Coming Unglued: A Mother's Journey into Hell

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A virgin...a rapist...a baby's smile...a love story unlike any you have read. Tragedy strikes, abuse begins, Hell awaits!

Coming Unglued, inspired by true events, is a story about one woman's journey into, and through, the soul-shattering environment of spousal abuse.

Coming Unglued is uplifting and insightful and, though painful to read, is sure to bring a smile or two. More

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About Norma Budden

Norma Budden currently makes her home in Arctic Canada where she has lived for more than two decades. Administration Manager by day and writer/mother/grandmother by night, Norma knows what it's like to be busy and appreciates moments of solitude, perhaps, more than the average person.

Though Norma's first serious attempts at writing involved poetry and song, she later went on to write non-fiction titles. However, over recent years, her truest passion seems to be in writing stories to appeal to readers' emotions, with a touch of mystery and romance built into the stories.

Norma is the proud author of the Freedom in Love Series which, currently, has five titles published: An Affair to Remember, When Love Abides, Soul Confessions, Divided Loyalties and The Promise.


Coming Unglued: A Mother's Journey into Hell
Coming Unglued is Kelly's story, a woman who lost everything she valued, even her virginity which was taken by force, resulting in a pregnancy. The most unexpected of encounters happens: Kelly comes face-to-face with an apologetic rapist who turns her emotions upside-down. A story of love and loss and the ultimate degradation which comes when trapped in a life wrought with spousal abuse.

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Review by: MarcellaGonzo on March 18, 2017 :
Okay just a fair warning… when starting this book make sure you don’t have anywhere you need to be or anything you need to do because you won’t want to stop reading until you’ve finished it all!! Trust me on this! It is such a wonderfully addictive novel, and I love how Norma Budden writes… it all felt so believable and authentic, intimate, like a close friend was telling me this really amazing, beautiful, horrible, emotional, tragic story that I didn’t want to stop listening to. Liked many of the secondary characters as well, but Kelly is really well developed and we really relate to her through her ups and downs and cheer for her success (and cry at her pain!) While it does have lots of important ‘messages’ and themes that will touch readers, this is a great character-driven novel that will open your eyes and hopefully reach and speak to those who need to hear its message. Trigger warnings for abuse and rape, but it is handled with dignity, not gratuitous. Recommend.
(reviewed the day of purchase)

Review by: DarleneCupp on March 18, 2017 :
"Coming Unglued…” is the first book I’ve read from this talented author Norma Budden, but I hope it’s not the last! The way this book was written is different from many I’ve read before, but it totally hooked me right from the beginning and kept my attention throughout. It was horrifying, inspiring, sad, dark, sweet, deep, tragic… I thought the storyline and the character development - especially with Kelly - to be very well done and thought out. I feel like this level of emotional complexity could have easily ended up badly--- melodramatic or contrived for drama’s sake, but instead I darn near gobbled the whole book down in just a few evenings and was totally hooked. There were some pretty shocking events that may upset some readers (you get the general idea of what the book will be about from the description, intro and other reviews, though) but I thought the author handled the sensitive subject matter very well. After the dark tunnel there is a light at the end and, while this book will haunt me for a long time, it’ll be in a good way. An important book I would definitely recommend. (Probably best suited for mature readers due to sensitive subject matter).
(reviewed the day of purchase)

Review by: Steph Coleman on March 18, 2017 :
"Coming Unglued: A Mother’s Journey into Hell” by Norma Budden is exactly what the title implies, and then some. It starts off with some powerful backstory to set the scene and ground the reader in Kelly’s world, and perspective. The author does a wonderfully convincing job of creating a believable background, in terms of Kelly's tragic, challenging circumstances -which enables the rest of the plot to unfold in an organic, yet powerful manner. This book does touch on some very heavy subject matters and there should be trigger warnings for the abuse and shocking events. But it's an important message of strength, overcoming adversity, compassion, healing, and breaking the cycle. A well written powerful, emotionally moving read that kept me captivated through to the end, which I loved! Recommend for Adults only.
(reviewed the day of purchase)

Review by: Jhonni Parker on March 14, 2017 :
this novel was quite a change of pace for me, as I normally gravitate towards more lighthearted fantasy/paranormal romance, but this was one powerful tale that I couldn’t put down. Norma Budden writes from the heart and it is impossible to read this and remain unaffected. This is a story of real life, of things that may be uncomfortable to talk about and painfully horrific to endure, but this book shows that there is a way through it. I don’t rehash plot lines (that is what the book description is for), but I enjoyed the easy flow and dark drama and powerful story here (based on real events, which makes even more of an impact, in my opinion) and really liked the characters, especially Kelly and Annette. Happy that they were not cliché, cardboard cutouts but relatable and real… even when the storyline events were disturbing. I liked that I never quite knew where the story was going, and it was anything but predictable… my eyebrows shot up and my jaw dropped many times. It gets pretty intense, and I wasn’t prepared for where the book went, but I feel like it is an important story that needs to be told. The author has a great way of writing, even if at times I did think the pacing was a bit erratic (either rushed or too slow). But nothing terrible.
(reviewed the day of purchase)

Review by: GillianHancock on March 07, 2017 :
Lately I’ve been in a rut of putting down books and not picking them up again because I lost interest at one point and just never continued. This was definitely not the case with this book, “Coming Unglued” by Norma Budden. From the very beginning the story moved seamlessly from one page to the next, and was unpredictable enough to make me just *have* to see what would happen next. Not formulaic or cookie-cutter at all. Even though there are plenty of “familiar elements” necessary for a dysfunctional relationship/abuse drama, this one is very different is the sense that it is based on a true story, and I suspect there are MANY other people who will be able to relate to this story as well. I was impressed with Norma Budden’s passionate and emotional writing style and her attention to character detail… I really felt transported to Kelly’s life and head and heart, for better or worse. Recommended for ages 18+ and I will look for more works from Norma Budden in the future.
(reviewed the day of purchase)

Review by: LaylaM1 on March 07, 2017 :
4.5 stars
I really enjoyed this book, “Coming Unglued: A Mother’s Journey into Hell,” by Norma Budden, even though “enjoyed’ feels like sort of a strange descriptor considering all that happens here. I thought it was excellently written (a few minor cases of repetition and slow pacing but nothing too major). It is a quick read, one I finished in the course of an afternoon/evening. Some of the subject matter is dark and kind of depressing, but it is similar to real life in that way, and something that we can’t act like doesn’t exist (sexual abuse, trauma). I was genuinely surprised at a few things that happened, and thought the tension and narrative was great. I liked Norma Budden’s literary style, and you can tell the subject matter is close to her heart. She writes with dignity and compassion, yet it is gritty and raw and real. A book that will take you though ‘hell’, but there is hope on the other side. Recommend.
(reviewed the day of purchase)

Review by: Lynn Hallbrooks on Dec. 30, 2012 :
Ms. Budden and I share several social media circles together. I've been watching this book grow from the first inkling of an idea to production. I was hesitant at first to read the book due to the subject matter - abuse. I'm really glad that I challenged myself to read this book. It is very well written.

The story is written in first person. The reader views the thoughts of the main character, Kelly, as she re-lives her not so pretty past.

The pace kept me wanting to see what would happen next - Kelly's life was full of the good and the bad that life had to offer her. I cheered for the good and wanted to wish away the bad but as we all know real life doesn't work that way. So I watched the story unfold before me.

I learned a few things that I hope that I might be able to share with people that I know who are or have suffered abuse at the hands of another.
(reviewed 13 days after purchase)

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