B.A.G.H.D.A.D. Yoga: A Shift in Consciousness: Fear to Love, War to Peace

In 2006 army officer Michele Spencer spent a year in Baghdad's Green Zone, where she lived with the constant drumbeat of helicopter rotors punctuated by the explosions of mortars.

She shares the spiritual principles and mind-body practices that guided her through the combat stressors of war abroad and have given her the courage to lead a life of service as an agent of change at home More

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About Michele Spencer

Michele M. Spencer, an Active Reserve Lieutenant
Colonel in the Army Medical Service Corps, has served
her country since 1986. She is an Operation Iraqi
Freedom veteran, a Registered Yoga Teacher, an Acupressurist, a Certified Personal Trainer, a Reiki Master,
and a Global Sacred Activist. She holds a master of
science degree in Exercise Science: Health Promotion.
She has been featured on the Armed Forces Network,
CNN, and NPR, and in the Army Times and Health
and Prevention magazine. She is currently stationed in Sacramento, California.

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