Not His Kiss to Take

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A single kiss could change both their lives forever, but it’s not his kiss to take… More
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Words: 78,050
Language: English
ISBN: 9781301016075
About Finn Marlowe

Finn Marlowe is a paralegal by day and erotic (m/m) romance novelist by night. She believes daydreaming is a vastly underrated pastime and probably spends way too much time at it. Her kids no longer ask what’s wrong when they spy her staring off into space—they just assume she’s writing a scene from her next novel and they’re probably right. Paranormal romance is her favorite genre to write, and the story’s usually on the dark side because she still believes in things that go bump in the night.

Finn calls British Columbia home and when she’s not enjoying the beautiful outdoors, she’s inside reading or resenting the fact her kids are better video game players than she is. If there were more hours in the day, she’d like to become a better artist, a greener gardener and learn to speak Spanish. Since she believes all dreams are possible if you don’t give up on them, she expects to regain her video game high-scores, naturally vanquish all garden pests and finally paint what lives inside her imagination. As for speaking Spanish, well, she’ll settle for learning to pronounce all the good curse words.

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Review by: Novella Girl on Dec. 29, 2014 :
This is one of my favorite books I just came back to reread again for like the fourth time and realized I never commented! This story was just plain wonderful, I don't even have the words to describe how much I love this story! Definitely a must read!!
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Review by: Ajax Bell on Nov. 08, 2014 :
I read this book two months ago and I'm still thinking about these characters occasionally. The beginning was a little rough for me, I wasn't quite connecting with the characters, but the mystery of their background stories was compelling enough that I kept with it and I'm glad I did. In addition to the careful unfolding of backstories twisted into two people discovering each other in the present, this story is pretty heavy kink. Not necessarily my own kinks, but nicely done in such a way that even things I wouldn't normally be turned on by came across as quite sexy. At it's heart this is a story about people finding home, finding where they belong when they think they have nothing left. The intensity of emotions has really stuck with me as if these characters were friends, people I love, so that I continue to worry about their happiness even after the book is closed.
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Review by: Kara Swynn on July 06, 2014 :
Awesome story. Hot, steamy, sexy, heartwarming, beautiful.
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Review by: Lucie Le Blanc on June 21, 2014 :
Amazing story. Really nicely told, if in need of a bit of proofreading. The characters are realistic and it's easy to get touched by them. And the sex scenes are extremely hot. Well done.
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Review by: Ingela Bohm on March 30, 2014 :
After reading a few reviews for this book, I can say that I understand how you could find it offensive for ethical reasons. I had a few moments of doubt at the beginning, but decided to interpret the story benevolently, because I really loved a lot of it. After all, I've read it four times in two months and will probably read it again, so I guess it deserves a high rating! The fact that the plot focuses almost exclusively on only two people could perhaps be seen as a drawback, but that's actually one of the reasons I loved it. I wasn't interested in anything or anyone else (except maybe Jamie's aunt -- if there's ever a sequel I would love to meet her!). It's a kind of chamber play, I guess, and it works really well.

I felt like I really got to know Jamie and Evan, and I especially loved the witty dialogue. Jamie being "mouthy" is an understatement, and he seems so real and believable and really shows his age. I laughed many times, and couldn't help but adore the little bundle of frustrations. I loved how Evan was both confident and vulnerable -- he seemed surprised himself at how strong his feelings were, and that's the way I like my characters :). I was very impressed by the way the developing relationship and deepening trust was told almost exclusively through physical interaction. I wish I could pull off such a slow, inevitable dramaturgy and keep it interesting to the end! The author also made me accept a few kinks that I wouldn't consciously seek out, but it was all so tastefully done that it almost slipped by unnoticed.

I would have liked a couple of additional (angsty) chapters to make the story a bit more complete and to draw it out a little, and in some places the internal monologue mirrors the dialogue a bit too closely to make the text flow without a hitch. But those are minor details! This book is a little gem and I'm so happy that I found it.
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Review by: Luna238 on Jan. 23, 2014 :
I loved the writing style. I found it easy to suspend disbelief in some of the more questionable aspects of the story because the author brought her audience along so skillfully. The story was emotional and laugh out loud funny while still being as hot as can be. Loved it!
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Review by: Rae-Ellen on Nov. 18, 2013 :
Wonderful Book, Just as good as the other two I read, will read more from this author, Characters were well written also and good story line
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Review by: Cass MacAdams on Oct. 25, 2013 : (no rating)
Loved the story. Characters were well written!
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Review by: Ugochukwu Kingsley Ani on Sep. 01, 2013 :
this book was wonderfully written by the author. The diologue was moving, the sex hot and kinky. It is a very engrossing read that will hold your attention and not let go.
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Review by: JessVerboten on Aug. 27, 2013 :
Very talented author with top notch sexscenes and a very entertaining mc-voice. Bravo.
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Review by: Suzanne Simon on July 10, 2013 :
Absolutely loved this book!
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Review by: Lee Fowler on May 07, 2013 :
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Review by: Melanie Simmons on May 05, 2013 :
There are really only the two characters in this book. The other characters are so small, I don't really remember their name. It doesn't matter, these two characters are so well done, you don't need any more. The dialog is wonderful. They banter back and forth the whole time. Jamie's names for Evan are extremely funny.
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Review by: K.M. Frontain on April 02, 2013 :
This novel bravely explores some kinks that might surprise or offend some readers (enema play for one), so be prepared for bondage, a mouthy submissive and lots of kinky sex.

