Wide Awake

When things go bump in the night Clara is plunged into a never ending nightmare. Her every sense comes alive as she is sent into the world of her past reliving simple moments that may soon be lost forever. As time begins to dwindle down and her life flashes before her eyes, Clara knows that only one thing is important. Survival. Will she live in her past forever or die trying?

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About Samera Hassan

Hi everyone. My name is Samera and this is my profile. I know what you're thinking. Nah Duh....of course this is you're profile what else would it be?
Anyways, lets move on from the not so interesting introduction and to why I'm even writing a bio on Smashwords. So you see I'm a hopeful writer who's waiting for the chance of a life time to get my work published or even noticed.
It all started when I signed up for a Creative Writing class at college. Evidently not so many people are creative these days since the class only consisted of ten people. However, that first day was the beginning of my writing frenzy and when i say frenzy then I mean that you could not see me without a computer physically attached to my body.
I was continuously typing like there was no tomorrow. Then I suddenly realized that I had all these pieces of work but nothing to do with them. I'm sure I'm not the only ones who's gone through that phase in life but it was a very motivating one at that.
Now I'm a young teen writer who loves to express myself with words that tell a story. Stories that send you on a rollercoaster of emotions, places, and adventures. I'm just one out of a many who love to write and writing is what I do.

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