Dreams of the Queen (The Brajj 1)

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Stargate meets Aliens with a dash of Dr. Who.





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Functionally insane writer with military and medical experience. "So, I know how to draw blood, patch you up, and hide the evidence," she says with straight face.



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Cass is obsessed with creating a wormhole that will take her to the world haunting her dreams...

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Reviews of Dreams of the Queen (The Brajj 1) by Jacqueline Patricks

kimberly judd reviewed on Jan. 3, 2014

Dreams of the Queen is like a romantic dream turned nightmare.

I found the book to be alternately thrilling, romantic, stressful, disgusting, and horrific.

Dreams of the Queen is a sci-fi/time travel/horror/conspiracy/romance book. The story follows genius scientist Dr. Cassiopeia (Cass) Baros, and her journey through space and time. Plagued by dreams of an alien planet and its inhabitants, especially the handsome Brajj warrior Jeamon, she obsessively creates a worm hole that enables travel to this alien planet. From there events and characters quickly make a drastic change mostly for the worst, with the exception of the budding romance between Cass and Jeamon.

The book was written in both third person and first person point of view, switching between characters. You get to see how both the aliens and the humans see things, as well as the heroes/villains. I liked the idea of detailing how each character felt in a certain situation, but at times it also felt repetitive. Switching from a narrative view to first person view was also at times awkward.

The characters were well developed though some changed so drastically immediately after travelling through the wormhole (Cass, and Julian) as to be unbelievable, while others seemed to change very little.

I loved the descriptions of the Brajj race, and the alien world they found themselves on. I would be interested in reading more about the alien culture, and the planet itself. The zombies were also a nice addition. I also loved the military, especially Captain Lewis, and Jeamon.

I REALLY didn’t care for the very descriptive rape/murder scenes, and there were at least 3 rapes described in the book. I did not like most of the characters, although they were mostly believable. I am also a sucker for a happy ending, and Dreams of the Queen definitely did not offer that.

Overall it was a thrilling entertaining read. It is fast paced, but it is definitely not for the faint of heart.
(reviewed 11 days after purchase)
Isis Erb reviewed on Aug. 7, 2013

Though I was lucky enough to receive a copy of this book, my review is in no way influenced by the free receipt of this book.

An interesting book, we open to Dr. Cassiopeia Baros (Cass), her fiancée Dr. Julian Saunders (Julian), and several of their staff about to generate a Casimir Effect to create the only traversable wormhole known to mankind. Unfortunately for some reason things don't work, causing not only severe disappointment but also nerves, as everyone knows their funding will disappear in the blink of an eye. They have less than a week to fix things, all of the pressure resting on Cass.

After the stunning failure Cass takes off, eventually heading to see her therapist Louise to talk not only about the failure of her project but also to talk about her ever-present dreams. Dreams that happened so often they no longer even woke Julian when she had them. The dreams are always the same, a cavern which Cass recognizes though she's never been there, with chanting in the background, in a language that Cass doesn't recognize. But this past dream the night before had changed. In it she'd been in the cavern when someone spoke to her, calling her their queen. And she had looked into the face of the most beautiful man she had ever seen, except that he wasn't human. He had cat-like eyes and beautiful, long white hair.

Cass has Louise put her under, to see if they can make sense of the change in the dream. While under Cass comes to understand why generating a Casimir Effect had failed before. Julian finds her in the middle of the lab with parts scattered around her and grease on her hands, face, and lab coat. Though he is angry at her for disappearing since the failure the day before, he can't ignore her brilliance. He knows that though the project is "theirs" it is actually only Cass' in the design department, but Cass has no idea what Julian has done for her to secure their grant. And he wants to keep it that way for as long as he can.

After almost a full 24 hours of reworking the schematics, Cass is ready to run it again, this time knowing it will work. It works, all test coming back positive. The robot comes back showing that the atmosphere is almost the same as Earth's. It is time for the human team to go through, which is when the military team arrives & Cass finds out that all her funding was run from the military through MIT to her lab. She is shocked and feels betrayed by Julian who clearly knew about this long ago, but she buries her anger in the anticipation of finding out what her dreams have been trying to tell her all these years.

The party of twelve goes into the chamber in two groups of six, three scientists with three grunts. They arrive in a strange round rock chamber with no exits, but there is writing of some sort on the walls. One of the scientists begins work on deciphering it and when he touches one a door opens in the wall. They slowly move out to begin exploring, some worried, while others like Cass are thrilled. Cass was so excited everything worked that she didn't even notice the lack of pull from the wormhole on this end, something that flies in the face of basic and advanced physics.