I did not like the doctor to begin with. He comes off a predator who only targets twinks as relationship material. So throughout the story, I always had at the back of my mind the inevitable 'but!': But when will he get tired of dream twink and dump him for no longer fitting the twink image? In a story about realistic people in a realistic setting, a person with an age fetish is a downer for me when two characters fall in love.

The submissive, not gay but perhaps bi, had the hell beaten out of him by homophobes, and this included rape with an object. His acceptance of the dominant's advances sometimes felt too quick, sometimes not. I was ambivalent about this guy too for that reason. Sometimes I felt like he was a jaded rent boy packaged as a straight, out-of-luck skater boy/dishwasher.

All the same, once I tossed my objections to both characters, the book was an interesting read. The author was brave to explore the medical kinks in this story. Kudos for that. Overall, well written, but not for everyone.
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Review by: Desire Simily on March 16, 2013 :
One of the most well written stories i've read, i love the characters and i felt that you really got a sense of who they truly are!!!!
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Review by: Drako on March 03, 2013 :
This book was surprising to me. I was a little wary of the plot but it piqued my interested anyway. So I had to read it.

Here's the story of Dr Evan Harrison, a doctor forced to give up his practice due to crippling, never ending headaches. He's mostly a recluse, leaving his home only for necessities like groceries and occasionally to go to a bar for some human contact. On one such night, his path meets that of a younger man named Jamie. Evan is gay and Jamie is straight, so they seem fated not to go anywhere, right? Well, wrong. Tragedy strikes at the bar, resulting in Jamie being jumped and violated in the bathroom and Evan discovering him. Jamie is poor and refuses to go to the hospital, so Evan takes him home to treat him. Jamie is instantly suspicious of Evan, thinking that he's a pervert. Evan is attracted, but tries keeping his oath and taking care of Jamie, attending to his cuts and bruises, bruised ribs, and concussion. Things take an interesting choice when Evan has to check Jamie for tears from the violation, but again Evan tries to keep professional. So, Evan eventually nurses the younger man back to health.

Things are clearly fated not to stay completely professional, as the two get to know each other and Jamie's curiosity is peaked. Things get strange in the treatment and finally, Jamie gives in a bit to his curiosity, convinced that he's still straight and sex is sex, though the two keep it oral. But there's no story without conflict, and eventually a lot of things have to be dealt with. Jamie has to deal with the trauma from his assault as well as his actual sexuality, and Evan has to deal with his deepening feelings for what is supposed to be a straight man. This is kind of like a stereotypical gay guy's dream, but such an absorbing read and the scenes in it are just hot. So many scenes without actual sex that are just smokin' hot and then the actual sex just blows the mind without taking from the story. Actually, it makes the story and I have definitely been entertained from start to finish.
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Review by: SM Johnson on Feb. 20, 2013 :
(excerpt from my blog post of Feb 21 2013)

The other, lighter, favorite I read recently is Not His Kiss to Take by Finn Marlowe. This was a somewhat unusual book for me, not because of the older man/younger man pairing, but because it had medical kink, and it's sort of in the genre of "gay for you" - which usually I think is pretty lame. The kink isn't even what I loved about it. What I loved was Jamie's snappy attitude, how stubborn he was, and how he allowed Dr. Evan to manipulate him, knowing exactly how he was being manipulated.

The other really great thing about this book is that it made me laugh out loud, frequently. I believe it was told in a traditional romance style - meaning from the point of views of each man in the romantic pairing, and it ended on a happily ever after premise. An erotic, sweet, happy and fun read. Loved it.
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Review by: Suilan Lee on Feb. 08, 2013 :
I love this novel! I just spent an entire afternoon reading it and it was amazing. Evan is a complex, real doctor with so many issues, he's so delicious. Jaime survives an attack that would break most anyone, and finds himself in Dr. Smoky hot's world.

Their intricate romance was so well written, I'm still reeling from reading it. I was breathless reading Jamie fight his conflicting emotions as he was pulled into Evan's world. Marlowe weaves such a web, cocooning Evan and Jamie in their own world, completely making the world disappear until it's only natural for Jamie to fall for Evan and Evan to fall for Jamie. At a point through this plot, Evan had me gasping in shock when he finally truly can't hold back his need and attraction to Jamie. Then there was the hot, incredible fight through the night when Jamie finally gives in to the decadent call of desire. I was fully drawn in by then and I have to say, Evan and Jamie are smoking hot.

