Hidden Bible Taboos Forbidden By Organized Christianity (A Se7en Dimensional Guide to the Ancient Path Way and The Underground Church)

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Jesus said, "For everything that is HIDDEN will eventually be brought into the open, and every SECRET will be brought to Light,"(Mk. 4:22)
Have you ever wondered about the Mysteries of God’s wisdom or the secret to knowledge? Jesus condemned the religious leaders of his day for taking away This remarkable article anthology may have accidentally uncovered the “Key to Knowledge,”(Lk. 11:52). More

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About Dr. James Slobodzien

Jim Slobodzien is a Hawaii licensed Clinical Psychologist and Certified Substance Abuse Counselor. Dr. Slobodzien's credentials include a Doctorate of Psychology in Clinical Psychology from the American School of Professional Psychology, Argosy University, Honolulu, HI. (1995), a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of Northern Colorado Greeley, CO, (1982), and a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice from Chaminade University Honolulu, HI. (1980). He completed Post-Graduate Education at the Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation: Westminster Theological Seminary in Laverock, Pennsylvania (1985). He also holds a Doctorate of Ministry degree from the International Seminary in Orlando Florida (1985). In addition, he is credentialed by the National Registry of Health Service Providers in Psychology, and is an Internationally Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor. Dr. Slobodzien has over 25 years of public service and mental health experience. He has primarily worked in the fields of alcohol/ substance abuse and poly-behavioral addictions in hospital, court and correctional settings. He has taught graduate level psychology courses as an adjunct professor of Psychology and has also maintained a private practice as a mental health consultant. For the past 20 years, Dr. Slobodzien has been employed as a Military Psychologist providing services to our active duty war veterans.

More importantly, after being raised as a Catholic, and while serving in the military, Jim had a Christian conversion experience in 1977, and he was led to a family-home church model of Christianity where he was taught “The Way” to follow Jesus as a life-style apart from any organized religions of Christianity. This unique training and experience of spending time with Jesus in the Family-home Church has guided his study of the Bible for the last 35 years. He has also suffered the abuse of pastoral power in the “Chuck Smith” Calvary Chapel franchise that teaches the cult-like Moses‘ Church government model. This has given Jim compassion for the unchurched, those caught up in the web of religious addiction, and the victims of spiritual abuse and religious extortion of our present day Organized Religion of Christianity. After all, the Bible tells us that Jesus hated the teachings of the Nicholaitans (organized religion), and that the Early Church in an effort to avoid the former pagan practices of building religious temples and financially supporting a specialized professional priesthood, went house to house planting Family-home Churches to reach unbelievers and fulfill the Great Commission.

Jim hopes to inspire others to know, understand, and follow the traditions of the first century Early Church as taught by Jesus and the Apostles and revealed in the New Testament Bible. Dr. Slobodzien has authored several "self-published" books and many articles including, “Christian Psychotherapy & Criminal Rehabilitation: An Integration of Psychology and Theology for Rehabilitative Effectiveness,” “Poly-behavioral Addiction and the Addictions Recovery Measurement System (ARMS), and “Hawaii and Christian Religious Addiction: A Survey of Attitudes Toward Healthy Spirituality And Religious Addiction Within Christianity.” Dr. Slobodzien has also developed the 7 Dimension Addiction Treatment Model that has been recognized by the Joint Commission in there leading practices library as a best practice in the medical field of addictions. In addition, Jim is a classic hard rock and roll enthusiast and guitarist, and enjoys motorcycle riding.

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Hidden Bible Taboos Forbidden By Organized Christianity
Have you ever wondered about the Mysteries of God’s wisdom or the secret to knowledge? Jesus condemned the religious leaders of his day for taking away the “Key to Knowledge,” (Luke 11:52). This remarkable article anthology may have accidentally uncovered some of these ancient mysteries that are now considered TABOO - to help you to read and really understand the Bible. A Must Read!

Everything in Seven Dimensions...A New Religious Perspective
For many, the most potent religious truths are virtually inaccessible—these are principles by which we merely hope to guide ourselves through a complicated and frustrating world in an effort to live well and treat others fairly and with compassion. What if wisdom is not as it seems, not as it has been taught? What if we had the means to comprehend the knowledge and wisdom of God?

Ode to Babylon - Carl N. Hull
Have you ever wondered...Why the creator of the Universe would have anything to do with "Organized Religion" that has historically caused thousands of years of hate, hostility, fear, corruption, greed, moral decay, abuse of spiritual authority, the Inquisitions, the Holy Wars, and the torture and death of millions of men, women and children? This video captures the history of "Christian Religion."


Carla Biggins reviewed on Jan. 14, 2016

I will start by saying this is a wonderful book that I liked much more than I was expecting to! I have read several books on theology and sometimes I get the sense that most are just recycling old information. Well, for this book it seems like I read a lot of new ideas presented in a new way. The content was mostly new to me and laid out in a simple way that is well-written and very easy to follow. James Slobodzien uses his extensive expertise to share his insightful, if not controversial, interactive take on certain elements of religious doctrine and its many – often secretive— roles in society and how it influences human events. Some parts are more interesting than others, some were too ‘dry’ and esoteric for my tastes, but overall it is fast paced, informative, and easy to read… at times impossible to put down! I recommend this book, “Hidden Bible Taboos…” to anyone who wants to attain greater spiritual awareness and see a different side of Christian beliefs that you maybe haven’t realized before. Read it with an open mind and you will be impressed.
(reviewed 25 days after purchase)
ElizaB9988 reviewed on Jan. 6, 2016

if you are looking for a terrific book on how learn more about Christian beliefs and look at some passages of the Bible in a new, brave way, then I would definitely recommend this book. The author James Slobodzien such a great writer and teacher, he communicates directly in simple terms. I thought it was really interesting the way he would cover certain topics that we might not even think about and then put them in a new light- even simple things like Easter… not to mention the more complex ideas of War, Sex, Satan, Idolatry, etc, etc, etc… Gives a very ‘well-rounded’ approach that is practical and relatable to everyday readers, not just those who are really religious or even highly trained in church doctrine. He clearly explains his ideas and positions and supports his beliefs in an impressive and comprehensive manner, Chock-full of great ideas, analyses, and wisdom applicable to almost anyone with any interest in Christianity. Highly recommend.
(reviewed 17 days after purchase)
CodyB77 reviewed on Jan. 5, 2016

whether you are an expert and well-versed in Church doctrine or just starting out, this book by James Slobodzien is an invaluable source of information. The way Mr. Slobodzien writes clearly and simply defines specific problems and lays out his interpretations and connections to our lives makes this a must-read if you are serious about having the most information and educating yourself about the Bible and its many secrets.. Obviously not every person will think that everything written here is true, depending on your belief system. But there is plenty of specific beneficial information here that is inspiring and thought- provoking. I highly recommend it, and even if you aren’t a Christian it is a heck of a read that can give great insight and teach more about some of the lesser known aspects of this great religion.
(reviewed 16 days after purchase)

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