The Golf Swing: It's All in the Hands

Consciously learn the hand action of the golf swing then unconsciously apply this hand action within the structure of turning shoulders and hips during the golf swing. In short, this book teaches the hand action of the golf swing and how to coordinate your shoulder turn with this hand action.

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About James Lythgoe

James Lythgoe is the author of The Golf Swing: It’s all in the Hands, a golf instructional manual on how to use your hands during the golf swing. Moe Norman (one the best ball strikers in the history of golf) stated that the mistake many amateurs make is that they “wave” at the ball. In other words, they have no control over the hands as they swing the golf club. This book teaches proper hand movement that will improve your golf swing, your ball striking and your score.

James played at the Canadian national level three years straight during his teenage years and attended the Canadian Tour Qualifying School. He resides in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

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