Under By Duress

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Following a devastating break up from her ex Dom, Tahima has escaped to the Blue Ridge Mountains for some badly needed solitude. When a Mafia heir wanted for murder crashes into her life, she determines to turn him in. Her only option is to force him down the mountain to the local Sheriff's office – a mission fraught with danger. More

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Kayla Stonor is an Erotic Romance writer.

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Yelle Hughes reviewed on Feb. 5, 2013

Can a woman fight her submissive instinct? That’s what Kayla Stoner’s character Tahima, had to do when she met Dom, Gian Rossini.

They didn’t meet under normal circumstances. Tahima exiled herself in a log cabin in the Blue Mountains, after a disastrous relationship with another Dom broke her self-esteem, while Gian was running from the authorities due to the murder of his father and his ties to the mafia. On a precarious journey through the mountains, each learned the other’s role as dom and sub.

With plenty of action and sex, Kayla takes you on erotic and dangerous journey. Not for the faint at heart, but definitely for those who love a great story and is curious about the dom/sub culture.

This short novella kept me in my seat and drinking plenty of cold glasses of water.
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John Dolan reviewed on Feb. 5, 2013

Having read the author’s short story ‘Horizon’, I was interested to see how Ms Stonor would perform at a novella. I was not disappointed.

Although some readers may be squeamish at a piece whose central theme is the sexual submission of an alpha male, I should like to venture that the central kernel of the story – how a damaged woman turns the tables on a strong man – would survive without the erotic content. The psychological motivations of the novella’s characters are carefully handled to bring credibility to the storyline. Ms Stonor’s writing is tight and polished and authentically ‘American’ (it is set in the USA), despite the author being British.

If you have not previously sampled erotic literature and feel you would like to, ‘Under by Duress’ would be a good place to start.
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Angie Lenkevich reviewed on Jan. 7, 2013

Tahima Sheldon is busy renovating her grandfather's old lodge in the Blue Mountains for the next three months. She's only really beginning her work on the old lodge and hopes to make all the necessary improvements so that she's able to rent out the place. When she sees a small plane circling the forest near her lodge only to hear it crash a short time later. She goes to see if anyone is hurt. Seeing the lone passenger is relatively unhurt attempts to walk away but is stop short by velvety voice asking to make a radio call. Tahima hasn't heard a voice like this since her last dom Stephan betrayed her. Tahima wants to fall into that voice in a heartbeat but she won't let herself fall into that trap again. Gian Rossini is every inch the alpha male and dom that he presents himself to Tahima. He is trying to stay one step ahead of the law that is until he is confronted with Tahima's stubborn force of will. He tries to put Tahima at ease only find that she gets even more stubborn and trying her dominant tendencies on him. He's intrigued and stunned to find himself responding to Tahima's demands even if some of those are more like torture. They both survived the trip down the mountain where Rossini turned over to the police. Three months later, Tahima's career is taking off in a new direction which pleases her. She still thinks about Rossini sometimes. Rossini is free from the law but his heart isn't so free. Stephan unexpectedly shows up at Tahima's apartment where none of his intentions are good. Can Tahima get free of Stephan? Will Tahima see Rossini again? Can Rossini convince Tahima his feelings are geniune? Your answers await you in Under By Duress.

This is a brand new author for me and great start to a series of books that are definitely fast reads. I found that I could really relate to Tahima on a personal level thru all of her struggles mentally and emotionally. The range of emotion was completely astounding for such fast read book. I was intrigued by Rossini because he really wanted to help Tahima even though she didn't believe him at all or trust him. I felt that the torture elements were appropriate and not overly done either. There was just enough and no more which was fine by me. I'm definitely looking forward to the next installment in this series Under By Treaty.
(reviewed 19 days after purchase)
Carol Powney reviewed on Jan. 5, 2013

I am being honest when I say initially I didn't know whether to award 3 or 4 stars...then I thought why 3? It is a good and enjoyable story, but I really had to suspend disbelief to accept the actions and behaviour of Tahima the female protagonist with Gian Rossini within the timescale given. Who in real life would want to jump the bones within 24 hours, of this good looking man who she thinks at that time is a New York mafia bosses son, who has killed his father, and he a well known Dom, whilst she is suffering emotionally from some really bad experiences with a lover Dom whom she had trusted and its hinted has done something awful to her that temporarily destroyed her?
Then I thought you have watched plays where suspension of disbelief made the play brilliant but wouldn't work in real life...so do the same with this story and I have to give it 4 stars for...
The physical and chemical attraction between Tahima and Gian that leads to some erotic scenes and within a very short time, but for Tahima with a difference. Her serious damage from past fiance and boy did I want Kayla Stonor, the author to write a detailed come uppance for that bastard...you failed there Kayla, sorry. We get a what will probably be. Readers enjoy detailed retribution against nasty antagonists, probably because of so much injustice in real life and it's good to redress the balance through creative fiction. I digress... the difference is Tahima finds herself switch role from submissive to taking control, power and Dommes over Gian with some physical discipline, even if it seems to be role play it is good for her self esteem. Gian Rossini, despite his connections and crime, not forgetting his nature as a Dominant male seems to be aware instinctively of this, yet allows her dominance and administration of painful controlling discipline to him, which he finds a turn on... surprise surprise. I know of people in real life this happens with, so it is plausible.
There is some good adventure and close calls on the survival trek. The Hank experience, humiliating, fearful, I kept saying zap the b****** now, now, come on, don't do this to Rossini...so I'm involved with the characters Kayla created, which is good.
The ending I saw coming but was glad. I could have cheerfully read the last scene to it's climactic end and felt a little deprived as I do when I read a HEA and they head off in the distance while nosy voyeur me wants to spy a little longer on their lives and story.
So the good outweighed the disbelief...and it is of a good literary standard and edited, hence I go for 4 stars overall.
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Sandra Taylor reviewed on Dec. 29, 2012

