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You can learn to talk, listen to and understand Jesus' voice just as you learned to understand your parents' voice. Wouldn't it be strange if the Creator of everything couldn’t talk? Or couldn’t hear? Thankfully, the Lord is neither deaf nor dumb and wants to talk with us! In fact -as most parents do- He can hardly wait until we are able to chat with Him. Find out how to in Talk With Jesus! More
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About Juseb Torie

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Small time writers as I am are often tempted to use big words, but the real test of our beliefs and talk is what we do and not just what we say, as Jesus proved with His own life and blood!...
... I wish I would be more like Him.

I share an indie view of Christianity based on the light of Jesus' words and deeds, plus some of my own few experiences in that context. I don't belong to any particular group or organization.

Really, I write for a 'dying'. Once I finish what I have to learn about this life and hopefully what I would like to write about Jesus, I can go Home.

Looking forward to seeing you there too... someday!

Juseb’s Quest
I think I should tell you a little about my life, how I got to be the way I am, and where my ideas came from. First of all, I want to tell you about my quest.

My quest is also an open invitation to join forces to find and defend the truth, no strings attached! In the meantime, whether with others or alone, I will continue to follow the path of my teacher, master, savior and dearest ‘bestest’ friend, Jesus, who taught that the meek will inherit the earth and that love, wisdom and justice will cover it as the waters cover the seas. You are welcome to read on, if you are interested.

My quest begins that day I was standing on a high cliff by the ocean, and I decided to jump. (That isn’t my quest, BTW, just chapter 22 of my life). By then, I had lost all interest and passion for life. I had been successful in art biz (considerably for my age, at 22) and in love (got lots of it) and I was left wondering whether there was anything beyond that. Was that all that life could offer? To accumulate pats on the back, applause, things, experiences and pleasures until we depart this earth? Was that all the world and life have to offer? And if the ‘success’ I have gotten so far and the far out life I have led didn’t satisfy, could more of it satisfy? If there was more beyond those ‘achievements’, what was it? I couldn't find the answer!

Just before taking that final bad step someone, out of the blue, showed up and without me saying a word, told me this, ‘Sometimes you feel as if nothing really matters, as if there is nothing left to find or to live for, but don’t give up, the answer is all around you!’ The stranger of clear eyes turned around and left me there –perplex, not being able to even utter a word of thanks or a question- and went back and sat under the shade of a tree and continued to read a book.

I could neither jump, nor go back to the stranger and ask: What answer? I found, instead, a set of steps carved on the rock and descended to the sea shore of the Pacific Ocean –what it should have been by then my landing strip, some 60 yards below where I have been standing when the stranger spoke to me. As I sat on one of the stones by the sea, I discovered that I was surrounded by life. Hurried crabs crisscrossed the surface of the rocks, under a rain of surf breaking on them. Jellyfish thrown to the shore by the powerful waves, lay there as hopelessly as I felt –I thought- perhaps waiting for another wave to take them back to their sea. They were like a living mass of transparent, breathing substance, waiting. Seagulls floated in the wings of the same wind that seemed to entice the waves to soak my clothes and my long curly hair. My fascination grew by the minute. Who or what was taking care of all these marvels and creatures? What was their purpose to be there and what was my purpose? I had to find out!

A few hours later, as the sun was setting in the west, I was heading east, back to a small resort town near the ocean. I looked back at intervals hoping to see the silhouette of the stranger again, but was nowhere to be found. The town was a meeting point of young travelers –like I was-, surfers, backpackers, and a number of curious locals trying to understand what had taken over their once tranquil paradise on earth.

To make this short, it was no long after that experience that I got in touch with Jesus, and He answered all those questions I used to have and many more. The simple bottom-line answer was to receive His love and spread it as much as one could. In the end, I left those few things I have not left yet, including my past, and launched into a journey that have taken me to live in a number of countries in several continents. My quest was –and still is- to share with those interested to know the love and life I have found, and how they could find it too, especially with those that have never had a chance to know about Jesus. The more I shared, the more I learned and the more I found a great spiritual
freedom and zest for life.

Then, after many years, a newer added quest knocked at the doors of my life. The quest is to help people who already believe in God and in a Creator not to be ashamed of their faith, specifically, when they talk about creation, science and the amazing universe He has made for us. It started when someone loaned me a book called the ‘Case for a Creator’, by Lee Strobel. The book is brilliant and I admired the way it was written. I read some of his other books and I found them equally enlightening and refreshingly intelligent. I imagined that he was having a great impact on many who, as he had also done, have looked down on faith or in the words of Jesus, as if they were only for uneducated, non-intelligent persons. I also imagined that his type of readers would have found in his writings much more than I have found, as I already have found Jesus in my youth.

I have suggested Strobel’s books to many who, as he was, were struggling between believing either man or God, between believing the universe was born out of the chaos of an explosion and annihilations or it was carefully, lovingly and wisely designed. Many have thanked me over and over for the tip. Obviously, they found truth in those pages, as well as intelligent encouragement to try by themselves the words of Jesus, that bring wisdom, intelligence, peace, love and life in abundance.

However, I was surprised to find that many of the comments online from people raving about how much Strobel’s work had helped them, were from people who have known God or about Jesus for years. Yet, until reading his books they hadn’t found the answers to intellectual questions and points that Strobel made so clear. That helped me to realize that many people who believe in God were struggling about whom to believe, the media and their former ‘science’ teachers and books in school, or the Scriptures they have been in contact with for years. Those people –unlike Strobel- have believed in Jesus, either from their upbringing or from their Christian traditions.

Since that time, I started writing down the thoughts I had about our beautifully designed and intelligent universe. The pages multiplied, as I added many of the contradictions I have found -and keep finding- in the often irrational narratives circulating and being marketed in the make-believe world of non-intelligent ‘accidental modern’ science, specifically about the Western born narratives of evolution and the ‘Standard’ Model of cosmology.

Hence, my original quest expanded to also help believers in God in their struggle against those who believe that everything we experience is a meaningless accident born of chaos and guided by the need to eliminate the weaker and the unfit. I decided to help to identify the signature of the infinite loving force and Creator who guides the universe. Eventually, those notes became the ebook: ‘Brainy Universe… and You?’

I welcome you to also join the quest of discovering and offering an intelligent view of the universe that shows the beauty of it, the advanced intelligent design in it and the magnificent purpose for it to those who believe in God and to those who don’t, as long as they are open to see.

This quest has many powerful antagonists, including, many among those who control vast resources of the media and of the earmarked funds for scientific ‘research’ plus their clever-clever employees. They propagandize incessantly their non-intelligent, brutish and selfish agendas to defend their vested interests and cruel ‘scientific’ master-plan for humanity. They try to smash any opponent or dissenter with floods of propaganda and accusations 'of ‘believing myths and legends and fairy tales’. I beg to differ. They obviously haven’t stopped to think carefully about their own narrative and sci-fi so-called ‘valid and accepted’ scientific explanations!

I am not calling you to join any group or association, neither fund-raising campaigns, of which I represent none and offer none, but to join in the search for the truth at any cost and by defending it and spreading it, so that those who are also searching for it can find it. I believe we can do more together, by sharing our findings and search for truth!
I know many will be able to contribute better, higher, more intelligent and more loving answers than my claims and –in any case- a better and more intelligent and scientific way than the claims of the big-dog-eat-small-dog philosophy, and their claim that the cruelest, the more brutish; the more evil will conquer and keep the earth for their inheritance.

I offer you these ideas and ideals and call you to rise up and fight bravely and intelligently for your faith.

Sincere regards,


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