The Global Protestant Nation, Rescuing Its Multitude of Souls from Purgatory

According to the Global Protestant Nation ‘once you are saved, you are always saved’, thus declaring purgatory a myth. This idea came from of the leader of the Protestant Nation Martin Luther, not the Bible. Divine revelation says we must atone for our sins in purgatory before we ascend into heaven. So if the Protestant Nation doesn’t believe in purgatory, where are the protestant souls? More

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About Richard J. O'Brien

Richard J. O’Brien
Student of Purgatory
Friend of Protestant Souls
Foe of False Witness

Richard J. O’Brien, a Roman Catholic by infant baptism, education and practice, has studied the formation of Protestant and Protestant-like Christian faiths largely influenced by Martin Luther. Due to this research, he considers himself a more examined Roman Catholic and better-rounded Christian.

Among his discoveries is that: the Protestant assemblage of churches and peoples is the only such faith entity in the world known to abandon its faithful dead at death to suffering in purgatory, without supplying them with perpetual prayers and suffrages for their relief and sooner release to heaven. (See Bibliography: Nageleisen 1982, pp 14-17) This is because the reformers, unsuspectingly, were badly influenced by Satan, and came to teach as their own that there is ‘no punishment for sin’, ‘no purgatory’, and ‘no need for prayers for the dead’; just ‘heaven-immediate upon death’ … and certain other wonderful-sounding, but corrupt, Salvation teachings.

Richard’s concern is that, while the Protestant reformers had legitimate complaints, their lack of a sufficiently thorough examination of purgatory before ‘abolishing it’ was a blunder, one that has caused immeasurable individual suffering to its souls in purgation ever since.

One 25-year generation is a frightfully long time for this spiritual holocaust to have gone on, let alone twenty (500 years)! But no Protestant leader Richard is aware of has been able to implement any widespread lasting curative action. Not that many haven’t tried over the years – only to run repeatedly into the dreadful and wrong –

‘Protestant Code of Silence’:
‘The Reformation – may it always be right.
But right or wrong – the Reformation!’

Our writer has now stepped up with his book and unique leadership to inform the Global Protestant Nation of churches and peoples (his term) of their dire situation and prospects, and to guide them out of their un-Godly Salvation injustices.

Richard had a 25-year career in the military including tours of duty in Vietnam, and spare-time elective service as National Commandant of the Marine Corps League veterans (1974-75). He has written historical articles for Marine Corps and Marine Corps League magazines. Congress re-published his article, The Marine Corps League: A History of the First 50 Years, 1923-1973, in the Congressional Record.

Our author holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in History (Ole Miss ’56), and a Master of Public Administration degree in City Management (UMass ’81).

His retirement years have given Richard the freedom to address his lifelong concerns over the Salvation of Protestants, woefully in jeopardy from the error-filled Salvation teachings of the reformers and their leader/followers. While God loves us all greatly, He hates the slogans and practices Protestant churches have adopted in contravention to His will.

Richard fears that (by his estimate), untold millions of Protestant souls have already senselessly, been lost in hell, so entrenched is Satan in your man-made teachings and doings; and that hundreds of millions more, thought to have been in heaven, have actually been in purgatory all along, suffering there for the atonement still due to the Justice of God for their forgiven (but not yet atoned-for) sins; and this is the direct result of the very proud, man-conceived teaching (among others) of: ‘We don’t pray for our dead!’

All this has gone on with little or no help from you, their people on earth, ignorant of your perpetual obligation to help your dead, the knowledge of which was stolen from your ancestors and trashed by the reformers. This happened when they discredited God’s (inconvenient to them!) Communion of Saints, of which all peoples on earth are a part, in spite of the reformers impossible (without force) declarations to the contrary.

The present day leaders of your churches, inheritors of the reformer’s false Salvation teachings, further perpetuate their ways.

And Richard reproaches them ...
“You are accountable for what you teach.
Get it right … or get out of the pulpit!”

Read The Global Protestant Nation, Rescuing Its Multitude of Souls from Purgatory (this book), for information and guidance. Talk it up! Don’t delay on changing what is wrong to what is right. God wants us all for heaven. Get it right, and do it His way. The United Nations tells us that, every day, some 25,000 Protestants die in the world. That’s over 1,000 an hour. Don’t let anyone or anything keep you from saving your soul now. And pray every day and always for each other, and for your living, your dying and your dead, wherever they may be located, even those far off in time, yes, even those to the end of the world.

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