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If you have an addiction that is taking over your life be it smoking, drugs, alcohol, gambling or something else than this little book is here to give you the tools and ideas you need to take it back. Based on the six years experience that I have had surrounded by the worst types of addicts imaginable, I Mikey Lee Ray am here to help. More
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About Mikey Lee Ray

Hi there, Mikey Lee Ray here. I've been passionate about my writing since I started working on my first novel 'Pandora's Market' (published under the name Matthew Schafer in 2006). Since then I've published two full length e-books on Smashwords the first being 'Confessions of a Gaming Attendant' a diary / fiction piece where the protagonist works in the gambling industry and 'How to Lose Money and Irritate People.' While the second e-book had a similar story line it was more comedy based and descends often into fantasy and farce whereas 'COAGA' is more serious.

I began writing LSD at the end of 2012 and am now in the process of editing and re-working the first issues so that we can re-release them and then continuing on with new ones once this is done. I hope that you will take a look at some of these stories as I pride myself on my unique writing style, perspective and life experience. I look forward to hearing your feedback if you have read something I've written. - Sincerely, Mikey

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Review by: Harry Maan on Feb. 28, 2018 :
Mikey traverses many subjects here and does so with a very unique style. His musings range from deep and philosophical to light-hearted and whimsical and more humorous but this book has a lot of heart in it. I believe it will be very helpful to people.
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Review by: Mel Murray on Feb. 25, 2018 :
Really well thought out and presented ideas and views on the subject of addiction, which is a tough one to write about. Well done.
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Review by: RockySlattery on Feb. 17, 2018 :
This books deals with addiction, but it is also a great all around self help books. It explains quite clearly many of the concepts found in some of the best self help books. I have read many books about substance abuse and self improvement, and I recommend this for just about anyone. Even if you are not struggling with substance abuse, there are so many negative behaviours that you may not even realise you need help with, for example struggling with self esteem, fear, anxiety, inability to mange time, and many other underlying problems that lead to substance abuse are addressed in this book. Thanks to the author for taking the time to offer help to all who need it.
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Review by: Angela Kaysen on Jan. 02, 2018 :
An interesting and insightful read here on the very serious subject of addiction. Having worked with literally hundreds of addicts and living with one for a very long time, I feel I am fully experienced to understand the crux of this subject. I have attended many an AA and NA meeting in my lifetime and understand the philosophy of the 12-Step Programs extremely well. It has helped many to overcome their addiction (s) be it alcohol or other drugs, gambling, obsessive compulsive disorders etc. These programs are not the complete answer for everyone as it is entirely up to the individual to make the change necessary to overcome the addiction that is destroying their lives and others in it. Invariably, if there is one person in the Family who is addicted to whatever it may be, many others within that Family and beyond (ie: friends) are truly affected in a very negative way. It does destroy lives and certainly minds.

Addiction is about LOSSES. There is very little to gain. I have facilitated many groups on this very subject and I ask clients to consider the GAINS and LOSSES - in every case the losses far outweigh the gains. Secondly, they wouldn't be sitting in a detox unit because their lives are fulfilled!! The Cycle of Change is a good example of how one can understand the theory of addiction and can actually use this theory in many aspects of their lives. Addiction is also about RELAPSES. Some will say it is a disease and needs to be treated on a daily basis like any other form of disease or as AA says - "DIS - EASE". Infact, it pays to go to an AA meeting just for the experience because they use a lot of cliches in their only get out of a meeting what you give in or prepared to take away with you. Certainly, it doesn't define the person as just being an "Alcoholic" comes through experience, strength and hope.

This subject has been spoken and written about for centuries. One wonders WHY people choose (or is it a choice some would argue?) to repeat the same behaviour expecting a different result? Another classic cliche of AA or even NA. It never ceases to amaze me how people with addictions will lie, steal and cheat their very loved ones for the sake of their next "buzz" as I like to call it - ultimately the thrill is gone in the end. Some will die trying to beat it. I have attended many a Funeral of young people and older who have died through misadventure or through killing themselves by their own addiction. I have also bear witness to people who are infact dying before my very eyes (health reasons mainly) and still they walk out those doors and pick up a drink or a drug knowing the end result.

Is there a cure? Mikey paints a picture where one can indeed find a cure by stepping out and LIVING life fully, to find experiences and enjoy the freedom one has to do so. I know what it feels like to lose that freedom and it hits HARD - there is no joy in losing your freedom and it certainly drives home the fact that no addiction is worth that loss. However, for some, a "rock bottom" could mean a loss of self respect/self-esteem and the ability to control one's mind fully ever again.

I agree that we live in a world now that is so horrifying at times and frightening that we are scared to even walk out our front doors for fear of being terrorised or abused or bombarded with consumerism that if you don't have the newest gadget or the various "I" this and that you are truly not living!! I only recently brought a new mobile phone 1 month ago after 10 years...some thought I was living in the dark ages...hmmph! I rarely watch TV or the News and I never buy newspapers. I have travelled to some Countries and I wish to travel some more and my motto in life is - CARPE DIEM! I live by this motto because I value my life and those in it. Make use of the opportunities because you never know when those opportunities will be snapped away from you.

