Elysium Part One. Another Chance

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A Post Apocalyptic Tale of Community and Corruption ~
2145 ~ Governments of the world endeavour to reclaim tainted land a century after the holocaust of The Great Pathogen. In the southwest of England a community has survived outside the government’s notice, and have grown fearful of what should happen were they discovered. More
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About Kelvin James Roper

Kelvin James Roper is a freelance writer, author, artist, editor of The Locked Book Magazine, and co-host of the iBits podcast.

Winner of the BT Millennium Man competition, he writes for many online publications, specialising in consumer electronics and short fiction. His first book, Elysium, is a three part novel that will conclude at the end of 2017, and is published by Red Crow.

His latest project is an dark and epic fantasy to be published soon.


Elysium Part One Trailer
Teaser trailer for the first part of the Elysium trilogy.

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Review by: watson 387 on April 21, 2013 :
The book started off slightly slow, but the characters are very likable and the story gets good. Part one is pretty short and seems to be more of an introduction than a stand-alone work but it's understandable. I just found out that Part 2 was released recently and this book has me more than a little interested in Roper's dystopian world so I'll definitely be reading that one. Overall a good, short read.
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Review by: Tammy on Feb. 18, 2013 :
From what I understand, this is the first segment of a 3 part work. As such, a large portion of this segment was spent introducing the characters and building up a mystery about the 'actual' events that led to the apocalypse.
The characters are well developed by the time the segment is finished.
The plot however is still unclear. We can tell by the characters conversations that things are not as they seem, but the author is holding the mystery back from us.
The ending of this segment is mid-scene which does not work well for me.
I feel that readers of episodic post apocalyptic stories may find this to be an enjoyable read.
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Review by: Graeme Dent on Feb. 6, 2013 :
I'm a bit confused by the last reviewer. This was blatantly science fiction. Set a century after a global apocolypse, with flying robot sphere things? I can't see how it isn't science fiction in anyone's mind. Consider 'Children of Men', no ray-guns there either but science fiction for sure.

This is the second freebie I've read on Smashwords and I have to say it was a treat. I didn't notice many typos - the story was compelling and the characters believable and that was enough for me.

As for part two? I downloaded that when I downloaded part one. I started it on the bus home and it is promising to be as good as the first.

Summary: Interesting, compelling, great character development. If he pulls of the other two with the same skill as this then we're in for a treat, unfortunately, this is where a lot of authors fall fowl of their own plots. We'll see in part 2.
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Review by: Frank Aaker on Feb. 5, 2013 :
Just to make it clear, this is as a post-apocalypse story, not science fiction. True, events take place in the near future, in a corner of England that I know and love, but there's not a sign of spaceship, alien, or ray gun anywhere in sight.
Kelvin James Roper has talent, his writing is smooth as silk and a pleasure to read. Unfortunately, typos crop up irritatingly often, which is a shame in his otherwise delightful prose.
The story itself is somewhat disappointing. I'm not sure what the plot is about or where it leads; the setting is fine, events happen, but at the end I was left wondering, 'Yeah, so what?' Characters are well defined, but there are so many that I lost track, and the heroes and villains are not well defined at all.
Part one is short, 100 pages on my reader, and breaks off with countless unanswered questions. Too many, even sub plots are left unresolved and I missed that 'last page' feeling of satisfaction. I think this story may work best as one complete book instead of three short parts.
But please read this book, it has many merits and is far above the standard of most indie books. If post-apocalypse is your thing, you'll doubtless award this story top marks.
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Review by: Brent Meske on Feb. 5, 2013 :
There are some enormous pluses to this book, such as believable and well-drawn characters, interesting plot developments, and Roper handles the pacing very well.

Here's the trouble...Mr. Roper has trouble with apostrophes, and there are a limitless number of these issues spanning the whole book, distracting you from what's going on. Secondly, and this is what kept the book from being four stars, is TO BE CONTINUED. This is part of Smashwords don't do list: don't upload a book that's not finished. If it had a resolution of some kind, I could let it go, but the way this ends practically begs the author to get a bazillion fan letters saying 'cripes, finish it already!'

Stars for nice setting, interesting idea, very good treatment and very good characters, minus stars for proofing errors and a nonexistent ending/resolution of any kind.
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Review by: tatooinechick on Jan. 25, 2013 :
A thoroughly enjoyable book! Despite it being sci-fi it was not at all futuristic. The story revolves around a village and how they have kept themselves hidden from the authorities for over 100 years but things are about to change... The plot keeps you wanting more and when you finish Part 1 at least you can immediately read Part 2!
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Review by: simon green on Jan. 22, 2013 :
This is a great introduction. I like the way that even though it's sci-fi, it's subtle sci-fi. I also like that the apocolypse isn't really an issue - it's something that happened in the past and is only eluded to by way of old news-reels and myth.
The characters are likable,and intriguing... From the sample chapter of Part Two it looks as though there are even more on the way!
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