Rogue Hunter: Inquest

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Intergalactic bounty hunter Zyra Zanr faces execution for attempting to break a criminal out of prison. Used as a political pawn against her own government, her trial results in an epic showdown between the most powerful worlds in the galaxy. Zyra is resolved to prove her innocence, knowing failure to do so will not only result in her death, but the destruction of an entire world. More

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About Kevis Hendrickson

Kevis Hendrickson is the author of eight Science Fiction and Fantasy novels, including The Legend of Witch Bane and the Rogue Hunter series. His second novel Rogue Hunter: Quest of the Hunter won the Red Adept Annual Indie Award (2010) for 'Top Science Fiction'. His most recent novel is Rogue Hunter: Valor. The sixth book in the series, Rogue Hunter: Death Moon, is scheduled for release in 2017. Along with an epic fantasy re-telling of Cinderella, he is working on a brand new urban fantasy series which also makes its debut this year.

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Review by: hbdog on Dec. 14, 2014 :
There were a few places were it got a little slow, but overall a great story. I enjoyed it and am looking forward to the next book.
(reviewed 10 months after purchase)

Review by: Kiribear on Aug. 18, 2014 :
I received this book for free in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Rogue Hunter: Inquest is a book written by Kevis Hendrickson. It is the first in the Rogue Hunter series and centers around a galactic bounty hunter named Zyra Zanr.

Rogue Hunter is a Sci-Fi novel that starts out with a news bulletin that states that the wanted killer Boris Skringler has been captured in New Venus. The bounty hunter Zyra Zanr went to retrieve him and was also captured, who is now believed to be dead.

It took me about 4% of the book to figure out what was going on… and then I couldn’t put the book down. I lost sleep I got so into the story. It is not just any book that can possess a reader in the way that Rogue Hunter:Inquest had with me. I loved about 85=90% of the story. But when the galactic battle began, I felt like the visualization and character connection was all of a sudden missing. There were all these names of ships, but not a good idea of the size or capability of them. Also the new players on the scene in the battle had little descriptors that stood out, except for their eyes.

Overall, the flow of this book was exquisite. I loved that Kevis was not afraid to push the envelope and that Zanr was not choosy in the sex of her heart’s desire. There was not a lot of background in the beginning, but flashbacks filled the reader in on what brought Zanr to the present predicament. It was easy to connect with Zanr and root for her. The ending was one of those “please don’t let it be true…” sort of endings that left me wanting more from this series.

I give this book a 4.5/5 stars. If it wasn’t for the jumble of the battle I would give it a 5/5 either way for site review purposes, it deserves to be rounded up to a 5. For a book that I cannot put down in my busy lifestyle that is saying a lot about the story telling ability of the author. I highly recommend this book as an entertaining read. It is most suitable for people who enjoy sci-fi, romance, intrigue, betrayal, suspense, unsavory characters, fiction, woman-empowering, etc.
(reviewed 27 days after purchase)

Review by: Sarah Briggs on Aug. 12, 2014 :
(I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a review).

(This review may contain spoilers).

Ideally, I'd like to give this book 3.5 stars. It was quick and easy to read, but I would have liked to see a bit more of the world generally.

I liked Zyra as a character, but I would have liked some more background on her. I liked her relationship with Mikaela, too, but I did think she showed herself to be still rather naive when it came to her interacting with her bounty.

The Amazon-like planet of just women was quite an interesting idea, especially the reasons as to why their society had developed in that way. What was also interesting was how it was made clear that, even though they saw men as more 'bad' than women, some of the women on the planet were still bad people.

I felt there was quite a lot of politics in this, which was good. Although things could have gone much better if the characters had been a bit more heroic, I could see where a lot of them were coming from.

I felt that the descriptions of the fighting worked really well. The book held my attention throughout and although I think it could have been a bit longer, it did work more or less the way it did. I felt that the flashbacks weren't necessary and could have been moved to the beginning of the book.

