Creeper; A Short Horror Story

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In this chilling scary story with a twist, Carter Lowe is a young businessman in his prime, whose life and sanity are challenged when a masked stranger with a bloody knife appears everywhere he goes. More
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About Brandon Grant

Brandon Grant, whose real name is Brandon Giltz, spent the first eight years of his life in small-town Farmville, VA before a move to Virginia Beach shook his world. His first two years in the city where rough; a neighborhood bully pulled apart his confidence and knocked him off of his spiritual path both at school and home.

Beginning middle school, however, was a turning point in the future author's life. He rekindled a lost love for reading and learning, and this time with it came a passion for writing. At the age of 12, Brandon wrote his first full-novel. Within a year, it was published under the pseudonym, Brandon Grant. Following its publication were a series of short stories and later spiritual self-help books.

Brandon knew his books were only the beginning of his work. A year after feeling the initial call to starting an Interfaith ministry, he became ordained by the Universal Life Church in January 2014, soon after, he began working in interfaith ministry.

Aside from writing, Brandon enjoys reading, playing flute, laughing, and making YouTube videos.

You can contact Brandon by sending an email to and receive updates via Twitter (@BranGrant) or Facebook.

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Review by: Lee Ashford on April 10, 2013 :
“Creeper, A Short Horror Story” by Bran Glitz begins with a wealthy young man showing early signs of mental instability, or even insanity. His morning newspaper carried a story about a woman who was murdered not far from where he lives. Throughout the story, and throughout his day, this young man experiences a series of bizarre, frightening hallucinations: he keeps seeing a scary looking man, whom he believes must be the killer. At one point he even saw some kind of wizard – a man in a long robe, carrying a magic wand – walking down the street. On his drive home he sees the “murderer” frequently, walking or standing, holding a bag with a human-sized ‘something’ in it. Arriving at his home, he sees the “murderer” on his front porch! Really freaking by now, he sneaks around to the back of his house, enters through an unlocked window, and goes to bed. He turns on the television, and the “murderer” appears on it, walking slowly toward him, carrying his bag of body parts! Then his doorbell rings. Throughout the evening his doorbell rings and rings and rings, eventually tapering off to nothing. I must stop here, or this review will completely spoil the story for you. Suffice it to say, this was one bizarre piece of writing, with an ending that will absolutely take you totally by surprise! Take a few moments and read this short. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.

NOTE: I would only give this 4 stars, but the "star" feature was locked at 5 stars. Just so you know.
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Review by: Georgia on Feb. 1, 2013 :
An enjoyable quick read. Loved, loved the twist at the end.
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Review by: Michelle Birbeck on Nov. 20, 2012 :
I’m glad this was a short story, as the only thing I enjoyed about it was the twist at the end. The way the twist was done was fantastic, it really made the story. However, having said that, the unevenness of the writing really let it down.

Some of the sentences just didn’t make sense, and the constant capitalisation of ‘he’ made me think I was reading some kind of religious text. There was also an issue that it read more like a report of an event rather than an actual story.

Having said that, for a quick read, and for free, you could do worse.
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Review by: Selena Faith on Oct. 27, 2012 :
Loved it!
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Review by: Frank Johnson on Oct. 6, 2012 :
This is a great, quick story to read over coffee in the morning. It has a plot that gets faster as it goes, eventually arriving at a climax with a twist I did not see coming. Good work Bran!
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Review by: Frank Johnson on Oct. 6, 2012 :
Great Story to read over Coffee in the morning. It gets faster as it goes and has a twist at the end that I did not see coming. I highly reccomend it.
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Review by: David Blake on Oct. 6, 2012 :
The writing in this is very uneven. Some parts of it read like a newspaper report, given the large amounts of background information provided in a very matter-of-fact style, yet here and there it is suddenly interrupted by detail that is minute and unnecessary, such as Carter fastening his tie, or putting a key into his car.

The story is imaginative but a little unbelievable. If you think a killer is lurking around outside your house, would you really take a sleeping pill and risk leaving yourself defenceless? There's obviously the suggestion that Carter is suffering from delusions, but this really needs to be brought out in his whole current situation - maybe he's under a lot of stress in both his work and his marriage, so that he's been on the verge of a mental breakdown
for some time and that the story he reads in the newspaper is just the tipping point.

Overall, this is a story that could be made to work but for me it needs completely re-writing, with greater emphasis on Carter's fragile state of mind and with much more work on showing details rather than telling them. Have the story start with Carter being woken by his alarm clock, rolling over and sadly stroking the empty pillow in the bed next to him whilst looking up at his wedding photo on the bedside table. That's enough to show he's used to his wife being there and now, for some reason, she suddenly isn't, without having to tell tell us how he was married recently and his wife's away visiting family and he's missing her morning routine etc etc. It also makes the readers wonder WHY his wife isn't there, making them want to read on. You shouldn't have to rely on teasers in the text ike "Although he didn't know it, Carter was about to come face to face with a monster..." to keep people reading.
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