotty is finding the changes to his body hard. He feels lonely and can not seem to connect with a boy called Kane who is Captain Cobby's son. Then he meets Chloe and her dog Teddy and they instantly his it off. Instantly he feel so much happier.
Abby is visited by Netty and baby and told the worlds destruction is coming soon and she must save as many animals as she can (kinda like Noah and his ark). It's not an easy job and she feels the stresses of handling the knowledge of this hard, especially with Jose searching for his family. She eventually is able to confide in Captain Cobby and his son, who she and Scotty reveal themselves too.
Then there is Peter, their lawyer, who lives next door. He feels lonely and one night decides to go find himself a woman. This is where he meets Ginger Mae, who is not completely being truthful with him.
There is also a story of Omar who is hoping to become the next president. Not a nice character indeed.
This is definitely a gripping a book.
Will Jose finally managed to reunite with his family? Can Abby rescue all of those animals? Will Scotty and Chloes relationship work?
Is Armageddon really coming?????
(reviewed the day of purchase)

Review by: Sherry Vulgamott on April 21, 2013 :
Ohmy! What can I say about this series? Well, I can say 'hurry with the rest of them, please!' The 4th one ended with a cliffhanger and I am dying to know what happens.

I really enjoyed these books. They were fun to read and I can't wait to see what happens next!
(reviewed the day of purchase)

Review by: Cynthia Williams on April 20, 2013 :
I was given this book by the author in exchange foran honest review.

Abby finds herself making some major decisions that will have a huge impact not only in her life but the ones of the ones she cares for as well.

This book was a lot easier to read than book 1. Baby and book 2.Echo there's minimal violence in this one, which for some is better to handle. If you like books that will keep you at the edge of your seat, along with sad scenes, as well as entertaining and exciting this will be a series that you'll have to read.
(reviewed 4 days after purchase)

Review by: Chasity Morris on April 17, 2013 :
We dive right into where "Echo" leaves off. I'm actually happy to see that AC has kept the same Characters from its previous book "Echo," since "Baby's" Characters died off and going into "Echo" we received new Characters.

***SPOILERS*** Continue reading at your own risk!

Oh, we get to hear from the previous main Characters (Netty and Baby) from "Baby." I was wondering if they would ever re-appear again! Again, new Characters are introduced. Though one in particular made me sick! Hearing Armoni talk about raping Ginger Mae's daughter (aka niece) is wrong! I had to take a mental breather for a minute because that's some serious messed up stuff to try and contemplate.

Also with this 3rd book from the series, I see that it is finally tying pieces of the puzzle together. For a better understanding of some of the previous side characters/turned main Characters in place. A few of the side characters from "Echo" now become main Characters and Jose's story comes together completely. (I was wondering what was up with that in Echo.) The story is finally coming full circle!

I however found Armoni's story not helping with the book. At all! Was I supposed to feel sympathetically to him? What was the Authors decision in writing it? I didn't find one, I couldn't. Not only does AC bring in the New Characters throughout the book but they also find a place in Echo's mission.

Scotty gets a girlfriend, Jose finds Mama Diaz and the girls... Abby and Echo start being secretive, the mission begins. Doom and gloom is on the rise!

Wouldn't recommend to Readers under 18. Has sexual content, aggressive behavior and overall contemplative situations. I did find the Writing Style with this one flowed easier for me and the plot really picked up steam! Extremely happy that I finally LIKED reading the book!
(reviewed the day of purchase)

Review by: Lisa Reiter on April 16, 2013 :
Armageddon cometh the third in the species series by JK Accini is a marvelous riveting book that keeps you on the edge of your seat with its incredible twists and turns and even more amazing revelations. Once I picked this book up I couldn't put it down. Incredible, amazing, riveting, I just can't say enough great things about this book! I wish I could give this whole series tons of stars!
(reviewed the day of purchase)

Review by: Aileen Aroma on April 16, 2013 :
This book in the series has a little of ET meets Independence Day.
Abby is on a mission not only to save her family but also the lives of animals.
Finally, we start getting hints about the mission Echo and Baby are on.
I just love Echo and her sense of humor. I'm always looking forward to seeing what she will be saying next =)
(reviewed 12 days after purchase)

Review by: Fenny Hotchpotchblog on April 16, 2013 :
Partly thriller and vastly becoming dystopian, Armageddon Cometh is about family drama and group dynamics, including romantic relationships. An unlikely assortment of people are gathered together for the fulfillment of Abby’s task. When political plans go awry, it puts the world at risk of annihilation. The role of Echo becomes clearer, showing what she is really made of and for what purpose. But who is being rescued and why?