I think I would read the next book in this series to find out what will happen to the characters. This book ended on a bit of a cliffhanger, so it would be nice to see how things go from there.
(reviewed 22 days after purchase)

Review by: Tammy Dewhirst on May 01, 2014 :
Rogue Hunter Inquest is part science fiction and part intergalactic political thriller. The Queen of New Venus is charged with staying one step ahead of the people trying to use her small world as a pawn in a fractious situation. Queen Karah Taresh is determined and strong and possibly the most interesting character in “Rogue Hunter Inquest.” We may not get much of Queen Karah’s motivations but we get glimpses of how hard won her position was and the subjugation her world experienced as a younger person as well as her determination to never be in that position again. In her very literal battle for life for her people and the way she conducts herself this character’s back story would make a sci-fi masterpiece on its own.

Zyra is quite the conflicting character. Readers know that the Zyra we meet is at her lowest point. She is literally naked when we step into her life. Beaten and drugged and unable to stand. This is a strong woman brought low. Profit and history have brought her into the search for Boris and she will not compromise in the achievement of her goal. She will use everyone at her disposal, no matter how intimate their relationship, to play her end game.

Boris serves as a good counterpoint to Zyra. He read as being lecherous and a bit of a jerk at first but in the fullness of the story he develops into a character so evil the fiercest of Space Captains cower a bit in his presence.

“Rogue Hunter Inquest” is an engaging character driven tale perfect for fans of science fiction. At 199 pages, the novel is short for its genre but an exceptionally fast read that will have readers following this series for as long as the author wishes to write it.
(reviewed 59 days after purchase)

Review by: Charlie Murdock on March 05, 2014 :
Three Stars.
(reviewed 2 days after purchase)

Review by: Paul Howard on June 25, 2013 :
I have to admit straight up that I am a real sucker for Space Operas, so it won't surprise you that I enjoyed this book. Based on a Ross Hunter concept with new material of it's own, it is a tale involving a beautiful bounty hunter on a mission to rescue a mass murderer, who also happens to be her former partner, from a death sentence on a planet named New Venus. A world ruled by women where it is death for a man to even go there. But New Venus is at the center of something much bigger, as two galactic empires collide on a course to certain war and are looking for an excuse start the fireworks.
I won't play spoiler here but there is plenty of action, some memorable characters, and good, old fashioned interplanetary warfare to keep the reader entertained. True to the form of Space Opera, it unfolds its story and opens the door to even further mayhem in future volumes. A light, undemanding read, it succeeds in delivering a satisfying action tale with plenty of action, galactic politics, secret weapons and warlike characters to fill the dark recesses.
(reviewed 4 days after purchase)

Review by: Samantha Randolph on Jan. 21, 2013 :
I loved the description I read of this book. An intergalactic bounty hunter? Maybe a little out there, but sometimes good books are. Having said this, I did encounter a few good and not so good surprises when I read this. I received a free ebook copy for a review, and I am glad I got to read it. I loved the over all plot. I thought the female lead was excellent, and I think my favorite part of the book was how the story unraveled, going between the past and present until they finally connect. The writing was very smooth. It only took me a couple hours to read this, because it was so fast paced and such a quick read. However, I am not a fan of LGBT relationships, so I skipped through all the romantic scenes involving that. But that is something that is just my preference not to have, so I tried not to let it hinder my opinion on the rest of the book. I thought some of the dialogue was a bit predictable, like it could have easily been guessed what certain characters would say before they said it. Some of the more secondary/minor characters seemed too fake, but the main character did shine. Would I read a sequel? Probably not, but I would recommend this book to all lovers of science fiction and butt kicking female leads.
(reviewed 4 days after purchase)

Review by: Yianna Yiannacou on Jan. 10, 2013 :
I received a free ARC e-book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

I am going to start off by saying that I liked this book but did not love it. There were a few parts that I had to skip because I couldn’t care too much for it.

