Getting to Galen

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Taj, an escaped bio-engineered super-soldier, taught her whole company to love. Separated from her friends she finds help and support, then spends many years searching for her mates and avoiding the weirdo sect Galen. Finally, by dropping bricks on his head, she finds Evan. It’s not a romantic reunion. But in Galen Taj finds her true self, captures Evan’s love, gets her special guys and much more. More
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About Lotta Bangs

I’m Aussie, way over 35, thankfully and very happily divorced, and have a wonderful daughter who very occasionally beta-reads for me. A few years ago we had 13 cats; we just lost another, so now only one of those remains. We have added 6 more over the years, including the sweet feral ragdoll which is my Facebook avatar. I generally prefer female cats, but have also had some magnificent males. I couldn’t live without cats, just wish their lives were longer.

I’m having a lot of problems adjusting to social media which doesn’t leave me enough time for writing and editing, so I won’t be expanding my web presence any time soon. If you want to know about NEW RELEASES and SPECIALS you will need to FRIEND ME ON FACEBOOK. I have announced coupons to get a new release free here, but apparently nobody reads author biographies.

Of course my books are what you are really interested in. Originally, I wrote a long continuous story, starting at Reacquaintance, told from Ro’s POV. Then when Ro disappeared for a year or so, I had to use Taj to fill in the gaps, and she proved so feisty and interesting, that I added in her back story, starting with Getting to Galen and continuing in The Deep End. After Thxx’s Story, the various POVs continue in the same stream.

I had to break up my huge tomes into installments that could be published separately as I finished editing them. I’m afraid my writing was quite stuffy at first, with convoluted 12- to 15-line sentences, turgid half-page paragraphs, and a lot of pompous pontification and personal political opinion which the story didn’t need. I had to rip out a lot before I could publish. I think the books are greatly improved now.

I was giving away my books for free for most of a year, hoping to develop a fan base quickly, but learned that people don’t value what is free. Though over 20K copies have been downloaded, very few seem to have been read, and even fewer have been reviewed. I was unlucky to attract an ill-wisher who thought it amusing to devalue every one of my few 5-star reviews. Perhaps that put off others from reviewing. Certainly, without good reviews, few readers cared to buy my books, so if you have enjoyed them, I really would appreciate a short review.

With the next book, The Power of Art, I will be doubling all my prices, so they’ll never be cheaper than they are now.

I believe that I am the only person writing Utopian books today, though mine are nothing like the political satires of yesteryear. My books are based on the power of love to bring out the best in everybody, to develop their souls and help them to evolve into higher beings.

Ro started Galen, and she, Taj and their men lead their people to make Galen a true Utopia which reaches out to the stars. Cat lovers will adore Brinna, my sentient sabretooth, though we have intelligent dogs and dinosaurs too.

Though you couldn’t call my series a space opera, I do have a space battle planned, probably the cutest ever written, but that is still a way off. I really will have to buckle down and get more books edited and published so I can write some more.

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Review by: Storm Chase on March 09, 2013 :
The author writes that this is a first effort, and it is a fine one. Think Dark Angel with elements of Universal Soldier and touches of Mary Gentle's Orthe series. There's plenty of plot, and the characters are interesting. Lotta Bangs has what it takes to write really good sci-fi, however, this is a first effort and it needs a bit more work. As it stands, it's a 3 star; it has potential to rate 5 stars. If there's a rewrite, I'd love to read it and rate it again. I'd also be interested to see Lotta Bangs future works.
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Review by: Beth Mulcahy on Dec. 18, 2012 :
Starts out promising then gets to be fast paced/rushed. At the end there was still some unanswered questions and also just felt weird. The beginning was nice paced but strongly reminded me of that tv series Dark Angel. After the main character Taj reconnects with Evan it feels like it goes downhill by becoming fast paced and confusing.
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Review by: Selena Faith on Oct. 26, 2012 :
(review of free book)

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