Armageddon Cometh can only be understood after reading Echo. The big story encompassed by the whole series is taking shape. All the different aspects of family and group relationships run to and fro, with people falling in and out of love in the process. It is highly emotional charged, a real page turner as I wanted to know how it would all play out. I am glad I had the fourth book, Hive, waiting for me!

***When you buy this third book in the series, part of the proceedings will go to the Big Cat Sanctuary in Sarasota!!!***
(reviewed 8 days after purchase)

Review by: tiffeny moore on April 16, 2013 :
this book was great i was enraptured from the beginning to end of this book through all the ups and downs that this book takes you through. this book will keep you up reading just to see what happens. if you have not read it i highly recommend that you do read it.
(reviewed the day of purchase)

Review by: Samantha Callahan on April 16, 2013 :
This book was sad but very interesting. If you are looking for a entertaining, exciting, sad, but keeps you on the edge of you seat this is the book for you.
(reviewed the day of purchase)

Review by: Lynn Worton on April 14, 2013 :
This is the third book in the Species Intervention Series.

Abby is a wonderful character, who has faced many hardships, but even she is struggling to cope with the stress of trying to organise the rescue of the animals at The Big Cat Sanctuary. She is also seems to be growing closer to Captain Cobby.

Scotty is also a wonderful character. He has a very gentle soul, and I have grown fond of him throughout the series. Being only 17, he is still in teen rebel mode, and goes on a rescue missions of his own with Echo. He also meets and falls for a girl called Chloe, who lives in a nearby house.

There are also some old faces that pop up in this book from the first two books. Armoni makes an unwelcome return, along with Ginger Mae. There are also some new faces, namely Chloe and Kenya. I love Kenya's sassy attitude! She is a teenager, but she is very streetwise and has a bit of maturity to her that belies her youth. Chloe is a sweet 15 year old, who has been sheltered by her parents from violence.

Although this book is not as dark as the first two, with regards to violence, there was still plenty to be had! I had the rabbit in the headlights situation again! I struggled to put this book down and found myself completely absorbed in the story from the first page! I have come to the conclusion that I must have a morbid streak in me, because even though Armoni doesn't feature as prominently in this book, I was wondering what he was doing. He is the most vile, disgusting, masochistic psychopath I have ever come across in a book, but he fascinated me. However, I think that my feelings of relief outweighed my curiosity! I was just starting to enjoy the relief of not having Armoni in the picture, when the author introduced a character just as depraved, but even more deadly; A terrorist willing to do anything for his cause. This twist sent chills up my back! Speaking of twists and turns, this book has so many that I felt a bit of whiplash! However, this just kept me turning the pages to find out what was happening next! The ending has a HUGE twist that I didn't see coming! I am now looking forward to reading the next book in the series, Hive, as soon as I can!

J.K. Accinni is now most definitely on my favourite authors list. Her writing style is fast paced, but extremely descriptive. I could easily picture these characters and places in my mind. I do not recommend this series to younger readers due to the violence and the language, but I highly recommend this book (and series) if you love Science Fiction, Dystopian or Apocalyptic Fiction. - Lynn Worton
(reviewed 9 days after purchase)

Review by: Jessica Sawa on April 14, 2013 :
I am completely amazed at how I was taken out of my reality and throw for through so many twists and turns so far with this series. I cannot say enough how much I love and have grown to care for these characters. I just adore Scotty, so pure of heart. I cannot wait to see where this series ends up. I wish it could continue on and on but even the best things must come to an end, but not for two more books! YAY!
(reviewed the day of purchase)

