The Anunnaki/Illuminati Nemesis

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The Anunnaki on Nibiru and the human cartel "The Illuminati on Earth attempt to keep us in bondage from the beginning of time until the present day. This science fiction novel covers their incarnations during important historical time lines of Earth. The imagery tempts the reader to view some historical aspects with an entirely different perspective. More

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Published: Sep. 11, 2012
Words: 99,090
Language: English
ISBN: 9781301155088
About Joan Adamak

Fifty years ago, I resided in the beautiful, forested mountains in the NE corner of the State of Washington. In 1960, I joined a small cell of metaphysical seekers in our area, a growing phenomenon in the US, and studied for three years. In 1981 I moved to Seattle, WA and attended metaphysical classes twice weekly for the next ten years. During that time, I compiled a booklet entitled "Atlantis: Fact or Fiction" based on recall by the students had in one of my classes. That story is now available on my website:

In 1982, I self-published an e-book entitled "Manna for the Millennium." A few years ago I joined my psychic friend, Daeryl Holzer, in researching the aspects of death, encompassed in the e-book "Lifting the Veils of Death." "Manna for the Millennium" is my e-book metaphysics 101 and e-book "Infinite Realities" is the result of my latest research.

I am now trying my hand at writing fiction, of which the first is my Kindle e-book "Phillipa and the Big Scot," a historical romance novel set in the 1880s, beginning in Boston and ending in the Oregon territory. I am presently working on a science fiction novel entitled "The Anunnaki/Illuminati Nemisis."

I review books and products for Amazon Vine and I also do free book reviews for those authors who contact me at You may also contact me at that site for any questions or comments. I have two blog sites: and

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Review by: R. Clint Peters on Oct. 25, 2012 : star star star star star
The first author I discovered after I graduated from comic books was Robert Heinlein. He introduced me to new concepts and ideas I had not explored before. I have now discovered that same newness of ideas and concepts in the work of Joan Adamak, and her novel, The Annunnaki/Illuminati Nemeses

The Annunnaki/Illuminati Nemeses was the first book in the metaphysical genre I have attempted to read. Initially, I had some problems with the concepts, but eventually, the book became a page turner.

The novel introduces us to the Anunnaki, a group intent on controlling the universe in general, and this world in particular. Using teleportation, the heroine was able to travel backward and forward in time to investigate how man was manipulated by the Anunnaki.

I am especially impressed that the novel is presented from the first person perspective, which is extremely difficult to do in fiction.

The story allows the reader to become a part of the narration, to feel the events that have occurred and are occurring. This is a highly recommended work.
(reviewed within a month of purchase)

Review by: Whit Gentry on Oct. 06, 2012 : star star star star star
WOW ! What a story. I purchased the ebook on I haven’t read Science Fiction in 50 years, but I never miss Star Wars or Star Track. I have never read a metaphysical story. Why would I purchase something I don’t read? The cover caught my attention (as it should), and then I read the synopsis—this was far beyond anything I had ever read. Boy oh boy was I glad I bought it for $2.99 because I got a lot more entertainment than $2.99.

As I whizzed through this story, I thought I was reading a story written by two authors, Dan Brown (Da Vinci Code) and James A. Michener. Writing in first person, which is very difficult for fiction, Ms. Adamak sets the stage about a secret group called the Illuminati. She sets the hook for the reader my making a commitment to discover who these people are and what their plan is for the world.

This is where you should grab your arm rest and hold on. Ms. Adamak will take you out of this world literally and then start tracking the development of the planet Earth and the creatures who lived there (Michener style). This story had to take hundreds of hours to research to get events, people, timing, and the plan of the Anunnakis. Some folks may be offended by the actions which do not exactly mirror Biblical history, but you must realize you’re reading fiction. She did a great job in keeping events in the timing as we understand it today. Who knows when a new discovery could change our current thoughts of the past.

I highly recommend this story to those with a creative imagination and curiosity of who we are.
(reviewed within a month of purchase)

Review by: Lilian Gafni on Oct. 01, 2012 : star star star star star
Review by: Lilian Gafni
This original and enjoyable novel on teleportation, astral projection and out-of-body experience with extrasensory perception, examines an alien culture arriving on earth and establishing themselves as rulers over humankind.

The protagonist, or narrator, and her friend Ruby watch a TV report on prominent Illuminati conducting clandestine rituals in northern California's redwoods. The reporter goes on to declare that these men will establish some day a New World Order to control the earth.

Intrigued by this scene, the protagonist who has studied paranormal and metaphysics, decides to further investigate the mystery surrounding these powerful figures. She suspects a connection between the Illuminati earthlings and the Anunnaki, an alien race having landed on earth in the past from their planet Nibiru in search of gold. These aliens interfered with humankind since dawn, and genetically manipulated and inseminated earthlings with their own Anunnaki seed. Their purpose was to create slaves to mine the gold badly needed on their planet Nibiru.

With Ruby's help, she uses astral travel to teleport herself in another dimension. From that point on, she travels back in time when the earth was in its explosive phase of volcanoes spewing fire and ashes. She's also able to move forward in time and through the Andromeda constellation to zoom in on the planet Nibiru. While merging with others through their astral energy flow, a whole world is revealed to her where the Anunnakis live with Ancient of Days gods, a Triumvirate Ruling Council and using energy through crystals. These crystals work by catching "rays of the sun, and activating a carbon deposit in small receiving devices placed on every vehicle and building."

As she acquires knowledge of civilizations that visited earth in the past, the narrator learns that she must interfere before the earth is taken over by aliens in the present. She means to put a stop to the Anunnakis reappearing through biblical characters to brainwash their unsuspecting victims in playing a role for them. The earth is in danger and only her help will put a stop to it.
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Review by: Ashley Fontainne on Sep. 21, 2012 : star star star star
This novel was passed along to me by the author for an honest review. I would like to mention how incredibly honored I was when I received that request. Ms. Adamak is a prolific author and a highly sought after reviewer in her own right, so to have her ask me to review her work was, and still is, a humbling experience!

Ms. Adamak explores the source of evil that has plagued our world since man first appeared in a very unique way. The fictional story is told through the eyes of a woman that lives in our present time that possesses the ability to travel back in time through the use of astral projection. Her lofty goal is to determine where humanity not only began, but when we turned upon each other and why. Her hope is that if she discovers the roots of the past, the present can be altered for the betterment of all mankind.

In classic science fiction style, the reader is introduced to alien life forms from the planet Nibiru, known as the Anunnaki, through the psychic linking of the traveler with different entities throughout various time periods during the history of Earth. What the woman discovered was quite a fascinating account of how the appearance of man came to be, as well as gods, religion and sin, the true identity of the Illuminati and the highly intelligent otherworldly beings that control our fate behind the scenes.

The story is well written and holds your interest as it takes you through the major historical events that have occurred, putting a twisted spin on the evils of human society. The great thing about this book, besides the vivid imagery and exquisite storytelling, is that even if you have strong religious beliefs that don't mesh with this interpretation of world events, the words will keep you captured until the very last sentence.
(reviewed the day of purchase)

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