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Linda’s had a bad day. First, her boyfriend killed her. Then she woke up, still on this boring plane of existence, and with an odd obsession about her missing body. Mike won’t tell her what he did with her body and she can’t find the stupid thing herself. There’s only one thing she can do - torment the bastard until he coughs up the information. Contains adult themes & frequent profanity. More
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Words: 11,860
Language: Australian English
ISBN: 9781452305981
About Naomi Kramer

Naomi Kramer is an Australian author living in Queensland. She's addicted to coffee, dyes her hair odd colours, and looks a little like a corporate hippy on weekdays. She loves the beach, and her dream is to own a world-class barista.

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Review by: Albert Yates on Nov. 19, 2015 :
Great book.
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Review by: shario1 on Jan. 07, 2015 :
None of the characters appeared to have any redeeming qualities, but it was a
fun, humourous read.
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Review by: Cherese A. Vines on May 22, 2014 :
Dead(ish) is a short work by Naomi Kramer about a ghost named Linda who’s lost her body. As the story progresses from her boyfriend’s point of view to the viewpoint of the private detective (who dead Linda hires), we find out that it’s not a simple case. The language is rough and the plot shocking. But it has a great twisted sense of humor to carry you through. I’m rating this R for Restricted. If you’re not easily offended, check it out. It also offers a preview of the next book in the Deadish series: “(technically) Dead.” Linda is back and it’s too funny.
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Review by: Rachael Rippon on Sep. 12, 2013 :
When Linda's boyfriend Mike kills her, she tries to find her body. But Mike's not talking and she can't find it anywhere. So she haunts him, playing loud music, dying his hair green and appearing when he least expects it. She also hires a private investegator - Trent - to help her find her missing body. Linda's dead(ish) but that doesn't mean she's going to take it quietly...

I really enjoyed this book. It's a short story and took me about half an hour to read. Whilst it was short, the plot was well paced and the ending was clever.

I found it a little confusing at times. For instance, sometimes I didn't know who was talking or events would happen inexplicably and I didn't get it. All my questions were answered by the end of the book, however, and I finished it with no lingering confusion whatsoever.

All in all, I would certainly read more books by this author. I have heard good things about her Maisy May books for instance.
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Review by: MoratGurgeh on Aug. 10, 2013 :
Everyone in this nasty tale is a bad person. There's neither homophobia nor misogyny except *in* the characters. What poo! (previous reviewer)

Very well told tale of common folks striving to better themselves, with some moral limits removed. And an awful lot of PMSL humour, big kudos for that.

FWIW I read everyone as a South London (UK) character, and it was spot-on. Funny how that worked out :)

Highly recommended for the not-easily offended.
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Review by: Alysa H on April 11, 2013 :
More of a longish-short story than a novella, even.
This is an odd little tale full of unreliable narrators, switching POV constantly in an experimental kind of way. I dug that, but did not dig the casual homophobia and misogyny. I get a sense that the author was trying to be clever and undermine such things, but it didn't really work.
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Review by: Alex Munroe on Feb. 20, 2013 :
A fun, free book. I liked the writing style and I thought the story was interesting.
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Review by: Sarah Spelbring on April 26, 2012 :
I wanted to see how other writers portrayed ghosts and the dead. This story puts a different twist on the after life and relationship problems. Definitely worth a read.
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Review by: Tim Elliott on May 05, 2011 :
A wickedly fun read! Dead(ish) is a terrific story chock full of dark, twisted humor and witty prose with easily accessible characters.
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Review by: Bat City Erotica on April 05, 2011 :
Very interesting and wickedly funny book! Definitely worth the read!
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Review by: Lisa Henderson on Jan. 29, 2011 : (no rating)
I really enjoyed this one also. Story was very intersting and made me want to keep reading more.
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Review by: E. Miranda Hernandez on Nov. 10, 2010 :
This story started with such an interesting premise: a woman is killed, but her ghost cannot find peace because she can't find her body. Through various first-person monologues, conversations and revelations (including that ghosts can lie, interesting), the reader finds out the truth about her death and what happened to her body.

Unlike some of the other reviewers, I was not thrown off my the multiple points of view. However, I was bothered that none of the various characters seemed to have their own voice; they all seemed to use the same narrative tone, and aside from the named sections, it was often difficult to tell them apart.

Overall, the story had its funny moments, but read as if written in hurry. There is potential here, but also room for improvement.
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Review by: Zoe E. Whitten on Aug. 08, 2010 :
Hysterically funny, and should come with a warning not to eat or drink anything while reading this book.

A haunting story about a vengeful but artistic dead woman and her messed up but definitely wicked boyfriend. Linda even goes so far as to torment a PI into this mess, all for the task of finding her body.

The answer was a bit of a shock, but fitting with the rest of this kooky and hilarious tale.
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Review by: Alan Hutcheson on July 07, 2010 : (no rating)
Well, what can I say about this outrageous bit a mayhem? Fun, irreverent, off-the-wall and very, very entertaining. Be prepared for a goodly bit of the f-bomb, which honestly I usually find quite off-putting, but for some reason it just works here.