Review by: josh culbertson on April 08, 2013 :
This book is even better than the books before this one! It seems to jump around from person to person, but its very entertaining and keeps you guessing. I really did not care for some of the characters. they are not good people and it makes me sad that there are really people like this in our world. we could all stand to learn something from Echo.
(reviewed 4 days after purchase)

Review by: jessica bridgers on April 07, 2013 :
I really don't know what to say! This book was even better than book 2. I did't even think it could be possible because book 2 was amazing. I love how the author switches up chapters with different events from the last chapter I read. It keep me on my on edge so you don't get bored. I would read more of the book longer not wanting to stop. Reading one chapter so you can read the next chapter to found out what happens in a previous chapter I already have read. There is so much happening in this book. Netty and Baby, from book 1, decides to make an appearence to Abby. Abby and Echo keeps the mission a secret from everyone except Peter. She needs his help to put the plan in motion. The Womb offers to help. When time come she boards her Yaght assisted by followers. Followers that Abby is helping Echo and The Womb to protect and some extra company like Peter, Peters girlfriend, The Captian and his son and many more freaked out people. They just happened to be at the wrong place and at the wrong time. There is so much more I would love to put in this review, but it don't want to kill the suspense. There are some situations that happen that I went back a few line and thought, "Did she really say that or They did what?" Just as long as Echo knows what she is doing, I think everything will be O.K.! Or Not?
(reviewed 3 days after purchase)

Review by: Lisa Markson on April 05, 2013 :
I received a copy of this book in exchange for a honest and unbiased review. I have to say after reading 3 books so far in the series I'm hooked on this author. She has a talent in building characters and storylines. The reader doesn't have a chance to get bored or disgusted. There is a little profanity but it doesn't turn you off of the story. With the bringing in of new characters the story is able to expand without compromising anything. I highly recommend if you need something that keeps you engaged and guessing. I have learned never to expect the oblivious with this author. The characters have dimension that shows they have a emotional connection and they survive those emotions. I cant wait to read more
(reviewed the day of purchase)

Review by: Emilia Santacroce on April 05, 2013 :
I loved it! Armageddon Cometh was an incredible third installment in the Species Intervention #6609 series. I'm a bit confused as to what causes the actual collapse of humanity, the Salafis or The Womb. But I guess that is what the mastermind that is J. K. Accinni was aiming for as she wrote this book. I cannot wait to read The Hive to see how it all pans out! This is an amazing series.
(reviewed the day of purchase)

Review by: Ever Star on April 05, 2013 : (no rating)
I received this book to give an honest review.

Armageddon Cometh takes off right where book two left off.
Only this time, Abbey has a mission that she has to accomplish since Netty and Baby visited her and told her to save as many animals as she can! Pretty much the end is coming. Not only that Jose really finds out what happened to his family back in Mexico and what will he do with this information? Will it make him stronger, or break him down?
Scotty is feeling a bit left out as Abbey has Jose but he has no one, to really talk to especially with his new body changes! But then he meets Chloe, and he finds he can talk with her and he has a bit of a crush. But Chloe is the daughter of Omar who is running for president so she is kept kind of secluded. There is a whole story right here with Omar, his wife and his presidency.

Abbey is starting to feel the stress of everything that she is suppose to do, and confides into Captain Cobby and his son Kane. While Jose is trying to find his adoptive mother and sisters.
Their lawyer Peter has a lot more to do now, especially with Abbey's new mission. But one night he goes out and meets Ginger Mae, but what does Ginger Mae have up her sleeve? Or should I say skirt?

Armoni is still after the group, and is using a woman to get close to them to find out where they are at. He is going to stop at nothing to get them. Even hurt those that know them, but will they ever be the same once Armoni is through with them?

Echo is still as cute as she is described! I have to say my favorite part with her is when she is supporting her sunglasses like a dude and has her fanny pack on. We all know the fanny pack went out decades ago, but hey Echo is bringing it back lol.

