Africa un-slaved Volume I: The Chains of Modern-day African Slavery and The Steps to Our Liberation

Africa un-slaved; Volume I: The Chains of Modern-Day African Slavery and the Steps to our Liberation.
A compilation of sixty related articles written by myself
This volume will take you through [in no specific format] the journey of who and what we really are, how we got here, what we have been doing wrong, how we have become a part of the problem and what must be done to break free.
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About TeekayAkin Adeseye

I am a Yoruba man from the geographical region called Nigeria.

I am a revolutionary, teacher and writer.

My Revolutionary Nature and Philosophy- Teekay Akin
For quite a while, I’ve always had people ask, some condescendly, not that it bothers me one bit, of why I’m not on the streets fighting for/leading the revolution I teach and talk about. And mostly I just shake my head and wonder what they really define revolution/change really as! On some ocassions I’ve responded albeit in bits as my convictions come from within, a natural occurence rather than a nutured one.

But here I’ve taken time to put my nature and mind into words.

My Revolutionary Nature and Philosophy

“You can force a horse to the river but you can’t force it to drink”

No matter how close or far you are from that horse, when the horse is thirsty, it will seek water and drink. But the good thing you have done is bringing that horse closer to the river- the source of water, for whenever it’s ready the water is just there around it.

Same goes for people. You can’t force them to change or be great or to emancipate their minds or to be free men . But you can challenge them with information and facts, placed right before their eyes and even if you far or near, when that being gets thirsty, tired of suffering he/she will seek knowledge and freedom, but the good thing is that you have shown them that, then they know where to get it from.- Teekay Akin

I don’t work and live on/for a sort of change that a person or a small group of people do and fight for, because that change even if accomplished would have simply been only theirs, they are the only ones that see/saw it and believe/believed in it and worked for it and when they’re gone, things goes back to square one! That isn’t change, at least not my own nature and philosophy.

The change I work, fight and live and will die for is the challenge of every individual to create the new man, to see things based on facts, the emancipation of every mind which can only be done individually.

The creation of the new man, where every individual is liberated and free, not just some dragging the rest along!

I live and will die for the opportunity I’ve got to learn, teach and challenge every single individual I can reach to greatness, to true freedom- which is the freedom of the mind, so when the march comes it won’t just the march of a few men dragging the majority along, but rather the majority walking and fighting for a collective mission.

How can that be achieved? You may ask.
It has to start with the education of every man, the learning and un-learning of things, the freedom of the mind, it is a road each and every individual has to walk and pursue! That is the age we are in and I’m a voice of challenge in that age, the opportunity that nature has bestowed on me, the path that nature has designed for me and I’ve embraced fully! Like one of the wisest man who walked this earth once said: the first duty of a revolutionary is education!- Che Guevara.

That is the phase we are in today. That is the age we are in today. That is the challenge I bring forward. The revolution is not an apple that will fall when ripe, the tree has to be shaken for it to fall and not the few shall shake it, as history has taught, when a few do, the majority never appreciate it as it was never their dream in the first place!

I’m not calling on people to follow my dream or revolutionary path but rather challenging them to reason, digging deeper, breaking all the chains of mental slavery and when that is done we shall all be on that road and our march shall never be stopped as the march of the great and enlightened are never stopped and nothing shall deter nor distract us since we share a collective mission.

So even when I’m gone, I don’t with just a dream. I don’t want people to sit around and recount tales about me as a guy that had a dream! No! But rather for them to also be able to say that they have that dream also! the dream of one man is his dream, once he dies it’s gone, but when the dream becomes the dream of a people, when one dies the rest are there to move on as they are a part of that dream!

The collective ownership of a dream and mission is what makes it successful, not that of just a few. We have seen great men do great things in their time and once gone, things return back to the beginning if not even go backward. That is not my path!

Mine lies with the continuity of the mission and that can only be achieved if the majority if not all also share a similar dream, mission and passion.

Today many are blind to the reality around them either because of fear, misinformation, blind followership or just the mere lackadaisical attitude they have been indoctrinated with, even when facts are presented before their eyes!

Those forces that make them slaves and inferiors in their own homes, lands and planet is what has to be broken, is what they have to be challenged to break off from.

The days of the majority being dragged on by a few are over. The time for men to free themselves and stand together is NOW! And this is what I challenge you and everyone to! As no man can liberate another! As Bob Marley quotes Haile Selassie I in a song “Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds” in other words, Only you can free your mind- which is the ultimate form of freedom and which is what I challenge everyone to do!

And when the majority is free, no one will have to wake them up and drag them to the battle front, their individual consciences which will become collective will march them to that battle front to fight and die standing if need be for what is rightfully theirs than live on their knees!

This is the creation of the new man!

Hasta La Victoria Siempre![Ever Onward Unto Victory!]

Libertad O Muerte![Freedom Or Death!]

By Teekay Akin[Akinyemi Adeseye]


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