Immortalis Amor, Darkest Secrets

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Darkest Secrets is the introductory novel of the series "Immortalis Amor" the author's true life erotic memoirs about her life inside a vampire coven and her lovers. A powerful Erotic Romance and Paranormal Thriller...above all else a profound love story. For Mature Audiences 18 + More

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About Dominique Vandorien

Dominique Vandorien is the author of the five star rated series "Immortalis Amor" a four part saga. Though listed under fiction, as Erotic Romance (most appropriate category) her books are nonfiction PNR and written from the author's TRUE LIFE memoirs; an uncensored disclosure about her life and lovers in a vampire coven and secret organization. She shares her paranormal reality and powerful love story with intimate detail and raw honesty in a personal narrative - wickedly sexy and intelligent with depth and realism. When you read her unique series, you will become utterly immersed in it. This is one series (and talented writer!) you will be excited to discover... The Immortalis Amor Series is like nothing else you will ever read in the world of Erotic Romance or any other genre. -- Isabel D'Arriza "What To Read - Erotic Romance"

Rated Strictly for ADULTS 18+ years with content not suitable for people under the age of 18 years. Available in all formats for all Ereading devices, also available in print on

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Dominique is also a successful artist, a certified wildlife rehab worker and a retired clinical psychologist and sex therapist. She resides on the beautiful, wild west coast of British Columbia, Canada with her husband and extended family with a menagerie of creatures including horses and wolf rescues.

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Review by: Isabel D'Arriza on Oct. 21, 2014 :
In A League of It's Own!
First off, I purchased this on kindle and read it a few times (as I do with most books I love) I made this purchase for hubby today because he wanted to upload the epub this is NOT reviewed the day of purchase! I have read each book at least three times each to absorb the story more fuller, each time understanding different aspects in a deeper way. So to say I'm passionate about the series is an understatement lol

Darkest Secrets and the entire series are in a league of it's own. I've never read anything so utterly unique and fascinating. It's mind opening, intimate and captivating as this brave author boldly opens her private diaries to you and bares her soul. Her beautifully descriptive style and eloquence made me feel like I was inside her mind, experiencing everything along with her. Darkest Secrets, book one, delves into the author's every day life and who she is, also introducing the main characters in this series. I am left feeling like I know every character because Dominique portrays them with such exquisite detail, they become real to you...haunt you...make you want to keep turning the pages to see what they will do next. But more than her memoirs, she introduces you to a deeper reality and enables a glimpse into these real life, paranormal human beings. Her exposé is complex with layers of mysteries which gradually unfold, so it isn't light reading material and you may find yourself a little confused at first (so many dark entities and people introduced in the first few chapters) but don't be daunted by this myriad cast, because she carefully navigates you through this labyrinth of mysterious characters and dark secrets into the shocking revelations that define this story. You will find yourself having "Aha!" moments, going back to some chapters and re-reading them, then saying "Aaaahhhhh ... so THAT is why this happened, or that is why he or she said THAT!" ect. There are also a ton of symbols and metaphors you will catch which contribute to the depth with which this story is told. It is a thriller as well as a romance, revealing a soul with depth and dignity as she struggles with dark forces and this frightening world she suddenly finds herself in. The author, however, balances the chilling scenarios beautifully with a sense of humor and breathtaking romance, throughout her disclosure, since this is a love story first and foremost. Dominique invites you inside a secret realm few know of and her intriguing, unconventional love story make it an enthralling read, a story you will quickly become immersed in (difficult to stop reading!) I went through a whole gambit of emotions reading Darkest Secrets, also book two and three! I can't emphasize enough how it's more an experience than just a series of novels because Dominique takes you on her fascinating journey with her. Darkest Secrets (and the entire series) truly usher you beyond the veil into the unknown, definitely for the reader who wants something more intelligent and deep, as well as entertaining. The author does warn these realities are not something to be played with and does not promote doing so, in a recent interview which I greatly respect and feel is important to add here. I'm going to suggest she makes this a disclaimer for her series. Alas, I recommend this book and series highly for the mind opening experience, the fascinating characters, chilling suspense and stunning eloquence with which this author expresses herself. I simply can not wait for book four!! All three novels are exquisitely written works, I wish I could give them MORE than five stars!
(reviewed the day of purchase)