I detest gaming venues and never understood why the State of Victoria decided to introduce them - I think it was NSW that had them initially? Pokie machines or what used to be the "One arm bandits" are just that - BANDITS! They will rob you blind and take your very life. The Government should hang their heads in shame. They tax you on booze, tobacco and other such things that keep the addicted - addicted and care less for an individuals life than they do for the $'s they make.

So, in closing, I thoroughly enjoyed this read and got alot from it. I think the subject of addiction is very complex though and is not as black and white as some may see it to be.

Thankyou Mikey, top effort!
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Review by: Kelly Colborn on Jan. 01, 2018 :
Funny and moving and serious all at once, really made me think. Covers a lot of issues and concerns in the modern world.
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Review by: Mitchell Laverton on Nov. 26, 2017 :
Both quirky and insightful it's a great read. Taking the time to argue with the author about points you may or may not agree with is to lose sight of the whole which is very positive indeed. Well done Mikey.
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Review by: Stuart Mulligan, Jr on Nov. 13, 2017 :
This isn't the kind of belly button gazing that a lot of famous authors write when they are 'introspective' this is actual soul searching and asking of the important questions. Whether or not you agree with the answers is up to you but I think this book brings up the most significant subjects.
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Review by: Christian Milan on Nov. 11, 2017 :
Has some really good things to say about very important topics, something I think we can all learn a lot from, I know I did.
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Review by: Lauren Hollander on Nov. 05, 2017 :
Makes for an interesting read, can't say I agree with some of his views but I respect the author for having the guts to talk about such a difficult topic.
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Review by: Michael Hunter II on June 26, 2017 :
Interesting take on a difficult subject, made all the better by the way the author discusses his own ways of dealing with it and his own struggles as well.
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Review by: abigail madison on Jan. 14, 2016 :
Insightful, entertaining and thought provoking, challenging as well I thought. A great read. Would definitely recommend it to people I knew.
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Review by: Brad Westfield on Dec. 12, 2012 :
Some very telling and biting comments about modern life, definitely a unique and new perspective on this subject, that being addiction. Made me think and question a lot of things.
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Review by: Elena Danes on Oct. 29, 2012 :
Greatly enjoyed the text, the author's views are cynical but in most places justifiably so and his brand of humor is just as sobering as any 12 step program. Nice job Mikey. :)
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Review by: Stewart Gillam on Oct. 28, 2012 :
Yes, definitely agree with the author in one respect, Mikey's views and ways of getting at the truth sure are a blunt instrument but when it comes to the subject of addiction really, can we afford to be anything other than blunt? Believable and helpful advice from someone who's clearly been through it himself.
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Review by: James Riddel on Oct. 28, 2012 :
Am not a Marilyn Manson by any means but Mikey's quotes here certainly do seem to fit the topic at hand. Good advice about the world in which we find ourselves today.
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Review by: Jennifer Dixon on Oct. 24, 2012 :
Knowing the author I feel I have a bit of an advantage over other readers so I know a little about what he was going through as he wrote this. It wasn't pretty but I think in this story something really good has at least come out of it and I can't urge the rest of you enough to read it. But modern life is great, all I need is my ipod and my songs and I'm happy as I work out or whatever. :)
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Review by: Chris Sier on Oct. 24, 2012 :
Definitely understand what Mikey is saying about modern life, people nowadays have no imagination so they resort to drugs to try to 'expand their minds' instead. Modern life and modern technology has a lot to answer for, it makes people fat, lazy and stupid. Mikey speaks bluntly but honestly about a serious problem. Five stars for the effort.
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Review by: Barbara Gorska on Oct. 22, 2012 :
Straight from the heart and based on experience. Good advice that will make you examine the way you think.
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Review by: Mitch Morgan on Oct. 16, 2012 :
At last we have a book that tackles addiction at its source – the individual’s own thoughts.
Mikey’s home-spun philosophy cuts through all the crap surrounding many addictions and leaves the reader with the realisation that there is something he or she can do about unwanted habits. His humour and interspersed quotes provide a welcome reality check and I particularly liked, “Addiction is a lie that promises something sweet and then becomes bitter in your mouth.”
A hard-hitting and practical book that is invaluable for anyone wishing genuinely to be free of a compulsion, without the stress of willpower, substitute chemicals or any other device that shifts responsibility away from the individual with the addiction.
A five star rating from me and highly recommended reading.
Complements and validates the views expressed in my own eBook "Quit Smoking For Intelligent People Only."
Well done Mikey!
Mitch Morgan.
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Review by: Rebecca Stafford on Oct. 16, 2012 :
It seems like this guy has really lived and seen and experienced things from this text. His life experience cuts through a biting and darkly satirical writing style on this most serious subject and gets to the heart of the matter, namely the modern day causes for addiction as well as the cures to the disease rather than just the symptoms. 5 stars, I am recommending this to everyone I know. Good work Mikey.
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