This book is about a bounty hunter named Zyra Zanr who ventures to New Venus to retrieve a notorious terrorist/ex-lover, Boris Skringler. She is one of those women you just don’t want to mess with. I wouldn’t want to be in a fight with her, for I know I would lose. Zyra goes to New Venus’ Queen and asks to have Boris in her custody but the Queen denies her. The law in New Venus is that no men are allowed. The Queen is like a pissed off preschooler. ‘No boys in this clubhouse!’ Anyway, so the sentence for men on their planet is death. Harsh, but those are the laws. Boris tried to hide away on New Venus but got caught and now Zyra wants to bring him back to the InterGalactic Alliance to retrieve the bounty that is on his head. Zyra figured she could start a new life with her girlfriend and stop bounty hunting with the money she would receive for that mission. She is determined to capture him, but things don’t go as planned. She decides to break him out of New Venus’ jail and when he betrays her, she ends up in jail. I would say read to find out what happens, but I’m not too sure if I would recommend this book. When I first started reading this book I knew Zyra was bad ass, but I wish she would have done something to Boris sooner. She needed him captured but I felt like she gave into him too easily and lost too many chances she had at him. That aggravated me.

There are some parts in this book where you just know it was written by a man because the mumbo jumbo of all the space galactic lasers and switches and space ships and bombs could not come from a woman. I skipped over the parts where they spoke of radiators and bombing the enemy ships. That kind of story is just not for me, but definitely for other people. Some parts where she was going after Boris were a bit confusing when they were underground in the Garbage disposal area or something. I don’t know. Over the rest was a good story line, but JUST good. It has me a bit intrigued to see what happens in the next book, even though I will probably not read it. That’s all.
(reviewed 31 days after purchase)

Review by: Oleg Medvedkov on Jan. 09, 2013 :
There are at least three layers in this novel. One is the story of Zyra Zanr, an independent bounty hunter, who travels to New Venus to try and extradite to InterGalactic Alliance Boris Skringler, a terrorist, her teacher, and ex-lover. As you can see, this is a giant can of worms wrapped in dynamite that Zyra has to open. The government of New Venus is not cooperating so, Zyra decides to take matters into her own hands but while springing Boris from the jail where he is awaiting his execution on charges of being a male on a planet of females, things go wrong and Zyra is captured. Now, she is facing a death penalty and Boris is at large.

This is how the beginning of the story, more or less. For about a third of the book, Zyra's trial and flashbacks bring us up to date with what is happening, until the storyline catches up and things start progressing more linearly.

These flashbacks; Boris; Mikaela Darr, Zyra's more-than-just-a-friend; and Zyra's own contemplation about her life and choices she's made, represent the second layer in this book that allows us to get to know the main character, her past, and some of her motivations.

And the last layer is the backdrop of a political and military struggle between InterGalactic Alliance, Legion of Worlds, and an independent New Venus that is either a desirable ally or a potential enemy to fear to both above mentioned superpowers. This makes the storyline more interesting to those of us who are into the space opera genre and hopefully, in the future instalments, a larger picture of this particular Universe will be presented in much more detail. Without giving any spoilers, I would just like to mention that I am still not really clear as to Zyra's possible connection with the Alliance; I think the ending deserves a little more clarification.

A note about the action scenes - there are aplenty here, just like one would expect - hand to hand combat, escapes, even a space battle. My only criticism here is that as the action kicks in, the description gets wordier somewhat. For my taste, I would prefer the action move a little faster, not hindered with flashy description. However, it is simply my personal preference and can I see how perhaps focusing on a scene like that would appeal to many readers.

One more thing I'd like to mention - I've read previous works of this author and I am really impressed with how his writing craft has improved over such a short period of time. He always writes entertaining stories but now, with this novel, he is showing us that his books are fast approaching a commercial-grade material. This is a solid 4.5 stars at least.
(reviewed 10 days after purchase)

Review by: Naty Rose on Nov. 28, 2012 :
Date I started the book: 11/26
Date I finished the book: 11/27
Genre: Space Opera/ Sci-Fi
Overall: Very good book, the plot was entertaining and it was very fast-paced. The characters were well written and with strong personalities.
Stars: 4 out of 5

Skringler frowned and leaned in closer to her.
"Maybe you're making too much of that little incident at Siliros"
"Killing 300 people isn't a little incident!!!"