This book is a new take on the opposing roles in a bdsm relationship. The author has used her characters to take you on a journey with her heroine. The author broaches difficult subjects with such flare that you will not be able to stop reading. I admire this book as it explores the female sexuality in a non judgemental way. To show a vulnerable female in a proactive way is difficult in this genre. As most books of this genre only show submissive behaviour. Which we all know is not realistic. I look forward to reading your next book as you have a fresh approach and look forward to the next heroine whoever she may be.
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Travis Luedke reviewed on Dec. 26, 2012

An intriguing tale of love, bondage, abuse, and smokin hot sex.

It started out relatively simple, a woman alone, cleaning up the pieces of her broken life in a cabin in the woods. Gradually, step by step, it delves into the twilight zone of BDSM erotic romance. Nothing is black and white, lots and lots of shades of grey.

She ends up with a mob boss on her hands, his plane wrecked just outside her cabin. She bravely turns the tables on him with a Taser, cuffs him up, and they’re off. Gotta run, bad guys are on their way. Their two day trek through the wilderness is the journey of an Alpha male domme learning to submit to her complete control of his every moment. He resists her guidance, but at the same time works his way under her skin and into her heart.

The girl has some serious emotional baggage, a former submissive who was taken for a ride, utterly abused. But now it’s her turn to become a domme. Role reversal. She has a little too much fun with that Taser, learning where it hurts most.

There are some very hot scenes, some very intense BDSM scenes, and even one of those “deliverance” moments with a good ole boy in the back country. A gripping tale to be sure. I read it all in one sitting, yelling at the kids to leave me alone so I could finish.

If you’re into hot kinky sex and BDSM with a tale of genuine romance in the mix, read this novel.
(reviewed 3 days after purchase)
Susie Sailor reviewed on Nov. 22, 2012

There's only one element of this work that I really had trouble getting past, and unfortunately it's early in the book. However for some positives first: this is a writer who really knows how to set up the terrain of a BDSM love story and use it to the fullest. The later scenery really resounds, as does the complicated mixture of hostility, past hurts, present-day fears and, yes, lust between the two main characters. For word-craft, Under By Duress can easily stand proud.

However for the purposes of warning other readers who might approach BDSM literature in a similar way to me (pain is an extension of sensuality, bracketed by full consent), I did find the first chapters difficult going. For instance, the main character's ready use of a taser seemed unwarranted in the context of modern-day psychological realism (I might have accepted it more readily in a surreal, whimsical, historical or playful context). Perhaps hardened BDSM readers won't feel this way--I'm not a natural BDSM reader--but my erotic side was somewhat switched off by this part of the read.

However once consent has been negotiated there's a sense where the work (and the violence) becomes far more playful, and I was able relax and enjoy the developing relationship between captor and captive. The author is masterful at exploring intimate interactions in extreme settings. The props like pitons, ropes and a rambling bear were cleverly employed; the scenery is terrific and well used.

I feel this author has a solid future in interesting, well-developed, multi-themed erotica.
(reviewed 8 days after purchase)
BookAddict reviewed on Nov. 14, 2012

This was a pleasant surprise and ranks a 3.5 star in my books. Ms. Kayla Stonor is a new to me author. She's burst onto the scene with hot femdom stories which show both character development and plot. Best of all, the women aren't cruel psychotic bitches from hell. The men aren't some pushover doormat wanting to be degraded.

This is a non-con story which definitely turned into dub con. Tahima is a submissive who's been burned badly. She's also a switch, which is interesting. While Tahima is doing her best to get over her heartbreak of trust broken, she literally runs into Gian. Gian is a mafia son's boss on the run and an alpha male to boot.

Watching Tahima snap and then kick Gian into submission was pretty funny. They say a cornered animal is the most dangerous. It appears to be true for Tahima. The plot pretty good with a bit of suspense. The answers were easy to deduce yet the ending was a little twist that was not exactly anticipated. It was a good ending. I enjoyed it. I recommend this book to femdom lovers who wants a smart heroine and an alpha male submissive.
(reviewed the day of purchase)
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