My Nephew & Mossad Vs. Iran's A-Bomb

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An Iranian airplane is flying with a secret delegation- including the President ; instead of landing in its destination: Syria – it arrives in Israel, as a result of smart deception maneuvres of anti-regime plotters. Many jerky scenes develop, showing how Iranian president fails in trying to escape; soon he discovers that a Duplicate Ruler had been replaced him -and nobody really needs him. More

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About Mordechai Landsberg

Mordechai Landsberg (pen name: Ben Shmuel)is an Israeli Novelist. He has published two novels in Hebrew, that deal with Israeli and Jewish topics: ’The Gentle Ones’ and
‘The disconnections’- telling about simple soldiers before and after Six Days War and Yom Kipur War (they have been awarded the President’s Incentive - and Public Libraries prize). Mordechai Landsberg studied literature and philosophy in the Tel Aviv university, and has worked many years as an Administrative & Finance Officer for U.S. Contracts with the Israeli Arms Industry - an experience that has contributed a lot to his writing in English.

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Review by: Naftali Harary on Sep. 1, 2012 :
This is a humoristic – satirical Action story, telling about the Israeli fools struggling against their murderous and cheating foe, Iran. The reader understands that the Mossad warriors or idiots - struggle with rubber gloves at hands, instead of . . .maybe a real A-bomb war, if they are capable of leading such at all.
At first we read in this satire about what the Press and Media had shown us, not a long time ago: 18 Israeli agents killing one helpless Hamas man, who was this teror’s organization coordinator with Iran. What we were not told then, but this action story shows - is that four of those agents were captured by Iran, who would hide that from the media. (like they had done with an Israeli Pilot Ron Arad about twenty years ago.)
The plot entangles, while Mossad captures- not by its own plot or smart initiative – the Iranian President and his Team, flying to Syria, to check the real situation of Assaad’s regime there. Iranian brave citizens, whose sole aim is to get out of the dictatorial, autocratic and boastful regime- leave their country by the plane of the President,(two of them are the pilot and navigator) and succeed to rescue themselves, while Mahmoud Binajad (literary pseudonim of Ahmadinajad, the real actual president) inside. The Israelis are embarrassed by that.
They would curse and warn the West from Iran’s intentions to destroy Israel and the whole western civilization, but cannot even cut a finger from ‘Binajad’, fearing the media and int’l shouts. Even after finding soon, that the president, (‘the bird in our cage’- as they say) has a Duplicate successor in Teheran, they try to poersuade the ‘Now Dummy’ one- “to recognize Israel’s right to exist’ because he had many times denied, that Jewish Shoah/Holocaust had happened at all. At last they release their toughest enemy- even not able to get from him the captured Mossad men that the Iranians hold.
Not only the quirky-surprising plot is what makes this story thrilling: The shrewd and smart dialogues attract your attention, and also the feeling of watching ‘a partly pop-corn film’ having popular wisdom inside- but that is balanced by strong, itching smart scenes, which remove the mask from the Iranian Regime’s boastful men, who shutter in prison, and would ‘recognize Israel’s right to exist’ if really threatened.
But the last paragraph of this story is the most realistic description regarding Israel: “it is awful to think about a nation like Israel, which is more made of spirit and virtue – than of an existing and real and living entity, composed of material and energy, which is leading a democratic small state… where its leaders all the time dangle on the abysmal verge - between trial and error.”
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