Mortal Hobby

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"Mortal Hobby" by Shawn O'Toole is the tale of a man who stalks and murders beautiful young women. The predator is ruthless, patient and calculating. He dominates his prey before slaying them. Reality is unpredictable, however, and can be the undoing of even the best laid plans. More
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About Shawn O'Toole

Shawn O'Toole is an avid reader who expresses his love of literature by writing his own. Though his favorite works are classical fiction, most of his actual reading is historical or scientific non-fiction. He combines his inspirations to create yarns that are fantastic yet believable. He is restless and eager, so one need not wait to delve into his adventures.

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Review by: Jamie J. Buchanan on May 06, 2014 :
It's possible this could be a very good story, but it would need a bit of work. The start is confusing - one second she's alone, then she's not with no explanation or possible time lapse. The use of exclamation marks to describe the action is unnecessary - the words clearly convey the action happening.

There's little insight into the killer's motivations, his reasons and his background. For a story (long or short) about a serial killer, that is important otherwise the perpetrator is simply an evil monster and we have no connection to him at all.

The detail of the assaults is fine and uncomfortable - which is okay as the crimes are heinous - but some more detail on the killer is needed. The descriptions of the victims reads more like a media or police statement. For me, I would have preferred to have had more detail, description and psychological background into the killer.

The pace is good, the length a bit too short for the story though. The ending is abrupt which, although realistic, is unsatisfying as a monster like him deserves so much more...oh so much more.

But the style is quite good and it just needs some work - the author can write and I'm sure a re-write would see this become a very good story indeed - cheers
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Review by: Michael Carter on Oct. 03, 2013 :
A serial killer is viciously raping and murdering young women.

The author looks through the perspective of the killer, and of the victims, and while it is an enjoyable [sort of] and realistic read, I think it needs much more detail to properly do its work and get under the readers' skin.

The writing shows promise, but could do with an edit, snipping some little bits out, and putting some more detailed bits in.

Interesting; good title.
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Review by: Jonathan Antony Strickland on Sep. 21, 2013 :
This is a fairly straight forward serial killer story, yet the plain and simple realism of the whole piece sets it aside a bit from the average. Here we get to look at both the killer and his victums. And although it is fairly uncomfortable to read as he practices his grim hobby, the fact is that these kind of people are out there, and this short takes an inside look at one.

I found the writing here very good, and although it might have been nice to get a bit more information on say, news-reports, or police investigations, the story kept me gripped throughout, and I really liked the fact that the ending was not over the top "Hollywood" shlock, and instead straight forward and very believable.
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Review by: David Blake on May 12, 2013 :
This is a bit of an oddity. Essentially, it's a look into the mind of a serial killer, yet much of its short length is told from the perspective of the victims. The writer very courteously gives us the age of each victim as she is introduced, but precious little other information, other than the fact they're female and they live alone.
As for the killer... The limited detail about him that this short story conjures up is one-dimensional and rather obvious.
The erotic element in the story makes for rather uncomfortable reading in this context, and the ending was rather sudden.
Also, the frequent use of exclamation marks was rather distracting. In fiction, these tend to be reserved for dialogue, not when describing actions as is the case here.
Overall it was okay, just not especially remarkable.
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Review by: TK Wade on Jan. 02, 2013 :
A very short, but powerful look into the mind of a serial killer. This story chronicles several incidents in his "career" with a surprise ending that I cannot spoil. This is a good story if you like to be scared, but some lack of detail may leave you wanting to know more concerning the victims and the killer. Still recommended.
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Review by: Lydia Gastrell on Dec. 31, 2012 :
Although very short, this was a truly disturbing inside look into the mind of a sadistic serial killer. I could certainly see this being expanding into a full length crime drama. Perhaps the police POV taking turns with the killer POV.
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