Now how does one attach stars to this review? No idea. Consider five to be attached regardless.
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Review by: Darryl Hicks on June 19, 2010 :
Although I sometimes forgot who was "I", the story was quite enjoyable. Wondered how she managed to bring animate objects to Mike, do lipstick tubes float down the corridor?
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Review by: Doug Welch on June 06, 2010 : (no rating)
A really unusual theme for a supernatural genre book, unlike other books of this type. A little gross at times, since the heroine is literally rotting in place (a ghoul), but well written, with a lot of witty humor.
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Review by: cbell on June 06, 2010 : (no rating)
This little book is fast flowing and entertaining.
At first I was surprised at the amount of swearing, but it fits the context of the story.

Irreverent and original, it's an easy, fun read.
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Review by: GraceKrispy on June 03, 2010 :
This was a great quick read! The format was original and great fun to read. I can't wait to read the author's next book! If you are looking for a deep, philosophical look at life after death, this is not for you. If you're looking for a fun read- this is it!
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Review by: ShortNCuddlyAm on May 25, 2010 :
Very glad I read this at home and not on the train - I get odd looks laughing when reading as it is, and at one point I was almost in tears. The characters are all refreshingly, readably unsympathetic Brilliantly twisted, wonderfully funny short story.
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Review by: Franny Glass on April 18, 2010 :
I thought the title was funny, so I downloaded it. Luckily, most of what I read afterward was just as funny. Nothing extraordinary but worth the read.
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Review by: omk3 on March 26, 2010 :
I just re-read Dead(ish) and I must say I had as much fun reading it as the first time. While there is definitely a ghost, this is no horror story. (Well, for one hapless character it is, a bit). Meet Linda, the funniest, more creative, vengeful ghost with an attitude. Along with a loser boyfriend, a PI turned exorcist and the gay couple next door, they kept me chuckling all the way from start to finish. I suspect I will happily read it a third time, and a fourth.
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Review by: Moxie Mezcal on Nov. 21, 2009 :
Dead(ish) is a quick read, written in a playful, conversational style that shifts between several characters’ first-person points-of-view. What makes it special is the way that it crackles with exuberant creative energy from start to finish, never dragging or dwelling on the kind of inconsequential minutiae that tends to trip up less-assured, more pretentious authors. Part mystery, part ghost story, part revenge fantasy, Naomi’s work stampedes over genre conventions and thumbs her nose at outdated notions of literary propriety. She doesn’t care if it’s a sentence fragment or not, she’s not worried if her potty-mouth offends you, she’s just telling the story she wants to tell, the way she wants to tell it.
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Review by: Maria E. Schneider on Sep. 13, 2009 :
This story was okay, although I'm not fond of changing POV in a novel...and less so in a short story--but that is a personal preference. The cursing got in the way--too much of it, distracting. The formatting/editing was of good quality in this read.
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Review by: animedude01 on Sep. 10, 2009 :
A great story and highly recommended, although if you're really squeamish, you might reconsider =). The format is interesting, a departure from the mundane.

Most of the characters are over the top in a funny way.

I found it a great read and laughed out loud in so many spots my wife was wondering what I was reading.
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Review by: Dan Holloway on Sep. 03, 2009 :
Hey, I very much enjoyed this, and I loved the way you laid the book out. It feels as though you've thought about the e-format, and giving your readers a pleasurable experience.

Very best of luck with it.
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Review by: Gina Lee on Aug. 29, 2009 :
DEAD(ish) is fast, absurd, gross and irreverent - in other words: a REALLY fun summer afternoon read.

The book is short, so the characters aren't well-developed, but I found I knew enough about them to make the story work (and to dislike them). Refreshingly, the plot lacks any of the feigned profundity of a typical ghost story because the characters are all too shallow and self-absorbed to ask any of life's big questions. Kramer's unorthodox writing style only adds to the good time - indeed, the same zesty story told in third-person narrative mode would have been boring.

I can recommend DEAD(ish) to anyone who doesn't offend easily and is looking for a short, quick, satisfying foray into the afterlife.
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Review by: Richie Mortimer on Aug. 12, 2009 :
DEAD(ish) == FUN(ish)

First I want to thank Naomi for not shying away from using swear words within her narrative, some people may argue that it adds nothing to a story, personally I find it refreshing and realistic and it works within the confines of this story.

At first I found the writing style a little grating, DEAD(ish) is told mostly in the first person and switches between characters, which is something I'm not used to, but once I fell into the story the slight awkwardness became less noticeable.

The characters were funny, I laughed out load at the OTT gay next door neighbors, just for the sheer audacity of writing them so stereotypically. Trent was rather nice and clearly the most likable character in the story.

The plot was interesting, if not truly original, it did keep you guessing until the end (which is a feat in itself) and I didn't guess correctly (which is great)

Its a fun short story, I would have preferred a little more meat to it, but then it might not have been as fun and probably wouldn't have worked, I will look forward to reading some more of Naomi's work.
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Review by: Merrilee Faber on Aug. 04, 2009 :
The concept behind DEAD(ish), a ghost getting some serious payback on the loser boyfriend who killed her, is nothing new, but can be entertaining if done well. This story was done very well.

I admit to some qualms after reading the first page and the inordinate amount of swearing, but after a page or two, I stopped noticing. It was very easy to slip into the story.

You really can’t trust any of these characters, with the possible exception of Trent. The narrative keeps you guessing until all is revealed.

Poor Trent. His situation made me smile more than once while reading. In fact all the characters were sympathetic in a way. But none of them were nice.

A fast, fun, satisfying read. I smiled more than once at the antics of the characters.
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