Prince of Bryanae

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After over a century of service, the elven soldier Willow has buried her past so deeply that even she has forgotten it. But it hasn't forgotten her. Now old enemies have found her and have kidnapped the Prince of Bryanae before her very eyes! Considered by most of Bryanae to be a coward, Willow must confront her fears and plunge headlong into the heart of the enemy empire to rescue the Prince. More

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About Jeffrey Getzin

Jeffrey Getzin graduated from Clark University where he won the Loring Holmes and Ruth Dodd Drama Contest for an original one-act play. He has a master's degree in Computer Science from the University of Pittsburgh. Jeffrey currently develops software for Google in New York City, and lives in New Jersey with his long-time girlfriend Kate and a seemingly infinite number of cats.

Jeffrey is a lifelong practitioner of various martial arts, and currently holds a blue belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu under world-renown Mixed Martial Arts fighter Renzo Gracie. He has competed in table tennis at the national level. Jeffrey is an avid film and home theater buff. Also, his mother says he is very handsome.

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Review by: Megafamilies on April 14, 2014 : star star star star star
This is the book that made me a fan of Jeffrey Getzin's writing. I found it nearly impossible to put it down. "Prince of Bryanae" provides readers with a fascinating journey into a world of adventure, courage, magic and romance. Do yourself a favor, get a copy and discover why so many people are talking about Jeffrey Getzin's debut novel.
(reviewed the day of purchase)

Review by: Scotti Cohn on April 14, 2014 : star star star star star
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book from cover to cover, thanks to superb world-building, nonstop action and suspense, an imaginative setting, and strong, memorable characters. I read a lot of fantasy, and Prince of Bryanae kept me engaged and intrigued as well as (or better than) anything I've ever read.
(reviewed the day of purchase)

Review by: Connie J Jasperson on April 13, 2014 : star star star star star
"Discipline. It was the most important word in Willow's vocabulary." This is the opening line of one of the best fantasy books I've read all summer, and I read a lot of them. The story begins with Willow, an elf and Captain in the King's Guard, and who is in the service of the royal family of Bryanae. Willow's life has taken a sudden turn for the bad, and it's about to become even worse. She is beset by problems she has no control over, and no matter how much discipline she applies to the situation, it keeps spiraling out of control. She's attracted to Captain Snyde, an arrogant man she despises but whom she inexplicably desires against her own wishes. To top it off, she refuses to admit she is in love with Private Tamlevar, a good, decent man who is in love with her and whose loyalty to her is unswerving.

From moment of the opening line, the action begins, and it is nonstop up to the final page. Willow is unfairly demoted, her despised mother shows up and Vazerian, the prince she is supposed to be guarding, gets kidnapped and she is frozen in place, unable to stop it, leaving her open to accusations of cowardice. Those are the better parts of the week. Willow's life as she knows it over, and all the discipline she has spent her very long life developing can't keep it from going to hell. Terribly injured and now on the run, only discipline keeps Willow from completely breaking under the onslaught of bad luck - discipline and Private Tamlevar who has insisted on following her.

Ultimately, Willow finds herself risking her life for the country which had turned its back on her, choosing to attempt to rescue the kidnapped Prince of Vazerian, even though she no longer has any authority. Willow's quest to save the prince takes her to the last place she ever wanted to be, and in the process she and Tamlevar discover what really happened, both in the past and in the present and who is really behind the death and destruction of everything and everyone Willow ever loved.
I am glad to say, I suspected all along things were not as they appeared with a certain character, but the final revelations took even me by surprise. As I said before, this is a complex tale of action, reaction and the repercussions actions taken frequently have.

Add the relentless action to the emotional roller-coaster which runs through all of Willow's and Tamlevar's adventures and you have tale which is incredibly intense and which completely captivated me. This is most definitely a five-star adventure, the sort I am always looking for but only rarely stumble upon.
(reviewed the day of purchase)

Review by: Patricia Adams-Wright on April 13, 2014 : star star star star star
I was well out of my comfort zone with this book, never having read one from this genre before. I was more than pleasantly turned out to fabulous! It has something for everyone....elves, magic, unrequited love, murder and mayhem, all wrapped up in a cracking tale and characters you can route for and others you can hate with a passion. Well done, Mr Getzin. I shall be reading more of yours!
(reviewed the day of purchase)

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