This story is about Zyra Zanr a bounty hunter who is in debt and needs a lot of money, the only thing that could give her the money she needs is returning the terrorist Boris Skringler to The Intergallactic Alliance. Skringler is in New Venu’s prison and he was sentenced to death for breaking New Venus’s law. Zyra thought that the sentence to death was ridiculous, they were going to kill him because he was a man (men weren’t allowed in New Venus) , and not because he was one of the most dangerous criminals in the universe who killed a lot of people! She decided to risk everything that was at stake and free him from New Venus’s prison and then return him to the InterGallactic Alliance, where he would be judged and then probably sentenced to death anyway but because of what he did, not because of what he was.

What Zyra didn’t know was that both governments had other plans, and nothing was so simple as it seemed to be at first... In just seconds the fate of New Venus’s habitants and the peace between the worlds depended on her...

Zyra is a strong heroine and a kick-ass bounty hunter, she tries to do the right thing all the time and not to kill people who doesn’t deserve it, it was interesting to see the motives behind that attitude and some of her fears. Skringler is one bad cocky m*f*cker, but regardless being a criminal I kinda liked him. The best thing in the book (in my opinion) was how New Venus was portrayed, why the men were forbidden, the history of the place, the strength of the women, their abilities to still have children and know everything first, they are really intelligent women! But regardless how they believe that New Venus was the perfect world and their habitants were beyond perfection, it was all a lie, they still had their issues, their perverts, their criminals... The politics in this book were amazing and easy to follow and it was an important part of the plot.

The only thing I didn’t like was that according to the description of the book I thought that the relationship between Zyra and Skringler was going to be full of lust, passion or something like that, and that was not the case, I was expecting all the time something to happen between them or between them and Mikaela or something that justified the “Lust and Fury” that was described, but nothing never happened (except for some scenes between Mikaela and Zyra).

If you like sci-fi/space opera books read it because you won’t be disappointed, it’s a really intriguing and entertaining story full of action with strong characters and the best part it’s the twist in the end, I won’t say what it was but you’ll be expecting for more, that’s for sure!

My thanks to the author that kindly send me a copy of the book in exchange of an honest review. Sincerely, I’m not into Space Opera, it’s not a genre I read at all, but after I’ve read the blurb I was too intrigued so I decided to give it a chance. I’m glad that I did because the book is really well written, and the character development was great. Thanks Kevis! :)
(reviewed the day of purchase)

Review by: Tina Smith on Nov. 06, 2012 :
Kevis Hendrickson’s Rogue Hunter
First impressions: It brought to mind movies such as The Fifth Element, Star Wars and definitely Star Trek. I love a strong female protagonist, who kicks ass. I even liked the villain Skringler (perhaps a little too much) who had some great classic lines and an accent, which made him hard to hate. The description of his sex appeal was lacking, where the main character’s was not, nor was her love interest’s allure. Skringler possibly should have been introduced with more description, earlier in the plot -though Kevis seems to favour slow discovery of important plot aspects.
I was less interested in the star ship war chapters at the end, than I was in the conflict between Zyra and Skringler and the triangle between the two and Zyra’s lover, during the battle. I liked the history between them which seeped from the page. The beginning was vividly drawn; it however lagged slightly after the first chapters until chapter 13 when things suddenly changed a little, and there is hope again. I love the unexpected and the thrill of wondering how the character will inevitably end up in the situation portrayed at the beginning of the story. After some thought I wondered what did happen with Molly that shook her up, before the book begins? Zyra is emotionally distant even from herself and I assumed quite traumatised from spending most of her adolescent life hunting.
Zyra’s fight in the end was reminiscent of the ballsy tenacity of the character Lisbeth Salander. Skringler is relentless, Zyra determined as a dog with a bone.
The only thing that was lacking for me was the description of the scene setting, at certain points, like the escape in the garbage disposal bay and some things such as the weapons which are only explained as they appear in the story. Boris Skringler was too likable, being that he was supposedly a man with a ruthless reputation and Zyra’s motivation at certain points wasn’t as convincing to me as it should have been, because if she had killed a lot before, then why take so long to kill a certain character who hurt, taunted and irritated her so much - for me this needed a clearer reason. I liked the ending (no spoilers here). It felt like an important chapter in something bigger.
(reviewed 2 days after purchase)

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