Review by: Laurie Raines on Oct. 10, 2014 :
Long before the popular BDSM and Vampire novels of today existed, there was an intelligent and exquisite young beauty named Dominique Vandorien living these "stories" in real life, penning her "Darkest Secrets" in her private diaries while exploring her most "Wicked Desires." She is also a woman the past, by mysterious dark entities and by the most shocking secrets, beginning to unravel. Standing on the precipice of womanhood, in "Darkest Secrets" Dominique is introduced to a seductive and often frightening world of unbridled erotica with her mysterious lovers. It is clear in the author's memoirs, now revealed to the world, who she was, having a strong mind, a solid sense of self, a quiet assurance and clear values while navigating through an unknown world of the elite and powerful. Their decadent and opulent world, eccentricities and proclivities for the hedonistic dark side are revealed at an accelerated and overwhelming pace. Completely enthralled by the haunting beauty of a great love and his mystery, and the powerful bond that has drawn them back together, she is faced with situations that are at first frightening and unimaginable yet mind blowingly erotic. She finds herself caught up in her dangerous lover, a deep and profound love that is arresting and palpable, also fascinated by others in this wickedly erotic cult. Though disquieted and having strong conflicting emotions, she navigates through these treacherous unknown waters with great dignity and bravery. The powerful love and often conflicting fear she has for this "Great Love" is unequivocal and she reveals her story with great candor and authenticity. You feel as if every word cascades from the pages, languidly and seductively, as if slipping off a robe made of the finest silk, gently from her shoulders, the author courageously leaving herself bare for the world to observe and understand, in her purest form. The opulent surroundings, passionate scenarios and characters in her story are revealed with exquisitely beautiful and sometimes frightening detail. It leaves you feeling like you've watched each scene in 3d, as if you were there. This story will awaken beliefs and desires in you, you otherwise may have never known. She takes you on an journey of pure erotic decadence!! Once you read the last page you will not be alone, for these people and mysterious entities fly off the page into your psyche and leave you reeling with a deep foreboding and anticipation of how Dominique's story ends. 5 stars for this Brave and beautiful soul for sharing her deeply personal story with the world.
Review by: Laurie Regal Raines
(reviewed the day of purchase)

Review by: Kristoph Knight III on Aug. 20, 2014 :
Edited and reposted by Kristoph R. Knight. Originally written January 2013. Immortalis Amor, Darkest Secrets (Book 1) breaks the mold! Authentic, poignant, beautifully written, Dominique's story is peerless. It's difficult to define categorically because this daring and unique series is deeper than erotica or paranormal fantasies. It's intelligent, complex and an insightful read. A wild, sexy ride but more important it's a true story, the author’s memoirs about her life inside a powerful vampire coven and sex cult.

I have to say it’s an absolute honor to review this series for this brilliant author. Vandorien is a rare talent. I enjoy paranormal thrillers, horror, erotic romance novels, autobiographies, so the combination of these genres in one story creates a highly original blend. It was a challenge finding the time to read, dealing with two small children and my third arriving this month (helping my wife to the best of my ability) but I couldn’t wait to return to these books every second I was free (and stayed up late to read them!) It's a true pleasure reading Dominique’s exquisite writing, her descriptively poetic, honest style. Darkest Secrets novel, first in the series and Wicked Desires, the second novel, both promise an exhilarating read: astonishing, fascinating, eye opening and thought provoking.

In Darkest Secrets, the story begins with the author as an eighteen year old woman in 1984. It is at essence a "New Adult" Novel yet transcends this genre as well the others mentioned. Close to graduating high school, Nikki (Dominique's 'nick name') is exploring options, growing up, finding herself and what she wants in life. You are introduced to her deeper life and “paranormality” as she calls it, supernatural powers and experiences overwhelming her daily existence. Also, these first two novels introduce the fascinating characters of Immortalis Amor who become an integral part of her life, seducing her into their dark, erotic and mystical world. A world Dominique becomes entangled with, one of exploitation and danger. Which brings us to Wicked Desires novel (second book in series) where her story climaxes into a wickedly erotic and frightening culmination of events. A heart-stopping, shocking and highly arousing sequel.

Above all else, this novel is centrally a romance. An unconventional love story indubitably for the open minded and those who enjoy tasteful, well written erotica (sensual and beautiful, as opposed to the hard core pornographic writings prevalent online.) But don’t be fooled, this series is one HOT read! I rate this one four fire extinguishers.) ;-)

The author’s raw honesty is heart warming and intimate, a glimpse inside a powerful and courageous woman. A glimpse inside the unseen reality...just as Dominique invites you (in her intro) to step beyond the veil. I’m proud to give this series ***** FIVE STARS ***** My only negative comment is I wish more books in the series were already written (though I know the author is hard at work, so they’re on their way) I didn’t want this entertaining ride to end. Congratulations Dominique, I wish you much success for all your hard work and its extraordinary result. I’m very much looking forward to reading your following novels in the series. A fan for life,
Kristoph A. R. Knight
(reviewed long after purchase)

Review by: Simon Okill on Dec. 11, 2013 : (no rating)
Darkest Secrets (Immortalis Amor#1)by Dominique Vandorien is the bravest most sensual book I have ever read. What at first seems shockingly explicit and delving into the dark world of sexual obsession is in fact the life of the author herself, laid bare for all to read, no sugar-coating, pure hard candy, but oh so tastefully done. Dominique's writing style is brilliant and lends itself perfectly to the task of telling the world what she went through as a younger woman in a cult.
I am not going to divulge a word of the story as nothing I can say would be good enough to equal Dominique's own words. So all I can recommend is if you like your sex laid bare, truthful, inspiring, dominant, paranormal, submissive, obsessive and above all breathlessly orgasmic then I highly recommend this incredible expose of Dominique's life - FIVE INCREDIBLE STARS!
(reviewed long after purchase)

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