Destiny Unfulfilled

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Our advancement, growth and progress happens faster and faster all the time. We continue to advance technologically. Our resources are dwindling. Our population is growing. Political strife threatens to rip our world apart. Our great thinkers are always busy solving the latest problems. There is a strong sense of having to finish before the end. More

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Review by: Susanna C. Mahoney on April 25, 2013 :
Destiny Unfilled by Seight Byproxy, and edited By Stephen L. Wilson

It is a short novella. It describes the scientific methods how the human beings were created and over time their DNA was transformed form one level of energy to higher levels of energy and knowledge. The masses are being monitor from a higher being and species. S8 is their relay technician and observer. The other character in the story is the controlled vessel, a human who was to be call as a messenger.

It is written as a laboratory experiment, yet to this author it was an alert that the earth is under the microscope and if the solution is not resolve then doom's day may be around the corner.

It explains that earth is an observation station and that the One is among the masses, and he or she needs to be in contact with the higher realm to prove that humanity is worth saving and allow to exist to move into the higher dimension. That the one will be advanced in all fields of education, physics, laws of metaphysics, mathematical, and other advanced studies, of telekinesis, and paranormal sixth sense awareness. Have an open mind to all the distorted beliefs of the religious beliefs and the corruption that plagues the earth.

He or she will question all decisions made by governmental and national leaders and protest against the cruelty of wars. They will be able to tap into non- definite unseen energies forces to move the planet toward a higher awakening. That the supernatural occurrences from the crop circles to other unexplained occurrences happen through the energy forces hidden in the universe and is utilized by higher beings as a test, to bring the One to come to them.

The higher beings walked among humanity before civilization began and when the experiment went wrong, and the energy decreased, negative energy and regression actions came from humanity, instead of expanding their minds, then the human race was extinguished and some survive, to continue the experiment with alter genetics, to be more advance then the rest of humankind.

The threats on the horizon like the Y2K of 2000 crash and the 2012 end of the world may of pass but if humanity does not cooperate with the aliens and they cannot find the One residing on this planet, the experiment will fail and so will the existence of the human race.

It is an interesting concept that a force above the 3rd realm we resided in is controlling the experiment and if the One, the earthly master does not come of hiding with all gifts intact, to save the masses, Doom's day may not be that far off.

In the author's words:

"Humans are the only hominid to have 23 pairs of chromosomes. All other hominids have 24. It is clear that this is due to the fusion of two chromosomes in humans. They are fused together end to end, creating a unique chromosome with equally unique properties [Figs. 2, 3]. Little is known by the MNO colony regarding the function of this odd union. The ability to manipulate specific DNA was a result of the hybrids’ scientific technology - i.e., S8’s use of energy so that the Anunnaki science would advance the MNO experiment toward The Objective.

The Anunnaki were programmed by S8 to create this technology. By fusing the chromosomes of all humanoids, the hybrids knew that the creatures would then possess empathy, compassion and trust, among other traits useful for mass mind control."

This reader believes that transforming DNA's reconstruction is occurring, as birth defects are a reality, why then not the ability to untapped the dominant mind and discover a secret code ingrain in our DNA structure and may be waiting for the right sign, may it be spiritual or an alien sound. This book is definitely a topic to investigate, for you never know what lies beyond the unseen. Life continues on, and energies as well as intelligence may be the answer and key that may unlock the secret.

Be daring and venture into reading this and other works and open your mind to all, and become prepare just in case.


Seight Byproxy (S8-BP)


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