While doing some basic exploring they come upon a room that holds a carving with a pool of crystal clear water at the base. The water is in constant motion gently spiking and eddying, catching the attention of the scientist in Cass. She is drawn to the water and feels compelled to take a sip. It is every bit as cool and refreshing as she expected it to be, with no immediate side effects. However she will collapse in a faint a short time later.

During all this Jeamon and his brajj team have been traveling from the city to the Sacred Chambers to meet the arriving queen. Unfortunately another group gets there first, and they arrive to find the queen and her party locked in battle with creatures known as the "inferiors." Luckily, the brajj arrive in time to assist the military with killing off the remaining inferiors. It is around this point that Cass faints.

Jeamon is utterly devoted to Cass, their queen. He'd had a vision of her before setting off on his journey to get her for Master. Master ruled the brajj and was thought to be the wisest, having lived hundreds of years;1 long before Jeamon was ever born. Subsequently it never even occurred to a brajj to question Master. As Master's right-hand man Jeamon had been honored above all others to be chosen to lead the party to bring back the queen. Which is why Jeamon is so conflicted when the queen awakes from her faint, only to see him and say "it's you" as if she too recognized him.

Jeamon fights his growing feeling for Cass as he knows she is meant for Master and the revitalization ceremony of Ta'mat, for Ta'mat is the source of all being for the brajj. Yet between Cass' behavior and his developing feelings Jeamon can't help but fall in love with their queen.

Aside from the main storyline of the attraction between Cass and Jeamon there are several other dynamics within the group. The question of how Cass can understand and speak brajj is a mystery to be solved. Julian's anger over Cass tossing him aside for Jeamon causes other problems, though Cass had already seen some of Julian's controlling side and wanted nothing to do with it long before Jeamon entered the picture. Not that Julian is willing to accept that. And the military team is suspicious of everything and everyone.

This story is fascinating. It begins a bit slowly, possibly because of the mundane location, but as the team arrives at the other end of the wormhole things pick up. The backstory has been built and the action begins. Very little is as it seems, and as answers are discovered you begin to see the true creativity that Ms. Patrick has infused this story with. The ending is nothing I'd envisioned or imagined, but it leaves plenty of room for the sequel, "Nightmares of the Queen." I wasn't particularly drawn to the story as described in the teaser, so I was very pleasantly surprised to find that I was drawn into the story to the exclusion of all around me, reading it cover to cover in one sitting.
(reviewed 8 days after purchase)
Paula Fetty-King reviewed on June 23, 2013

Dreams of the Queen was a great mix of si-fi and psychological thriller. I had a wonderful time reading this first installment, and if you like both of these genres, you will too. This will be a series to watch for. Any si-fi lover worth their salt knows the importance of a well placed wormhole through time and space ~ this book's got it! Um... a mad genius out for revenge and ultimate control ~ yes please! Inter species romance with some va-va-voom... yep it's in here! This was a fast paced story with strong characters. Cass is a wonderful lead woman who grows into herself so to speak throughout her adventure. Even the supporting characters have a depth to them that lend something to the story. The twists in the plot are not something I'm gonna give away, but trust me, the ending just leaves you with a certain dread and longing for the next book.
(reviewed 22 days after purchase)
Danielle Silva reviewed on March 8, 2013

I really liked this book. It had a very unique perspective that I
have not read before. The characters are believable, the story keeps you in suspense, and the ending was phenomenal. Definitely not how I expected it to end. There were a few spelling errors, but it didn't hinder my reading of the book.

DISCLAIMER: This book was gifted to me by the author
(through the Goodreads) website in exchange for an honest
review. The opinions expressed here are my own, and no
money or other compensation was provided for this review.
(reviewed 18 days after purchase)
M J reviewed on Feb. 26, 2013

Well it wasn't bad. It was very plotted out and a little too over thought for my tastes tho. 

There were a few parts that caught me up for a minute, but all in all I couldn't really connect to it. The characters mostly annoyed me as they seemed over written just for angst factor, but didn't seem to have much depth. 

I received a free copy of this book for an honest review.
(reviewed 2 days after purchase)
K Green reviewed on Nov. 14, 2012

I kept forgetting this was (technically) a sci-fi book because it truely does have an almost magical feel too it. I was drawn into the plot from the first paragraph and remained in until the end. It was never boring and kept surprising me until the very end. There's romance and angst too.

There's strong, realistic characters, and the author's not afraid to kill them off, which I didn't like, but it worked for the story. There is adult language, violent and sex, but again, it works for the story. Especially if you like that.

I would highly suggest this to anyone who enjoys a well written, fast paced story with lots of solid characterization.

Author says at the end a sequel is in the works, which is good since the ending wraps up loose ends, but leaves things open for more.
(review of free book)

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