The plot and side stories will leave you wanting more! This along with book one and book two is must read! Go out and get your copies now, you will so not be disappointed.
(reviewed the day of purchase)

Review by: Paulette Mahurin on Feb. 01, 2013 :
J. K. Accinni’s Armageddon Cometh (Species Intervention) follows where Echo left off and brings some well deserved justice that left me hanging at the end of Echo. It’s a tightly written story of intrigue, fantasy, adventure, that holds interest throughout and just when resolution comes another mystery/a thrilling one is interjected to bring the reader into the last and final sequel. This is a series that builds one book onto the next and does not disappoint. It’s an impressive intense action packed read that I recommend.
(reviewed 4 days after purchase)

Review by: wilimnot on Jan. 28, 2013 :
This is beautifully written series that I am mad about! When ever I think I have this story figured out she whams me with a surprise. I even love her villians as dispicable as they are. I feel like I know their every wart and the story about Armoni and Kelly childhood...holy god, not for the teens even though I know they will love to get their hands on this series.
(reviewed 32 days after purchase)

Review by: Holly Muller on Jan. 27, 2013 :
Omg, things are getting juicy.JK Accinni has layered her story arcs so beautifully with one very complicated reveal toward the end. Armoni is such a vile skunk. Abby, Jose, Scotty, Echo and Scotty's new girlfriend are on the lam. I think Captain Cobby has the hots for Abby who is in love with Jose. He's become kind of obtuse. The dog pack with Echo in charge is great. I love the missions
Scotty and Echo went on to save animals. The chapter about the dog fighting ring and the reveal of the Womb was scary. I thought Echo was going to die. Thank you, thank you JK Accinni for writing this for me. I can't shake the story. It dances in my mind even when I am driving.
(reviewed 29 days after purchase)

Review by: Jane Hatley on Dec. 30, 2012 :
The whole series is touching and pretty brutal. It flows quickly and smoothly. It is interesting how she mixes brutality with great sadness. I loved so many characters, Echo,Abby and Ginger Mae. Jose seems clueless to this point, lol. She has some sick and rough characters. It's hard to turn away. There is a big surprise in this book, it made me so happy! I am just loving this series. What a great ride!
(reviewed 10 days after purchase)

Review by: kim culbertson on Dec. 18, 2012 :
i received this book as a gift for an honest review.

these books are AWESOME. i'm addicted to them, i can not wait to read book 4.
Book 3 is awesome, and my only complaint is it ends to soon . i want to read more.
i absolutely am addicted to these books! would recommend to everyone!
(reviewed the day of purchase)

Review by: Heidi Burrows on Dec. 18, 2012 :
I received this book from the author for an honest review.

I love to read books where the story just keeps getting better and better. This is definitely one of those stories! With each book we get a deeper understanding into what is going on and just what Baby's original mission was here on Earth all those years ago. In fleeting glimpses we witness the destruction of civilization as we know it through violence, greed and corruption and what desperate people are willing to do in order to survive. But survive what is the question and it seems only a few people are privy to this answer.

With things just settling down in their new island home, Jose, Abby and Scotty realize it is time to bring the rest of the family home to Florida. As Jose leaves to find Mama Diaz in New Jersey, Abby is shown via a dream, a mission that she must carry out in order to save not only her family and friends but a few "dogs and cats" too! Well maybe a few more then a few... With the threat of destruction immanent, Echo's chosen family must choose who to confide in and engage them into the mission as well. But with young love on the horizon, a few ghosts from the past resurfacing, and the return of one very smelly and dirty villain, this story will have you enthralled until the very end.

A definite must read for those who love extraterrestrial end of world stories with a bit of romance, adventure, and some lots of animal love! I can't wait to see what is in store for them all in Book 4~
(reviewed the day of purchase)

Review by: Wanda Hartzenberg on Dec. 18, 2012 :
I did the one thing I never do, read one book in a series directly after the other.
Ok, so sometimes I do it, but I prefer not to. But in this case, I had to.
Echo and her dog, Abbey and her love
Political strife, human depravity and animals and the environment suffering,
I had to know how it ends. But it is only the third book in the series.
It is amazing that an author can manage so many layers within one story.
This book is a paranormal story.
It is a socio political commentary.
It is a love story
It is a story about aliens
It is a book that one and all must read.
I am sure everybody will find something in this book that they absolutely adore,
If it happens to be Echo, well then you are in good company.
Echo, adorable and all is a formidable alien. She make gold and diamonds, she can bring out the best in all, but will she be intime....?
(reviewed the day of purchase)

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