Marlowe creates two characters who are deeply flawed, insanely hurt by the world and betrayed by those they love. In time, they are both clinging to each other, hoping the other might see beyond the scars, beyond the walls, and I have to say, the ending made my heart sing with joy.

I had an insanely great time reading this book, I rate it (5 stars) for making day.
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Review by: Kristine Cayne on Jan. 25, 2013 :
I just finished this book and let me say - Wow! I really enjoyed it. I'd never read an M/M book that went so far nor had I ever read a twink story. I admit I was a little squicked out by the medical kink stuff, but the author did do it with taste and finesse.

I loved the way the relationship between Evan and Jamie deepened over the course of the story and how they both made each other better and stronger.

The humor was great, and Jamie really came across as what he was - a young curious male. I loved that although he was a "pretty boy," he wasn't effeminate. Neither of the two men were. Reading the sex scenes I "felt" the maleness in the characters and experienced sex and pleasure through their eyes and their bodies. It was really quite revealing. :)
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Review by: jonathan kirstein on Jan. 24, 2013 :
Beautiful story, well written and intricate characters.
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Review by: n carabajal on Jan. 15, 2013 :
Great book I could not put it down!!!!! please keep up the good work!!!!
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Review by: Andrea Dalling on Jan. 11, 2013 :
Beautifully written with believable characters and a strong plot. Contains some medical kink, which isn't my thing, but it didn't bother me. Enjoyable read.
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Review by: Bev Sutherland on Jan. 10, 2013 :
Forgot to put star rating in, sorry folks. Loved it. Can't praise it highly enough except for a few little errors. Evan did come across as a bit of a perv at first (good call Jamie), but I'm so happy that things were sorted out in the end. Great book.
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Review by: Beaten Track Publishing on Jan. 09, 2013 :
A compelling and brilliant read - erotic, romantic, beautiful - it takes quite an author to convincingly use sex as a narrative device!
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Review by: Katy Beth McKee on Jan. 07, 2013 :
This story has lots of strong elements. With the story opening with the assault of a young man just minutes after Evan notices how cute he is seems at first a strange place to start. But Evan is a doctor with no patients because his own medical issues have driven him from the profession he loves. Somehow this all leads to Evan offering Jamie a safe place to heal. Evan tries to be upfront about his feelings but they often seem to misunderstand each other which leads to guilt and confusion on both their parts. It is remarkable that these two strong but hurting men can reach out to each other and to try to find a chance for life.
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Review by: Christy Lynn on Jan. 03, 2013 :
One word: Amazing.
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Review by: Kelly Wyre on Jan. 02, 2013 :
Just an intensely hot and enjoyable read.
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Review by: Trix on Dec. 30, 2012 :
In terms of dirty talk and hot scenes, this is hands down 5 star rated. In terms of story and character development I found it a bit lacking, so it gets 3 stars.

It was hard actually believing that Jamie was so clueless about gay sex. He easily changed his mind to liking and wanting intimate touches with Evan despite considering them disgusting at first. The only real bother was just this: his easy acceptance of a new lifestyle while pretending to be innocent and unaware. And it was a bit odd that Evan's terrible headaches disappeared completely once Jamie was in the picture and while being a doctor he condoned the assault on Jamie's rapists.

There is a slight angsty moment when Evan tries to separate himself from Jamie, thinking he's doing the right thing. Other than that, the story mainly focuses on the sexual exploits of the characters. And boy, were they hot!! Some of them were somewhat squeamish to me but the dirty talk, the slow way in which each game was played out, the erotic way Jamie responded to it... sizzling!

Evan and Jamie work well together, as a couple, as a mentor and pupil and as balms to soothe each other and try again at life. Just keep a fan nearby as they heat things up quickly.
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Review by: Ruby Jewlz on Dec. 28, 2012 :
This amazing story was by turns sweet, horribly sad, sizzling hot and well, amazing! Beautifully written characters, gripping emotion and eroticism combine to make this a very enjoyable read. Gonna save this so I can read it again!
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Review by: Lori on Dec. 20, 2012 :
Loved this. It hit all my medical kink buttons. Thank you Finn!!
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Review by: Tanya S on Dec. 18, 2012 :
Wonderfully romantic full-length story. HOT and sweet and funny and sad and HOT!! Very well-written with few grammatical errors and typos to distract from the action. Thank you Finn Marlowe for an absolutely great read!!
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Review by: hrhsophia on Dec. 17, 2012 :
This was an absolutley amazing read. It was emotionally gripping and the erotic scenes were off the charts! As a woman this was some of the best sexual scenes I have ever read. The characters developed beautifully and very believably.
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