The Wonder of Us

The Wonder of Us is a difficult book to describe because it does not fit into any common genre’. The closest would be it is a sort of cosmic Mills and Boone love story, but it is much more than that. It has profound insights and is written in beautiful poetic language and imagery. It is a book that paints pictures in words. It is also a book of hope.

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About Yosef Albric

I have been writing for all of my adult life on subjects related to the human condition, both materially and spiritually. If we are to live complete lives there is no separation between the material and spiritual.

Unfortunately there are many barriers to showing our spiritual selves in the material world, not the least of these is that often we are often not told the truth so our decisions are made on false information.

The issues surrounding the economy, global warming, terrorism and a multitude of other issues are not difficult to understand. At least they wouldn't be if we were told the truth. However spiritual our core being may be we cannot be seen in the material world if our material actions are based on lies.

It is by spiritual seeking that we learn who we are and what we want. The essence of a spiritual path is seeking the answers to three questions. Who am I? How did I get here? Why am I here? The answer to these questions lies in what we want in the material world.

A common reason for people to start seeking more than just a material existence is major trauma in their lives. It would be impossible to write about ending the separation between the material and the spiritual without writing about trauma in its various forms.

To seek spiritual truth without also looking after material well-being is a call to martyrdom. That does not do anyone any good. To seek only material well-being leads to greed and hedonistic behaviour, with the real possibility of devastating lose when it all falls apart.

The world as I would like see it would be where people know what they want and what is important to them. Where people can make decision based on facts with no censorship or spin and where everyone took enough, but no more than they needed.
No individual can achieve this alone but collectively we might, if that is what we want.

As a disclaimer I do not claim to have achieved my ideals. My writing is part of my journey and by writing I gain understanding into what it is I am seeking. My hope is that by making my writings public I can encourage others to seek answers for themselves. To contact me please email

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