Knights of Light: Knight Vision

There is a battle going on inside all of us. Many are not even aware of it. This gives power to one side. Our story opens with three teens encountering their own battles. With the aid of divine intervention, they uncover ancient secrets from a knighthood which has long ago been forced underground because of their mastery in this battle. Things are about to change. The light answers back.
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About Mark Moreland

Knights of Light
Mark Moreland’s Story

On May 4, 1990 – I was involved in a car accident that completely rearranged my life. Prior to this, I was a high living CPA with one of the Big 4 Accounting Firms. As a result of the accident, I was able to watch my life literally flash before my eyes –as if certain scenes were snipped together and being replayed from a projector. A dazzlingly white porthole appeared, and I was guided through a light tunnel to have a conversation with the Powers that be. Apparently, I had some unfinished business to do, so I was ‘just visiting’ to help me set things straight. I was informed that I could be a useful instrument if I pursued my mission and shared the results with others. I was able to ask one question: “How will I know my mission?” The response was twofold: “You’ll know when you encounter it,” and “Take care of business”. I then found myself standing there alone.

Following instructions, this launched me into ‘business mode’. I spent the next decade getting my life together, got married, spent a couple of years in Europe with Nike, started a family, and was abruptly introduced to the world of Autism Spectrum Disorders. Along the way, I began reading voraciously – averaging a book per week – over 500 per decade – well over a thousand by now. Topics have ranged from self-help; psychology, spirituality, near death experience, intuition, biographies, history, learning styles & disorders, and recovery. Incidentally, May 4 1990 was the last time any intoxicating substances have entered my body.

Throughout the next decade, I sponsored a large number of men in the twelve step program, and through it all, a certain pattern or framework began to emerge. The framework wasn’t from any one source, but rather was a series of repeating battles that each of us must face as we pursue our life’s mission. While pursuing historical documents in Cave Creek, Arizona, I encountered the Ten Quests of the Knights of Light. I knew then I had found IT. I’m sharing it with you now.

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